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Receptionist was Incredibly unorganized and at fault for the miscommunication

I just got off the phone with Nicole Reiss, the Director of the California Street location Physiotherapy Associates who informed me that they would not be able to take me on as a client because of apparent “No Shows & Cancellations”…

I informed Nicole that for all previous appointments that I could not make, I called ahead and canceled outside of one instance. I also told her that I was actually canceled on the MORNING OF an appointment by a receptionist who informed me that the PT I was scheduled to work with had jury duty – this subsequently canceled my appointment later that week as well. I did not reschedule at that time, and left town for Thanksgiving the next day. I called today to reschedule and that was when I had the conversation with Nicole.

Even after I communicated the above, Nicole proceeded with her automated response that they will not be taking me on as a client. I asked her if she could respond to what I said and again she responded with the same response.

I felt her demeanor was incredibly rude and inconsiderate – especially in light of the fact that it was clear that their receptionist was incredibly unorganized and at fault for the miscommunication.

This experience was incredibly disappointing . . .

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  1. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

    The primary focus of this review is management and payment operations. The physical therapy services were mediocre, nothing especially good or bad. I should note that a large percentage of my PT time was spent with a PT school intern rather than a licensed therapist.

    When I did see the therapist, it was for 30 seconds at a time as they were forced to juggle multiple patients during a single visit.

  2. One-star, based on administrative incompetence and cluelessness!

    but the company itself appears unable to process insurance claims correctly, regardless of HOW many times you provide the correct information. BEWARE: although my husband and I provided the correct information and addresses MULTIPLE times,

    AND called their billing offices at our initiative to try and straighten the mistakes out, after multiple incorrect filings on Physiotherapy’s part, they sent the bill to a collection agency!!!

    Us, with the perfect credit scores. After everything we tried with them, they couldn’t even pick up the phone themselves to call us. One-star, based on administrative incompetence and cluelessness!

  3. My one-star review is in the hopes of initiating change.

    My one-star review is in the hopes of initiating change. I visited PA from Nov-Dec in. It is September, and I am still STILL dealing with billing issues with people from Wylie, Texas.

    I paid all of my bills promptly, then got a final bill when my insurance changed, and paid that bill promptly. I then received a bill in the mail eight months later, saying they under-charged me, and I owed $78. I have been fighting with PA over $78 for two years now.

  4. They now insist that you contact the corporate billing department..

    While the physical therapy services and staff were super, the billing has been an absolute nightmare! We had been going to Physiotherapy Associates (P.A.) for about 8 years. then during the last few years the billing system changed,

    and you could no longer discuss/correct any billing issues at the local office. They now insist that you contact the corporate billing department……, and then your nightmare begins.


    Physiotherapy bought out Keystone Rehabilitation a few years ago and that is when the company stopped caring about the patients and employees, only about profits. I worked for Keystone on Buffalo Road in Harborcreek, Erie, PA for 15 years and the PT was there almost 20 years.

    Physiotherapy fired the therapist because they stated it was her fault there was not enought patients and then 1 month later, I found my job was posted on their website.

    When I asked why my job was being posted, they said I was inappropriate and was fired also even though all of my work was done efficiently and at 100% on all of my audits.

  6. Just avoid these guys to begin with there are so many better options.

    Is there a no star option? This place is a scam full of unaccredited “assistants” and higher than thou trainers who take turns running the front desk because they can’t seem to get a receptionist who works for them. It seems fine at first but give yourself a couple months like I did and you will understand the negative reactions on here.

    Oh, and wait until you stop making appointments and the fake cancellations start to show up on your insurance. Just avoid these guys to begin with there are so many better options.

  7. This was my first visit at Physiotherapy Associates.

    This was my first visit at Physiotherapy Associates. I was very pleased with Dr Imee Harsuvanakit’s consultation. I have very specific issues and she was up to date with all the information, good at explaining it, thorough and pleasant. I appreciate that she didn’t assume I would be coming back indefinitely, but evaluated my situation and gave me reasonable expectations about the duration of treatment.

  8. THANK YOU Allen Carpenter!

    Lot of pain and not sure where to go – Allen was quick to asses the issues and help narrow down next steps… stayed an extra hour after they were closed to work through issues and made sure I was headed in the right direction. Allen even followed up with me to follow the progress.

    Amazing healer – and should be with 17 years of experience. He’s diligent, human and caring, but his skills, personality & professional character make him truly amazing.

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