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Sam's Training program is a scam

Sam ovens has lured many people for spending in his training program that helps you start a consulting firm. He started SnapInspect and is the CEO for the company.

This is a property inspection application which was created for property management companies. It helps the managers of the companies to inspect rental properties and this application can be run on smartphones or tablets.

He has started training people for opening their own consulting firm to sell his product. However, this is not that easy as it sounds.

I know it because I spent $2000 in his program just to know that it was only trash. His entire course structure was very general and can be found online without any fee. There was nothing great that he offers through these programs.

I attended Sam Ovens webinar where he talked about the program and the benefits it has. Like many other webinars, first few minutes, he focused on explaining how difficult it was to reach where he is right now and what all he had to go through.

He took more than 50% of the webinar time explaining his great journey to success. He knows how to create positivity among people to get their money later.

Then, he explained about the program in such a way that it left me intriguing. That is what he does to attract people. When people crave to learn more, they pay. Because that is the only option to know about the deal.

Leaving this program aside, one thing that Sam is good at is convincing people. His advertisement style can fool many. So, it was easy for him to get new prey. And these webinars are his way for getting people’s attention.

Many who are looking to make easy money can be convinced easily and who doesn’t want that provision where you can earn without much of an effort. This is what he vouches for.

I joined his program by paying $2000 because he mentioned about the refund policy within a month of training. He clearly said that if a person is not satisfied and is not able to get a client within that period of 30 days, the entire enrolment amount will be refunded.

It was nowhere listed on the website though. But, he tried to stress on this part a lot at the webinar. He very well understands the psychology of his clients and a refund policy is the perfect bait.

In a hope to learn something and get my career on track, I joined his training group. He maintains a private Facebook page and gives his trainees the access to join him there for learning.

I followed all the instructions and did all the assignments for three weeks. I was prompt and waiting for something that seemed fruitful. After 3 weeks, I got furious and was unable to stand even a day of his training.

To be candid, the program was all trash and there was nothing that he charged us $2000 for. I was really upset for paying him that amount. After thinking a lot, I decided to ask for a refund.

They have mentioned to mail the refund application on their email address. So, I emailed them and filled out the information to get the refund. I received an automated mail that they would revert back in 3 days. I was reaching close to the 30-day limit and these bots were assigned to make that even harder to get the refund before time.

They replied me just before the expiry of the 30 days’ time period. They asked me to submit all the assignments that I did during the first three weeks. That was mandatory to get the money back.

This they could have mentioned in the website to avoid this waiting thing. But, then they wouldn’t have got the chance to kick you out saying that the 30-day limit is over. So, without wasting my time, I tried to gather everything that I could and mailed them the documents and the proof of my efforts during the course of the program.

However, they replied with a negative response. According to them it was already over 30 days and I was not eligible for a refund. This is what I expected but still was hopeful. I generated a request far before the expiry date and it was them who replied late. So, how I was the one at the losing end.

Everything starting from the program structure to the refund policy sucks and their customer service is pathetic. They never refund and will trick you until the limit of 30 days is reached and your money is gone.

Sam ovens has created this program in such a way that he can easily make people join and even leave. But his policies are designed in such a way that one will never get access to the enrolment amount ever.

As per the 2017 report, Sam Ovens net wealth is around $12 million and he claims that 90% of his wealth comes from his consulting business. I really do not feel that his claims are true. It is just his marketing stunt. And if it stands any chance, then I am sad to know that he has scammed so many people and do not feel shame boasting about it.

Sam Ovens and his program intend to harm rather than providing any meaningful information. So, it is advisable to get some free material and also there are programs that are genuine and cheaper which are way better than the one Sam Oven sells.

I consider him a jerk and that is what suits him. He is not a sweet guy as he portrays himself but a selfish, bloodsucking pervert who is always looking to scam innocent people. No wonder why his Facebook account is private and he does not have a real customer service company rather than the bots to answer clients. Because he does not have white money to invest in that.

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4 reviews

  1. Sam Ovens Scam

    Sam Ovens is master minded con artist who scam by selling his cheap training program

    His training program does not carry out any real life skill set, it just to scam you, avoid to buy it.

  2. Sam Ovens Review

    Sam ovens is a liar and all of his technique are useless. He took my $1500 and never returned it even after I generated the refund request before a month after registration.

    I did everything that he asked and it never helped me in any case.

  3. Sam Ovens is a scammer

    Sam Ovens cheats people through his training scam. Stay away from this guy. He should not be allowed unleashed.

  4. FYI

    Sam left SnapInspect few years have nothing to do with SnapInspect since then.

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