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Dr. Lane Smith is arrogant, rude, and condescending

I’m very disappointed in my experience with Dr.Lane Smith . I was really excited for my consultation. I knew he was a good doctor and I was excited to take the next step towards my procedure. Unfortunately, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment.

I waited three hours to see him, and when I finally did, he was pushy, rude, unapologetic (for being 3 hours late), and very condescending. Whenever I tried to ask questions or suggest something different he would quickly cut me off and tell me (in an annoyed voice)

“if I could do that I already would have.” Obviously I’m not a surgeon and don’t know all he knows. His job though, is to educate and make his patients feel comfortable and also to make sure they’re educated in the procedure they want. It is NOT to make them feel stupid for asking questions.

The whole consultation I felt uncomfortable and nervous because I didn’t know what he was going to do or say next. He acted annoyed and put-out the entire time.Despite his rudeness, I was still planning on going ahead with the surgery because I knew he’d do a good job.

I tried calling Jessica to schedule the appointment for 2 weeks; I left messages and sent emails but she never got back to me. I finally called the front desk to see what was going on. After being put on a very long hold, the receptionist got back on the phone and told me that Dr. Smith wouldn’t perform my surgery.

Apparently he felt uncomfortable in our consult (because I was asking questions??) and didn’t think he could meet my expectations. It’s funny because I felt the exact opposite. Sure, he was a giant ass, but I had faith that he could do the job well.

I guess he just doesn’t like to be questioned. Must make him feel insecure. A good doctor listens to their patients and addresses their concerns (without making them feel stupid).Dr. Lane Smith is arrogant, rude, and condescending. He needs to go back to school and review the bedside manner chapter. He must’ve been absent that day.

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  1. Smith Plastic Surgery Not Good Service Provide.

    Had a consult with Dr Smith, he was thorough, professional, & made me feel very comfortable. His staff were also welcoming, professional & very nice. Unfortunately, ONLY Jessica was unprofessional, & used sarcasm to speak to me. Sad how one person can ruin it for the rest.

    She made me feel uncomfortable & to this day I still wonder why she acted in that manner. My rating is SOLELY based on my experience with Jessica.

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