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Robert Georges is a crook wearing financial advisor’s suit!

If you are looking for a financial advisor to help you with financial decisions, beware of the Robert Georges of Amena capital Group LTD .

He pretends to be the one, but he doesn’t know anything about PPP or investment banking. he has other ventures including Amena Capital Group LLC and Amena Foundation.

He is a scum bag who will take your money and will run away.

He follows a pattern with all his clients of Amena capital group ltd. He would try to gain your trust and if you are great at understanding the nuances of investment and finances, he would not even contact you.

But, if he gazes your incapability to make prompt decisions regarding finances, he would rip you off.

Robert knows that he can fool people who have minimum knowledge about the banking formalities. After, he has understood your level, he would suggest all kinds of options to look legit.

Once, you are impresses, he would ask you for the advance payment for Amena capital ltd Investment.

Robert’s fee is also highly evaluated as his expertise. He would charge you somewhere between $25000 to $30000.

He will ask you to pay the amount in advance and would not accept part payment. If you pay him, it would be your biggest mistake.

Once you made the payment, he would keep asking for more time because of documentation.

Sometimes, you will hear him asking for more and unnecessary files and other times he would directly claim that the documents are improper.

He will never have the alternative to fix the issue but will land you to a dead end. So, you will lose your money and will invest your time for nothing.

He would end up everything so neatly that you will not discover the scam until you reach for some other assistance. By that time, he would be gone.

If you get lucky to catch him red handed, he would try to abuse you and will not return your money. He keeps traveling from one country to another.

He has fooled people from Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries. So, it would become a challenge to locate him and confront him.

He has not been caught yet. However, I am sure he would be soon. The way he is scamming people would not stay hidden. He will be behind bars.

He took away my money and few people whom I referred to him. We will not make it rosy for him to walk away.

Robert George is a con artist and he does not have the expertise to help you with your financial decision. Although, he is an expert in scamming people.

I would suggest reporting him as soon as you find his fraud. He will not give you much time and will run away.

So, act fast before he gets away with your money and take legal aid to get him behind bars.

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4 reviews on Amena Group Ltd

  1. Robert is a scam

    Amena capital Group LTD Is running by scam artist and if you check on google.. you will see there are lots of link available that will confirm about the same.

    anyway do not invest your money with Robert.

  2. Check ROR for amena capital LTD Robert Georges

    Check here

    Lots of discussion went on and on.

    Robert’s claim to sue Lye with defamation charges but I think it went wrong and he has not been able to remove ROR successfully.

  3. Amena capital

    amena caputal group llc has been scamming people since many years but at end of the days everyone know the right thing.

    I am happy to see people are coming forward to expose Roberts Malpractice

  4. do not trust these people

    You will get a phone call showing its from Australia. I do not know how they do that but they are in London so you have no recourse. Once they have your details you have lost anything. They also have other names. ( FTO capital is one) I advise you to waste the callers time. Keep asking questions. In that way they will eventually stop calling you. There web site is deceiving and claims all sorts of ways to log in and reclaim your funds … do not give them any

Hong Kong Island HK
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Reported Loss :60000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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