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Dr. Cubasdoesn't have a lot of experience yet in dentistry

I was happy to go to SF Dental House because it has its own financial savings plan if you become a member. I had a lot of cracked and broken veneers, so I was looking forward to a financial break. Right after paying for the savings program, however, trouble began.

First was the medical assistant taking my blood pressure. I’ve never had a dental office check my blood pressure and I’m almost 70 years old. The reading was that I had excessively high blood pressure. Wrong. After spending a couple of hundred dollars to see my primary care physician, and after having my blood pressure taken numerous times,

I learned I had no high blood pressure whatsoever, not even borderline high. The dental assistant had not used the right procedure.Dr. Cubas told me she was going to clean my teeth with a hand pick, as she was afraid that my veneers were too fragile at this point to withstand the pressure.

She took a very long time to clean my teeth, so long that I needed at least two breaks from the procedure. When I asked for my second break, she gave it to me, but she did not continue cleaning my teeth when I resumed my position in the chair and did not tell me why she was no longer using the pick.

The chair she uses for her patient is tight and small. I am a big guy, but my main complaint was that while the dentist needs to lower the patient’s back to accommodate certain dental procedures, there is no button that softly glides the patient into position. No.

The chair jerks backward fast and hard, and the adjustment up or down is just as fast and hard. It’s scary, unnerving, and threatening. Dr. Cubas’s hand in this maneuver is not delicate.Dr. Cubas found a discrepancy in her examination of my x-rays, which warned her of inflammation.

She sent me to an endodontist who was very expensive, and he informed me he found no reason for the visit. I spent money for nothing. Next, aware of my bruxism, Dr. Cubas determined my first new veneer needed to be made of zirconium, not porcelain, so as to withstand the pressure of grinding teeth.

What did she do? She installed a zirconium veneer with a porcelain cover. The tooth was a canine tooth. The new veneer for the canine had a shape so completely different from the other matching one that when I smiled, the difference between the two was noticeable. Dr. Cubas took no care in the cosmetic factor whatsoever.

Lastly, she put bonding between my gum and the veneers of my two front teeth to close the gap caused by grinding. The bonding material she used was grayish, not white. She did not polish the bonding once it had hardened so that upon inspection in the mirror, one could see the sloppy smear over the teeth. Thank goodness my lips don’t expose my gums when I smile.

I spent three hours in a horribly uncomfortable chair just to have a temporary veneer installed and two front teeth bonded. The music on her sound system is loud, obtrusive, and often either too animated or too depressing and thus irritating.

Nothing peaceful or relaxing. I said to her, “This music reminds me of my childhood,” and Dr. Cubas replied, “Oh, that’s good to remember your childhood.” She had no idea that the depressing Fifties music she let be part of my dental experience with her was pushing me into re-living many of my childhood traumas that I didn’t want to relive.

And the financial discount I received for my participation in the dental plan was negligible. Ultimately, the work she did on my teeth was pedestrian, time-consuming, and after completing one whole procedure at SF Dental House, I visited another dentist who has an eye for balance, symmetry, and beauty, and I paid that dentist to redo the original, primitive work.

Dr. Cubas is a very warm, personable, and likable dentist who doesn’t have a lot of experience yet in dentistry. She is conscientious but perhaps overly so. Spending money on a recommended specialist in order to justify her “intuition” of some dental problem beyond her expertise to judge is a liability.

She wants to take her time and not be rushed, which is completely understandable and appreciated, but the results do not match the time and effort spent for either one of us. If you think going to the Mission is a practical decision for the wallet, please re-think that assumption.

All the five-star reviews for SF Dental House are for Dr. Patel. This is misleading now that Dr. Cubas at SF Dental House is the only resident dentist.

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3 reviews on SF Dental House

  1. wonderful every time.

    I’ve visited this office something like half a dozen times this year needing a variety of dental work and specific-to-my-situation advice at every step, and they’ve never failed me. Dr. Cubas is clearly well-trained in her craft, she’s super pragmatic, and very genuinely empathetic. Her dental assistant and the young woman at the desk are equally wonderful, every time.

  2. I appreciate everything from SF Dental House. Thank you!

    I had a big cavity on my back molar, and I thought I might lose this tooth until I came SF Dental House. They saved my tooth with great care with a reasonable price. Assistant Kelly is a really helpful lady who provided me plenty of help and relief from my concerns.

    Dr. Cubas, with her well known knowledge and her careful work, has been taking great care of my tooth. I appreciate everything from SF Dental House. Thank you!

  3. I highly recommend Dr Patel.

    I highly recommend Dr Patel. I have had nothing but a great experience each time I have come in.

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