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Royal Watches Club,, and uses fake listings

I ordered a watch from You will be amazed to check their wrist watches brand list. They are scamming people by using other websites networks such as, and

The site sells watches of top brands including but not limited to Rado, Rolex and many more. They have a great website to lure customers into buying the stuff right away.

They offer huge discounts and it would seem that you are making a great purchase until you will receive your package. The royal watches price in India is cheap and alluring.

I ordered a watch from Royal Watches Club. The catalogue was great, and I was really impressed by the pictures on their website.

They site promised about great service and warranty. The site also assured that the products were authentic and were not fake ones. The watch was from Patek Philippe.

They were offering 70% discount and the watch costed me INR 18,000 only. The site does not offer online payment and I accepted the cash on delivery payment.

The product reached me after a week and I paid the entire amount in cash. The delivery boy left the package after the payment was done.

I was socked after checking the package. The watch that I ordered was completely different from the one I received. The dial was different and only looked similar and not exact of the one showed on their website.

The buttons were broken and there was no feature of automatic date and day change was found. I had to change the day and date every day to match it with the current date. It was even larger in size as I compared the specification presented on the website.

It was heavier too. In short, I was scammed. They got me into their scam. They sent an ordinary watch that may have costed me 1000 INR to 2000 INR and took away 18000 INR.

When I did a google search for the product, I got a similar image on the actual brand site. Royal Watches Club had copied the images directly from their sites.

I emailed the company on their email address and asked them for a refund. The email address that they have provide on the website is [email protected] I mailed them several times with the images of the watch that they had couriered me. But, they did not return my call.

I was very disappointed and the way I got scammed was not something I was used to. I have dealth with many companies and still order products online.

But, Royal Watches Club gave me a lesson. Now, I know, why they have not offered online transactions. That would create a record and would be traceable.

Cash on Delivery is the safest option. Either the customer would pay and then check the product or would return the product right away without payment. So, this way, they would be able to make good money.

Royal Watches Club must be using fake address, I can bet. These are few bunch of guys, making fake watches and selling it in the name of top brands. However, this would soon be out and the scammers would be tracked.

Stay away from Royal Watches Club,, and

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  1. fake products


  2. Fake Royal Watches Club

    Hii ,

    I was also surprised how Royal watches are providing 93% offer on branded items so i decided to write them mail to [email protected].

    I have received 3 times delivery incomplete.

    this is the message i got Delivery incomplete
    There was a temporary problem delivering your message to [email protected]. Gmail will retry for 47 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.

    Its one of the biggest scam . This is the address mentioned in there web page. ADDRESS : G54B Nehru Vihar, Delhi 110054. try to google you will know how big the scam is.

    Last but not least why Times of india do advertisement daily for this fake product. I think those who got scammed can sue Times of India, So there money can be reimbursed from them.

    Next time when they do advertisement they should minimum check whether the ad is genuine or not.

    1. Is there any way cancel order…I just ordered a watch from……now i cannot open that site as wel…

  3. rotay watches club,, and same owner scamming poor indians

    Royal watches club,, and same owner scamming poor Indians.

    Please do not buy from any of these websites – Royal watches club,, and

    royal watches club,, and advertise on news website to lure you but be careful, they are not authentic at all

  4. Luxrify brand watch's FAKE

    Luxrify watch’s are fake… and their office persons are goons and extremely rude have lodge a Police FIR for the scam stay away from them…

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