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Extremely Disappointed and insulted

I don’t think I have ever been so insulted before by a dealership. And that is saying a lot since car dealers don’t have the best reputation in general. I Have been trying to speak with sales representatives to try and lease a countryman all4.

I was speaking with someone through email to get some basic numbers before making the trip to see if we are on the same page. I had another offer for another dealership and different vehicle and wanted to see if they could match their deal since I liked the mini more than the other vehicle.

After going back and forth a few times the sales associate felt it was a good idea to be rude when he couldn’t beat the numbers of the other dealer and imply that I must not know what was offered, don’t understand how leases work, or that I am lying because the deal is too good.

I assume my being a woman means I have no idea how leasing vehicles work (despite leasing from BMW and Acura previously and having no problems getting great deals). After I respond to him telling him that his attitude was not necessary, that I am well aware of the details in the lease offer and that if he couldn’t match those numbers all he had to do was politely tell me so, instead of being insulting…he never responded.

I get a call from a manager the next day telling me they could come close to the deal and call him to discuss. I am at work and it is much easier for me to email than call and spend 30 minutes on the phone while I am working. So I go on the site and start a chat with one of their associates. They introduce themselves via chat, and I then tell him what I am looking for and he just disappears. Never responds. Never says a thing. I wait for ten minutes for any response in the chat and he never comes back.

So I finally get a minute at work and call the dealership and ask to speak with a manager. I am transferred and he answers the phone “yeah?”….umm… Yeah? WTF is yeah? Are you not a manager selling $30 to 50K vehicles and running said dealership? Regardless I say hello?…and he hangs up on me. I call back and speak with the woman who transfer calls again, who is very nice, and tell her I was hung up on, she apologizes and says she will transfer me again. He picks up again, says nothing, and just hangs up the phone after I hear him speaking in the background.

I’m not sure if this is how Mini always runs their dealership, but it seems kind of messed up that 3 different men were rude, disrespectful and condescending in the span of 2 days speaking with them. The only decent person I spoke with was the woman who answered the phone.

Extremely Disappointed and insulted. I guess they get enough business that they don’t need to be polite or respectful. (Or answer the damn phone with a “hello, this is Allen the manager at Seattle Mini”, instead of “yeah” and then hangup on someone)

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13 reviews on Seattle MINI

  1. Seattle MINI Bad Service.

    Total crooks, watch out, they will screw you over on price

  2. Dont Use This Company

    Secondly, they need to be taught how to be a little considerate. They seem to be quite arrogant for such customer-facing positions. They would have no hesitation in refusing service by using lame excuses.

    They do not hesitate to bother customers to come back multiple times unnecessarily rather than help resolve issues sooner.

    Thirdly, they could use some better learning about customer co-ordination, courteous behavior, and common sense rather than go by textbook like statements.

  3. But Seattle Mini and MiniUSA's customer service have absolutely atrocious

    We made a huge mistake when we towed our 09 Mini Cooper S to Seattle Mini of WA all the way from montana. After months and $2000 spent, I had purchased my ticket to come get the vehicle and they texted us 2 hours before my departure saying we had to pay for a part,

    dispite them breaking it. We called and submitted a complaint to Mini USA, and it’s been 3 weeks without a single contact from them or the dealership. Our previous experiences with Mini Dealerships have been wonderful. But Seattle Mini and MiniUSA’s customer service have absolutely atrocious

  4. So, I took my business to Lynwood Honda and am now a proud Honda owner!

    My review is based on my experiences with one of the sales people in the used car department – Peter Liu. He seemed like a nice chap and was eager to sell me a car. I was looking at other small cars, but had my heart set on a Clubman.

    It would have been an easy sell for him, as I had the cash and had already test-driven the car. However, when I asked if I could have a trusted ( and MIni certified) mechanic check out the car, Peter’s attitude changed from helpful to hostile. He said an outside mechanic would find something wrong with the car and I would want a lower price.

    Surprised, I said yes, if there is something wrong with this car that you are not telling me, I will want a lower price. This, in fact, is why one has a used car looked at by a third party! I don’t know whether this behavior is part of the Seattle Mini policy, but it was enough for me to quickly realize that I could not trust them. What are they trying to hide?

  5. I used to think the Seattle MINI Dealership was OK after a not-great experience in Fife

    I used to think the Seattle MINI Dealership was OK after a not-great experience in Fife, but honestly, my dealings with their service department have left me in a place where I’m not only not taking my car there, but I wouldn’t buy another MINI or recommend it to anyone I know.

