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laughed it off as extremely unlikely

After 15 years of seeing Shawn Hassler as my Primary Care Physician, and during that time over 25 times putting in writing and then also saying to him and his staff that I had a DEADLY severe allergy to sulfa and sulfa-related drugs, Shawn quickly ended my last visit with his 3rd in 4 years Physician Assistant (“PA”) by barging in, prematurely ending that session with Shawn quickly writing 2 Rx’s for SULFA DRUGS! When, thankfully, the Walgreens computer caught this potentially DEADLY mistake, Shawn laughed it off as extremely unlikely – but for me it was EXTREMELY LIKELY – that I could DIE, AS IN DEAD WITHIN LESS THAN 1 MINUTE, from such drugs! After this alarming turn of events, I Googled Shawn and found out that he had been under a 5-year supervised suspension (wherein he could not see ANY patient one-on-one without an independently appointed supervising physician at his side) because he had written many off-the-record narcotic and steroid Rx’s for a boyfriend of his over a 3-month period.

THAT was why he had had 3 PA’s over a 4-year span and I never was seen personally by him during that 5-year period of supervised suspension from the independent practice of medicine, until that is, he prematurely ended my last visit with his latest of many PA’s. See Shawn Hassler AT THE RISK OF YOUR VERY LIFE!

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  1. but we did get to cover everything I wanted to.

    ‘ve been going here for a now. I’ve never met Dr. Hassler. I see Aaron McCloud, a PA who basically just gives out referrals to everything (why did I take off work to come in??).

    He’s not particularly warm nor does he ask any good questions. I did once see Greg Sauers – and I really liked him. He was warm, friendly and asked lots of questions. He was a bit rushed, but we did get to cover everything I wanted to.

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