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I don't think he's working.

The technician was very good, courteous and showed up on time. I had a leak in a faucet that I needed to have evaluated and 2 slow drains to snake. I spent about a half hour with the technician figuring out a solution to the leaky faucet, which would have involved ordering new guts and having him come back to install them. Then he went to work on the drains, which took a little over an hour. He did a very good job and was very thorough, even showing me the clogs he got out, gross but thorough. I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable until he gave me an invoice for the 2 drains. $625.00. Yeah, that’s right, here for less than 2 hours and cost me over $312 an hour. It never occurred to me that anything like this could cost this much. I don’t know what planet these people live on but it is not mine. I immediately told them I was cancelling any further work and would go on Dirty Scam and tell everyone to avoid Service Works as they are absurdly expensive. I have employed lawyers for less than that per hour and I am a professional concert violinist who works for a major symphony and I don’t get that much money for a 2 1/2 hour concert. The poor technician was apologetic and I know it is not his job to set fees. I live in North Arlington and this is not the first time I have seen gouging in this neighborhood for the most minor services. I have been in this neighborhood for nearly 20 years and it has changed significantly in its demographic. As a result I think there are sliding scales for these areas that are perceived (certainly correctly) as affluent. I have successfully avoided being victim to this gouging partly because I have a lot of experience in renovating 2 of my own homes. I do realize that partly this is my own fault, and I am reminded now to be more careful. (yet again) I will now require a complete and unchangeable estimate of all work to be done. Irregardless, this was an unreasonable amount of money for the service. I would not recommend Service Works to anyone, and I would warn all who are considering using them, to think again. I paid them in full by the way, simply because I don’t want to go to court, or have any further contact with them ever. I am going to repair the faucet myself.  When it costs more money than I can make to get something done………DIY

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