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I rarely write reviews, either good or bad ones, but that’s a matter that needs to be shared with others looking for laser treatment.
I had a 3.5 year scar, light pink, that I was tired of and wanted to see removed for good. I came to Dr Mosser’s office when his previous nurse was still there. We agreed on a BBL treatment. I ended up being abroad for work for months, and when I came back for the procedure a new nurse was there. My experience:
1. She initially charged my card $900 for a $175 procedure. Why? Because she didn’t know what I was there for. She also didn’t ask.
2. After the procedure, she told me I should experience sunburn feeling and look in the area for a week. It turned out to be much, much worse than that. Remember that nasty scab you got when you fell flat from your bike with your face on the street? That’s more like it. And it lasted for at least 3 weeks.
3. I emailed the nurse multiple times, with pictures. I showed the area to a physician friend and they were shocked. The nurse simply told me to come back for a “complimentary” micro pen treatment to remove the scar of the scar caused by the BBL.
4. I came for the procedure and again the nurse had no idea who I was or took the time to read my profile, she thought my scar was 3 months old and the cause of the scar was a silicon implant (?!?) The treatment was not complimentary as she had said it would be. $150 is not a big deal, but that reinforced, to me, the lack of care.
She told me I should see improvements in a week. 5. One week in, and the scar still looks much worse than before, now it’s brownish and the skin around it is thin, like a healing from a bad burn.
I emailed the nurse again, with another picture this week, asking for a treatment alternative, and this time haven’t heard back. Instead, I got a call from their receptionist telling me she was getting back to me on my request to see Dr Mosser. I never asked to have a consultation with Dr Mosser. But she didn’t know anything and was just returning a call I didn’t make. Blissfully oblivious like the others I interacted with there.
Now I am looking for another clinic to solve the problem, with a worse scar than before.
In sum, considering their laser services, which is what I can speak to, I absolutely DO NOT recommend them.

UPDATE: After I posted this review, I was contacted by the office’s customer relations manager. She offered to refund my fees, and I received a check in the mail a week later. Dr Mosser also emailed me this week informing me he was working on solving the service experience problems I have mentioned here.
For my scar, it has seen very little improvement in the damaged area. Last week I started treating it with a dermatologist specialized in burns.

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  1. Scott W Mosser, MD Bad Service.

    I paid $20k for a facelift that wasn’t. Back to square one.

  2. was leaning towards having him do it.

    So this review is ONLY for a consultation. Dr. Mosser didn’t do any surgery on me, and I only went for one consultation. The reason I’m givign the low star is because I had done research online and had a procedure in mind to be done on my face. Dr. Mosser was the first consultation that I had.

    He was very nice and polite, and told me that he could do the surgery that I wanted no problem, gave me a price quote and sent me on my way. I was feeling pretty good about the experience, and was leaning towards having him do it.

  3. I am genuinely disappointed.

    I traveled from Northern Marin for this visit on a referral by the most gracious Dr. Eshima. I had asked the Mosser team to ascertain in advance whether/not Dr. Mosser did the specific kind of work I was seeking and, after consulting w/ him, I received a call back confirming that he was indeed experienced in the procedure(s) I was interested in.

  4. I'm going to have to agree with the other one star reviews here.

    I’m going to have to agree with the other one star reviews here. I am posting under an alias since Dr Mosser and staff follow these reviews religiously and I don’t want to have contact with them anymore. But I believe that he has done so many procedures that he has gotten overly confident and has forgotten just what a big decision it is for his patients to have a procedure done.

    I had a fairly simple procedure done and am not happy at all with the results. I advise everyone out there to get a second opinion and a second consultation. Find a dr you feel comfy with. Here, they seem concerned for you in the beginning, but once they’ve taken your money, that care and concern seem to decline rapidly.

  5. Very disapointing

    The surgery made no difference and in my opinion I ended up worse than before, A total of $8000 worse off. I’m now having to go to LA to try again. I had the usual photos taken at the time and then shown what he could do could for me. Needless to say it did not work. No point in complaining. If my problem could not be fixed the first time then it would not be fixed with a second operation

  6. I would not recommend him.

    I recently had a tummy tuck on Sept and I came out with alot of pain leaking tubes, and ears on the side of my stomach the doctor never explain that i would look worse than what i when in with. I’m so disappointed with the results i should of known because my co-worker had the same surgery with him and same problem dislike.

    I told him the day of surgery do he think i should of had lipo on the sides and he said “he did’nt think of that” and it was too late. After the surgery i went back for post op which was in Nov and ask for him to do lipo on the sides because i look worse and was very unhappy and he was going to charge me 5500.00 dollars and just 300 dollars off. I would not recommend him.

  7. I wanted to know what size was going in my body and that there wouldn't be any confusion later on.

    I had interviewed with many doctors in the San Francisco area and I had done a lot of research so I knew the answers to my questions before i asked them. It was shocking to me how little Dr. Mosser knew. I was 18 years old at the time and had hopes to have a breast augmentation and when discussing with Dr. Mosser I was surprised that he pressed for me to use Silicone, knowing that I am under 22 years old. When I reminded him of the law that doesn’t allow women under the age of 22 to use silicone implants, he had “forgotten.” Also, he never asked me at what age I started my period.

  8. I have referred no less than ten friends to him.

    My breasts look incredibly natural. He advised me to go a little smaller than I did because of my frame and that most of his SF patients go smaller 🙂 I went with the bigger silicone implants, deciding ahead of time that if it looked like I had breast implants due to the large size, that was ok. Well, it doesn’t- at all. Sure they ripple when I move in certain ways but head on, you would NEVER know I had surgery.

  9. really good

    It’s a good place just a little over priced coast a lot for any type of filler or injection but he’s really good

  10. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!

    I had been thinking about having breast augmentation for years. I finally got up the nerve to have a consultation and I went to Dr. Mosser’s office. His practice was very clean and neat and the staff were extremely kind and generous.

    They offered me water or tea and made sure I was comfortable through out the entire consultation. Both Dr. Mosser and his staff were extremely informative and helpful. I got to try on different sizes of implants, and with Dr. Mosser’s helpful technique found a size that was perfect for me.

  11. Dr. Mosser you rule!!!! thank you so much.

    I wish to express my deep affection and appreciation to the dedication of work thatDr. Mosser dedicated to me during and after the time of my surgery (tummy tuck, liposuction and breast augmentantion) the results of the surgery are just too good to be true, Dr. Mosser takes the time to listen to his patients to get the results they need, he was able to answer all my questions before and after the surgery.

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