  6. Seattle Mini is totally incompetent when it comes to customer service.

    Seattle Mini is totally incompetent when it comes to customer service. I have had my car there twice since I bought it, both times on warranty issues. The first time I took it to them was for a leak in the radiator. They installed a new radiator just fine.

    Now they opted to do the tie rod ends as they said that they needed replacing also, so o.k. fine they did it without asking but that was o.k. as I wasn’t paying for it anyway. I told them to keep it as long as they needed it as I had their 2012 countryman. Now 4 days later I go to pick up my car.

  7. I also had to endure the wrath of a surly receptionist in order to find out absolutely nothing on my last call.

    Currently, my car is in the shop in Seattle where is has been for 5 days. They gave me a loaner, so I am not stuck, but when I call the service department to find out the status of my vehicle, the only person who have any information is the ‘service advisor’ assigned to my case. That person is very hard to contact and hasnt returned any voicemails.

    Turns out, after being put into that guy’s voicemail, that my so-called ‘service advisor’ is out today and nobody else there has any idea as to the status of my vehicle. It is now 1:10 PM and I have been trying to get information since 8:30 this morning.

    This is NOT the way to run a service department!! I also had to endure the wrath of a surly receptionist in order to find out absolutely nothing on my last call.

  8. NEVER...EVER...going back there.

    Guess the sales department at Seattle Mini doesn’t realize there’s this thing called the “internet” and that people can determine the fair market value of their Trade-In. Sad to think that they live up to everything people hate about used car salesmen:

    “We’ll offer you thousands below what your car is worth but you can pay thousands over for ours.” On behalf of the boutique Mini brand, I’m literally embarrassed for Seattle Mini. NEVER…EVER…going back there.

  9. They seem a little scattered.

    I am a business owner in Seattle for over 18 years,i have bought and sold many cars and trucks over the years to suit my particular needs and I would say hands down this was the poorest experience I have ever had trying to purchase a car.

    I was happy to see a Mini dealership a stones throw from my house maybe this was chance to check them out. I invite a friend who is a “car-guy” and owns a BMW to come along.We have to ask for help. They seem a little scattered. There is little to no pricing on cars?! David Wolf is appointed our “motoring advisor”. I am clear about the years I am interested in and stick only.

  10. I will NEVER take my car there again for anything.

    my check engine light came on. I contacted the dealership like the manual says to do and waited several hours for a return call. Long story short, because of the pass conditions, nobody was willing to transport my mini,

    so it was towed home and waited there until Monday the 29th when it went over the pass for service. While not hearing anything from the service dept, I called late Tues afternoon to see if they knew anything yet………….OMG!!!! What I heard from JP the service guy will forever stay in my mind.

  11. Wow, what a variety of experiences listed here!

    Wow, what a variety of experiences listed here! I thought I’d share my experience with Seattle Mini because I felt it was stellar. I won’t post unless I’m extraordinarily impressed or seriously offended and Seattle Mini impressed me greatly. I felt like a Queen for the few days I spent with them.

    I purchased a new Mini this month and the experience was hands down the best car buying experience I have had, ever. Throughout this deal I had interactions with 8 of their team members from sales, administrative, management and service departments and the interactions with me were seamless.

    They were all polite, respectful and FUN with me and with each other. I’ve been back to have a bike rack installed, was prepared to wait (really, you wait everywhere you go now days) and the work was quality and within the time frame they quoted.

  12. I LOVE THEM. I don't work for them

    I LOVE THEM. I don’t work for them, with them, or sleep with anyone who does, FYI. My service guy was Rick, he was outstanding from beginning to end, really informative, explained the service recommendations on these new minis, which is totally confusing after owning another brand,

    but I’ll get used to it. I read the review that some gal had written and she’s so far off base. I wish I could speak out but he said to forget about it, everyone has a right to their own opinion, even if most of her story is totally untrue! Anyway I love these guys, Lee in parts rocks too!

  13. I had an awesome experience at Seattle Mini.

    I had an awesome experience at Seattle Mini. This is my second mini I have leased. My first experience was so good when it was time to lease again I went to Seattle mini.Jay helped me with my first lease and was still with them for my next one( which should tell you something).

    He was great I had more decisions to make and he walked me through the whole process with amazing patience and put up with all my questions.When it is time to lease again I will go to them .I hope Jay will still be there to help me.He was very professional and the follow up was wonderful. Great car and great service.

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