SF Fire Credit Union

I Ever Been Treated

I did myself a favor and opened up a separate account so that I could start saving.

Unfortunately I was forced into open a checking account as well that I wasn’t planning on using.

After using the account a few times I found that I didn’t like how long it took to post transactions, how long it takes to clear, etc.

Unfortunately I was frauded several weeks ago with this account and have been waiting for a resolution for two weeks.

At this point I’m basically out over $1000 because these people have made claims that there’s no way anyone else could have done this – are you joking me? This has happened in almost every country and it continually happens over and over and the banks are getting away with charging us. Joe (over the phone, about the fourth person to call me back within two weeks to ask me the same questions and give the same response: we will call you back)was not very helpful when it came to helping me and basically blamed me for the loss.

Now I’m waiting for ANOTHER person to call me back. Realizing that as soon as this is over I will be closing my account because it’s not even insured by the FDIC, it’s insured by American Share Insurance, which I’ve never even heard of and this must be why they are fighting me over $1000.

This would have already been handled with my other banks – I am thoroughly embarrassed.

Never have I ever been treated like this before.

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15 reviews on SF Fire Credit Union

  1. so disappointing.

    Horrible customer service! so disappointing.

  2. maybe something wrong with the new ATMS

    All of their ATMS are broken at both their branches …. maybe something wrong with the new ATMS

  3. Bad Service

    stupidly I gave them another chance. while traveling to another country I had attempted to take out money and the machine kept not working. finally went to another machine on a different part of the island and was able to get out some cash. I saw on my account a large withdrawal that I attempted but was not successful.

    called and was told this was a fraud claim and I needed to sign form to get my money returned. and I was assured it would be returned. they needed to close my card and I explained I needed to take out money as I was away from home. I was assured again I could call. they would “open” the card and I could withdraw money and it would be closed again.

    tried that .. .called explained I had to walk to the branch that worked that would take me a bit of time and asked could it remain open until I called back to say it was completed. The person helping me agreed. when I went to withdraw money the machine kept my card due to fraud.

  4. Never Again

    after multiple calls. being hung up on and not getting calls back finally after yelling they agreed to western union me some of my own money. between these calls and then waiting on a crazy line to get to receive my money I basically spent my 50th birthday dealing with this. Then upon my return I was told there would be a new card rushed to my home.

    no card. when I called it was no hold as they wanted to confirm my address????? no one called me no one sent me an email. so after another 2 hours on the phone someone personally dropped off a new card at my home that night. I now submitted my form and received an email saying they can not return my money because the transaction shows that my card was used!!!

    I had ALREADY explained that I did use my card and attempted to take out money maybe 4 times but I never received money at this machine. so now I have to call them again and spend hours to try to get my money back. credit unions are supposed to be your banking partners not stand you in a foreign country without access to your money and get everything wrong each step of the way.

  5. switching to the Police Credit today!

    Ive had multiple accounts for many years and was very satisfied with the online presence and customer service. Since their computer ‘upgrade’ I have spent way too much of MY own time in THIER upgrade synching with Quicken account. I cant do this any longer…done….switching to the Police Credit today!

  6. This used to be the best financial institution ever

    This used to be the best financial institution ever. It is now clearly the worst based on the total collapse of all customer se4vice over the last two weeks. And it is not getting better. I plan to close my accounts soon and recommend everyone steer clear of this place .it is chaos.

  7. Still not resolved.

    After 40 years at the Credit Union it looks like its time to leave. The new banking conversion has been the disaster!!!! Lost information, hours of phone calls.. Still not resolved.

  8. I have messaged them with no response and can only say I will be looking to move my business elsewhere.

    I have been a member for several years now and switched from the big banks purposefully to SF Fire CU. Their website WAS helpful. With this latest platform upgrade, I am now sent bill alerts detailing who the recipients are with their address, my payment amount etc.

    All over unsecure, and unencrypted email channels. There is no option to turn this function off. They obviously have not heard of user behavior analytics and the danger this poses to my privacy.

    Also, every time I log in, their website does not recognize my device even though I have checked the box asking it to remember it. I have messaged them with no response and can only say I will be looking to move my business elsewhere.

  9. I really wanted to keep loving SF Fire.

    I really wanted to keep loving SF Fire. They were super convenient and helpful when I first opened my accounts a few years ago. But, despite their smiles, they continue to refuse to help and follow a court order from my divorce.

    My ex and I had a shared credit card here, which the court ruled was entirely my ex’s responsibility. When my divorce was finalized, I went into this main branch with my paperwork to remove my name from the account. They insisted then that the only way to take my name off the debt was for my ex to refinance it under his name. I asked for their help in contacting him and sending him the paperwork; as he stopped listening to me a long time ago.

