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Horrible experience

Horrible experience with Skinlogic Med Spa ! If you want Botox don’t waste your time and money there! I went to get Botox for my forehead, crow feet and frown line. I am a well-preserved 41 years old, and this was the 3rd time I got Botox in my life, each treatment, 1 year apart.

Their medical director, a nurse practitioner suggested to get 60 units total. After 2 weeks it did not look like as it should have, because I was still wrinkly. I contacted Skinlogic sending pictures. They suggested to wait another week. I went back a week later and they suggested to get 20 units more. After another round of Botox my forehead is still moving looks bumpy and is full of wrinkles.

I went back again two weeks after the second round and they were telling me I might be immune to Botox. I asked a refund but they refused. I went to see a board certified dermatologist in U-district who informed me that being immune to Botox is extremely rare. The dermatologist said of the thousands of Botox patients that he has injected, he has never encountered a patient with immunity.

He also said that and it is impossible that someone getting her 3rd treatment (each 1 year apart) would become immune, not to mention that there are visible signs of Botox overuse resulting immunity, such as thin skin (which I don’t have). The dermatologist explained that, the bumps, as well as the unevenness of my forehead; more wrinkles on the left side than the right side indicates that I was not injected at the right spots. Oh, well, I wish I went to a dermatologist to begin with, who is obviously more knowledgeable about facial anatomy.

He also explained to me that before getting Botox treatment, the vial should always be shown to a patient, which they missed to do both times at Skinlogic- as their is a lot of counterfeit product on the market. He also stated that they should have opened and diluted the bottle in front of me as decreased effect is most likely due to when the vial is kept open for longer than it should or is diluted not the right way. I was also explained that in the US Medical spas are not under the same regulations and control as plastic surgeons or dermatologists.

I spent a lot of money (over $500) without acceptable results at Skinlogic. I asked the owner of Skinlogic to give me a refund which he refused. He was not apologetic at all, never said he was sorry, and was using an intimidating voice trying to put the blame on me. Thankfully, the board certified dermatologist corrected my face without any problems. Don’t waste your time and money with Skinlogic if you want Botox. It was truly the worst customer experience I have ever encountered.

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