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The worst part is that the customer service

I’ve been a longtime member but am fed up. I’m closing my accounts.I always loved this credit union and recommended it to others. The best thing about it was their customer service. I could always get someone on the phone within 2 minutes and they were helpful and service-oriented.

ATM visits were free, and there were multiple ways to deposit checks: mail or phone. Whatever way you used, the funds were available immediately. The online system was old, but totally worked.All that has changed in the last year. Now you can only deposit checks by phone; if they can’t read the photo of your check, you’re out of luck.

Worse, the funds are no longer available immediately. The entire online system was redesigned and it’s been impossible to access since. I had to set up all my accounts again, my husband was locked out of our joint account for months, and our recurring transfers from other banks were all cancelled.

This all resulted in some very challenging bill-paying for a couple months, and two returned checks.The worst part is that the customer service, which used to be incredible,has gone down the tubes. Now no matter what time of day you call you have to wait for 15-20 minutes because “we are experiencing high call volumes.”

Messages sent to their online help center are never acknowledged or replied to. And the agents are no longer service-oriented. I just called to alert them to the fact that they’d charged me an overdraft fee twice for the same returned check and the agent told me smugly: “that’s part of banking.”

She offered to refund it as a “one time courtesy, but know that if this ever happens again we will not be refunding it.”I’ve been a customer for the better part of a decade and usually keep my accounts in 4 digits.

The only reason I had a returned check was because a) deposits are no longer available immediately and b) I can no longer link my accounts or do automatic transfers. So my math was off by a few dollars on paying my PG&E bill this month, and my bank charged me *twice* for the overdraft fee. And next time that happens, I’ll be out of luck? Yeah, there won’t be a next time. Bye.

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8 reviews on SF Fire Credit Union

  1. so disappointing.

    Horrible customer service!

  2. maybe something wrong with the new ATMS

    All of their ATMS are broken at both their branches …. maybe something wrong with the new ATMS

  3. stupidly I gave them another chance.

    stupidly I gave them another chance. while traveling to another country I had attempted to take out money and the machine kept not working. finally went to another machine on a different part of the island and was able to get out some cash. I saw on my account a large withdrawal that I attempted but was not successful. called and was told this was a fraud claim and I needed to sign form to get my money returned. and I was assured it would be returned.

    they needed to close my card and I explained I needed to take out money as I was away from home. I was assured again I could call. they would “open” the card and I could withdraw money and it would be closed again. tried that .. .called explained I had to walk to the branch that worked that would take me a bit of time and asked could it remain open until I called back to say it was completed.

  4. I had to waste 20 mins with their on line help who was like talking to a rock.

    have been with this credit union for about 10 years. have loved it and recommended to many… but everything has changed. they migrated to a new on line system. the old one was simple but worked great and really easily. now it is horrible. one example…

    I made an online payment the person I was paying said they did not get the check. you can no longer see if the check is cleared on the site. you also cannot stop the check form the on line banking site. I had to waste 20 mins with their on line help who was like talking to a rock.

  5. I cant do this any longer...done....switching to the Police Credit today!

    Ive had multiple accounts for many years and was very satisfied with the online presence and customer service. Since their computer ‘upgrade’ I have spent way too much of MY own time in THIER upgrade synching with Quicken account. I cant do this any longer…done….switching to the Police Credit today!

  6. This company is the worst.

    I have been a member of this credit union for 4 years. They are great, wonderful. Really the best banking experience of my life. I’ve recommended them to several people.

    AND THEN, last November they rolled out the worst new online banking program imaginable. Everything went to hell. I can’t transfer money between my accounts. I can’t deposit online. And worst of all to talk to a human being I have to wait on hold for FORTY FIVE MINUTES!!!!

  7. Hi, just want to share our experience

    Hi, just want to share our experience. Originally my husband and I had mortgage at Wells Fargo and we decided to move to a more trustworthy institution. We refinanced to 15-year mortgage without any problems, it just took little longer. The lady who was helping us did a good job. Problems started when we tried to set up bi-weekly payments.

    We made our first payment on November 28th, we were told that this was a payment for December and in January our bi-weekly payments would begin. But it did not happen. So I called customer service and thought that everything was fixed (we received a confirmation letter too).

  8. Not sure what is happening.

    Not sure what is happening…are they understaffed…. maybe employees are not properly trained … or perhaps SFFCU doesn’t like when people are trying to pay off mortgages early…? Whatever it we regret that we ever decided to go for this bank. They lost our trust.

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