Not a Professional Company - ceo of the company is scammer and cheater

This Company has no office in India but CEO of the company named SAHIL SHEIKH who hired a project manager who has done MVP launch or pre launch of video streaming website with group of people,, after the launch CEO promised the designer and programmer to have an office in India and will provide high salary but his promises are all fake and he sacked all of the employees from the company. Project manager was co-founder of the company and CEO promised him to have fair % share after the launch but he also sacked project manager and replace the co-founder.He has not paid 2 years salary to project manager as he meant to be a part of company’s share.

SAHIL SHEIKH is British based in Manchester claiming CEO of the company HOWTO CORPORATION LIMITED, Please be aware of this kind of person as they only used people or talent for free and sacked them after taking the work.


God said: There are three whom I will oppose on the Day of Resurrection: a man who gave his word and then betrayed it; a man who sold a free man into slavery and kept the money; and a man who hired someone, benefited from his labor, then did not pay his wages

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Manchester England GB
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Approved Date: January 24, 2018
Reviews: 0
Reported Loss : 1500000 $
Severity of Scam : Extremely Low
Reported by : saimahussain2618
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