Sarah Brudnicki

Sarah makes fake client’s testimonials to fool individuals

Sarah Brudnicki, the executive assistant with Sam Ovens from uses unethical practices for promotion and attracting clients. I came across this program from an online. I was looking to promote my business to the next level. I had quit my job which was paying me good and with some savings that were in my kitty, I opened a small business. I did not consider keeping a backup plan in place or funds aside for the struggling months at the start.

So, I became desperate and that is when I searched for this company. I came in contact with Sarah who told me that she could help me make 7 figures consistently. I was flattered by the words she used to amuse me. That was because I was looking forward to hearing those words at that time.

I wanted someone to tell me that I can make it big. When she insisted to pay for Sam’s program, I could not resist the offer. She said that the company is experienced in guiding entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams and if I wanted to be on the same list, I should make no delay in becoming a member as soon as possible.

I did have heard about fake programs, but I checked their website and the testimonials from other clients did get my attention. Little did I care about looking at any place else. It was the biggest mistake.

When, at the start, I was not able to do anything with the strategies offered by Sam, I wondered why I am not able to succeed when all the others listed on the website already have. I questioned myself and doubted my competency at times. I thought I was not made for becoming an entrepreneur. And, Sarah made every attempt at making me believe that it was all my fault.

I remember checking those reviews tons of times in a day before starting my morning. I thought that watching those videos could help me understand where I was getting it all wrong. But, nothing helped. After few months, I came across a testimonial and the individual seemed familiar.

I checked on the internet and found that the person was an IMDB actor. It was suspicious. It was not an Ad movie. It was from the real clients. Then how that guy was in that testimonial talking about things that he was not into.

I called Sarah and she could not answer. What a shame. All these months while I was busy accusing myself of not able to imply the theories of Sam into real experience, these guys were busy promoting their services through unethical means. I have never dealt with people like these. I was on the verge of quitting for good.

Thankfully, now I know, it was not my fault. These guys are not worth a penny. If you have been in touch with Sarah or anyone from the team, beware. These guys know how to convince people and these fake videos do the rest.

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3 reviews on Sarah Brudnicki

  1. Sarah Brudnicki is a grey hat scam

    She contacted me saying if I can compose fake testimonial videos for a fee for and sam ovens.

    I than gotta to knew that she is a grey hat scam and also sam ovens testimonials are being a fake. I am not sure all reviews are fake but I doubt most of them are deceitful to the customers.

    I request you to take better cure while sign up for sam ovens training program.

    Thank you
    Anonymous Anne

  2. Sam Ovens greatest internet marketing scam of all time

    Where did the original sam ovens scam review on Dirty Scams go? did sam and his handlers pay off dirtyscams to delete it?

    i regret buying sam ovens consulting accelerator program. he is a scam artist providing a program full with half truths on success.

    sam does not know anything about internet marketing. take a close look at his eyes…eyes are windows to the soul…on his facebook lives and so called “testimonials” on youtube. he has shifty eyes and does not know what he is talking about.

    sam is not doing this on his own. he cant. he has got some handlers mentoring and coaching him how to get $2k from you. they have been paying off all their critics so you cant find negative reviews on him and his program through google search why do you think there are so many affiliate websites and positive reviews on your first page on Google searching sam ovens scam? using seo rankings.

    it does not matter how many people he has paid off to remove negative reviews online…it will keep on coming you cant stop it.

    i look forward to the day when CNN news has him live in new york city supreme court in cuffs walking down the steps.

    what goes around comes around scam ovens!

  3. My Factual Oppinon

    They are real and legit and speak facts if you don’t want to go to college and run the rat race to success. Yet it’s not an easy process being a Consultant or Solicitor. I used to be one you don’t profit unless you sell a deal to a client or customer. It basically works off of commissions, but starting the business yourself is a great Idea rather than working for a company that offers the services because in business it is better to be a laid back salesman than a pushy one trying to get client deals. Cause a business is not set for you just to make money its set to help people, but also take their money to help your situation known in Italian as favor for a favor. It’s the legal version of a Con Artist except you are actually giving them what they want, but with high prices to make money. Its never personal it’s just business. When you reach the top of the latter you can always give back.

Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : norman1
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