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The cancelled appointments, wait time, and especially the $20 fee to request x-r

I’ve met with Dr. Daniel Aslandoi and he seems like a nice and pleasant person. However, my experience dealing with SeaCliff Dental as a whole has been very poor for the following reasons.

1) Canceled appointments (3 times)
2) Wait time (Waited in dental chair for ~45 minutes)
3) Assembly line feeling (business, business, business)
4) Unexpected charges
5) $20 to get a copy of own x-rays (most places free)
6) Teeth feel worst

Part 1: Canceled Appointments. I made my initial appointment on February 14th and got x-rays and the teeth exam. I had a really good experience and made follow up appointments to get my teeth cleaned, fillings, and extractions. However, it’s been downhill ever since.

March 14th, it’s time for my teeth cleaning and fillings. I take off work early and 10 minutes before I get there, I get a call that the doctor is busy and won’t be able to see me. So I rescheduled.March 31st, it’s time for my teeth cleaning and fillings again. However,

I get a call the day before saying that the hygienist won’t be in. So we rescheduled.April 18th, it’s time for my teeth cleaning and fillings again. However, I get a call the day before saying that the hygienist won’t be in AGAIN. After voicing my frustrations,

I was ensured that the hygienist will be there next time.When I finally got my teeth cleaning, it went okay. Since it was a 5 PM appointment, I was the only patient there and it felt rushed. The hygienist seemed like she really wanted to leave.

Part 2: 45 minute wait. When it came time to get my fillings on May 29th at 6:20 PM, I got called in and was seen by a dental assistant after a few minutes in the waiting room. However, after going over a few things with the dental assistants, I waited ~45 minutes for Dr. Aslani to actually see me.

I was literally just sitting there in the dental chair waiting. I finally left the office at ~ 8:00 pm.Part 3: Assembly line. This may be because I’m used to smaller dental offices, but this place made me feel like just a ticket (like in a restaurant). The office is set up with 4 chairs all lined up alongside each other.

So Dr. Aslani basically goes down the line, looks at what you needs to be performed, does it and goes down to the next chair. They is probably common practice in the field, but somehow it worst here (maybe because it’s the ~45 minute?)

Part 4: Unexpected charges. After my initial appointment with Dr. Aslani I was taken to the billing office and was given a quote of $102.40 for my fillings. However, after I got my fillings done, I got charged $110.80. I paid it.

Then a month later, I received a bill saying that I still owe $20. I don’t know why.Part 5: $20 for x-rays. All the dental offices that I ever requested x-rays from e-mailed it to me for free. However, this place charges $20.

They really try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible and goes back to the assembly line feeling.Part 6: Feeling worst. It’s been two months since my feelings but my teeth have felt worst. Two of the spots where I got my fillings are really sensitive to hot/cold. I can’t drink cold beverages anymore.

I didn’t have this issue before. However, I will give credit to Dr. Aslani for talking to me about this issue when I called. He said it may take up to 3 months for things to feel normal again, so I’ll give it another month.All in all, the people there seem really nice and they accepted my insurance.

However, it’s been a really frustrating overall. The cancelled appointments, wait time, and especially the $20 fee to request x-rays, made this a horrible experience for me.

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