    They did agree when I asked that the credit line be closed. Despite repeated pleas over the last few years, he has not refinanced the debt, nor made any payments. A few months ago, I saw that thousands of $$ dollars were transferred out of this account! I went back into this main branch right away and begged for help.

    They couldn’t really explain why the account wasn’t frozen, and wouldn’t do anything about this $ being taken from me. I insisted that they close the account and this time, they claim that they finally froze the credit line and showed me a zero available balance to prove it – but I still can’t be sure that it won’t happen again!

    So, despite a judgment from the court in my favor, I feel completely powerless and unable to move on from my past. I used to think that SF Fire was somehow different from the big banks. But clearly, they have not been my friend in this time of need.

  10. Avoid SF Fire.

    Practically criminal! There will be “human errors” that result in SF Fire taking your money. These errors can require a tremendous amount of time and persistence to resolve.

    Banking here will become a part-time job where your compensation comes in the form of your own money being resentfully and incrementally credited back to your account.

    Please also be aware that the deposits here are “privately insured,” not federally insured. Your money is not safe.

    There is no customer service. No follow-up. Forget about trying to get a mortgage loan. No one here can keep track of any document. They even lose emails. If you are trying to purchase a property in the highly competitive real estate market of the Bay Area, you must get your loan elsewhere. You will not be able to close through SF Fire.

    The online banking system is outdated and has countless limitations and worrisome glitches. SF Fire has been promising to unveil a new system for years, but there have been no design changes, just an increasing number of issues and unusable features.

  11. But I'm going to give it a little more time.

    I have been a member of this credit union for 4 years. They are great, wonderful. Really the best banking experience of my life. I’ve recommended them to several people.

    AND THEN, last November they rolled out the worst new online banking program imaginable. Everything went to hell. I can’t transfer money between my accounts. I can’t deposit online. And worst of all to talk to a human being I have to wait on hold for FORTY FIVE MINUTES!!!!

    Whoever decided it was a good idea to change to this online banking system should be run out of the county…. losing their job is just too good for that idiot.

    I now have to go into a branch if I want to move money from one of my accounts to another. I tried to complain to a manager about it one day in December. The teller said they would get a manager. I stood there in the lobby for 18 minutes before I had to leave in frustration.

    Oh and the new app…. it’s somehow even more worthless than the regular online banking. That takes some serious skill.

    I can’t quite give them one star because for years I had nothing but good experience. And if they don’t get their act together soon, I’m going to have to leave. But I’m going to give it a little more time.

  12. It seemed that everything would be finally fixed, we just needed to send one last form.

    Hi, just want to share our experience. Originally my husband and I had mortgage at Wells Fargo and we decided to move to a more trustworthy institution. We refinanced to 15-year mortgage without any problems, it just took little longer. The lady who was helping us did a good job. Problems started when we tried to set up bi-weekly payments.

    We made our first payment on November 28th, we were told that this was a payment for December and in January our bi-weekly payments would begin. But it did not happen. So I called customer service and thought that everything was fixed (we received a confirmation letter too).

    Well, to our surprise our January payment was not processed and we learned that there was supposed to be payment done in December as well and on top of it, we need to be a “month ahead”, so the biweekly plan can start. Suddenly, we owed 3-months payments!

    There was enough money on the account and the bank did not even bother to let us know that there was a problem with payment! I was just reassured that “there will be no consequence beside of damaged credit”.

    It seemed that everything would be finally fixed, we just needed to send one last form. So, I emailed it on 1/20. Yesterday on 1/27 I received an email, that the document was too dark to print (it took a week to find out). So, here we are. Our refinancing process started sometimes in September, in few days we will have February and SFFCU is still unable to set up our biweekly payments.

  13. the customer service agents have been very unknowledgeable in assisting me with this issue.

    I am a bookkeeper and have 2 clients with business accounts at SFFCU. They don’t download to Quickbooks, which is pretty essential. I’m recommending my clients switch banks.

    Also, while I hear other folks have good customer service experiences, the customer service agents have been very unknowledgeable in assisting me with this issue.

  14. went to another CU instead

    Wasn’t impressed when I went in to hear about their account offerings – went to another CU instead

  15. Never Again

    If I were ever to switch from a “mega bank” to a credit union, I will switch to here!

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San Francisco 94103 CA US
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Reported Loss :5443 $
Severity of Scam :High
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Is SF Fire Credit Union a scam?
Yes, SF Fire Credit Union is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com, They are not aggressive toward their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is SF Fire Credit Union a legit?
No, SF Fire Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews submitted by SF Fire Credit Union consumers?
There is/are 15 review(s) posted about SF Fire Credit Union and its indicate that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is SF Fire Credit Union located?
SF Fire Credit Union is located at 12 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.
How much monetary losses inured by SF Fire Credit Union customers?
5443 $ monetary losses inured by SF Fire Credit Union customers.