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SageSure Insurance is a fraud company and unethical

I was looking for insuring my house as well as auto from the same company. I was aware of the multiple policies discount and that was the reason I wanted to get my house insured from the same company that had my auto insured. I called Progressive Insurance with which my auto is insured to get the quote for both the insurances with discount.

Progressive and SageSure are partners and they are involved in all kinds of scams together. Progressive checked the entire paper and provided me a quote for both the policies and also gave me the multi-policies discount.

After checking the amount, I agreed to go with them. I paid the insurance amount and thought that it was done. I got the papers from them to be signed and I did whatever they said.

After a month, I got a call from SageSure. They told me that the home insurance premium was raised from their end by $301. They also told me to pay it immediately, otherwise my house insurance would be cancelled. I wanted an explanation and they only said that it costed them extra to shift the insurance from the previous insurer.

Later, when they saw me raising questions, they asked me to provide a proof for the size of the living room and the value of the entire house. I got the entire assessment done by my builder and also consulted the city records.

They overruled my data and told me that it was incorrect. They said that their inspector had a better idea of the entire house who did not even checked the house from inside. He just visited the premise from outside and they considered his remark over ours.

Nothing worked and they asked me to make the payment. They were adamant and made sure the information reaches me clearly. They kept terrorizing me for cancelling my policy with them. They practice wrong methods to take customer’s money. It is illegal and unethical.

I would like to warn everyone who has their insurance with Sagesure or Progressive. Please be alert as they can anytime take fake charges and can even blackmail you for terminating your policy. It would be better if you look for another option. There are many other insurance companies that can help you with good price and discount.

I would like SageSure and Progressive to make sure things are taken care of. I would do everything to fight this injustice. My name is Tung Le and my policy number is TXH09890400. I would be available at 832-457-8118. You can call me if you have been through similar scam by these companies. Apart from spreading the word, we can do something to stop them from scamming people.

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6 reviews on SageSure Insurance

  1. SageSure Reviews

    When you are looking for the insurance company, you must check their claim policy document carefully, do not trust any agent of SageSure.

    Their ratings and costs might lure you and make you so much enticed to grab their insurance but that’s all part of marketing

    I have done the same mistake of buying an insurance from SageSure and they have never approved my claim for foolish reasons.

    Avoid SageSure.

  2. Sagesure Will Burn in hell!

    They have rejected my claim 🙁 I am very stressed up 🙁 🙁 Do not trust this [email protected]!!!

    1. We have SageSure. Can you tell me who you ended up switching to?

  3. Terrible exepience with SageSure Insurance

    Sagesure is scamming people when its comes to claim.. they have the very tedious process.. uploading of documents, doing here and there took me week and after all hard work they stupidly denied the claim,

    How ironic is that. I will sue them

  4. Been Scammed by Sage Sure

    They are true scammers, I have been waiting on a refund for a policy I never renewed for 4 months now. They never have a supervisor or office manager to assist. The excuse is my mail is getting returned but my Post master has disagreed. How to they continue to have a business in operation.

    Sarah Spruill

  5. The insurance companies send their own inspectors, physical evidence trumps doctered up documents. Man up. Sage sure is awesome. Progressive is great.

    I think Sage sure and progressive are incredible. Most insurance companies are fairly similar, your either working with an AM best rated carrier or your not . The issue most often is the agent writing the policy not doing his homework or trying to be “the cheapest”deal providing inaccurate data
    .Possibly the client providing the wrong information. People trying to be slick and out smart the system. I’ve seen doctored up “appraisals’ and “County Records “this kid of mindset that lead to the big fail. Your got to pay to play. Man up and handle your business like an adult. You get what you pay for. Let me say it one more time.
    The problem most likely who ever wrote the policy, tried to use falsified data while writing the policy, possibly a case of misinformation from SHADY agent not doing his Job right. Once the policy is written the carriers send Inspectors in most case’s with Drones to confirm the insurable condition and specific underwriting eligibility.

  6. Prepare for the unexpected....

    SageSure Insurance, Occidental Fire & Casualty, and GEICO are in bed together…
    They will tag-team you and screw you…
    Caveat emptor….

    1. Geico in Texas also partners with Sage Sure and I believe is owned by Occidental which I believe is a Berkshire Hathaway Co. Bad experience with Sage Sure trying to take more out of my account pervmonth or bill me more than the quoted price monthly . Also wurdtion who their independent inspector is and whether he is licensed in Texas. I have gotten no answer from Geico or Occidental who owns SageSure and so on. The pictures were not date stamped and terrible pixel quality and distorted. There were lies in the report.

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