Rob Astorino

Westchester County Government filled of PEDOPHILES BY ASTORINO

Westchester County government has been filled with positions appointed by elected official county executive Rob Astorino People, many who have been involved with sexual misconduct, child rape, and a larger pedophile ring.

The deputy commissioner of the department of social services, Phil Gille, was fired for nepotism and sexual impropriety and harassment, for giving a 17 year old boy, Javier, a job as a courier at the yonkers district office when he turned 18 years old. Gille is known to have many questionable associations with alleged members of the Man boy love pedophile ring of North America, and he was known to DSS Employees for his affinity for young boys, including a whistleblower who was approached by Javier to join them at Gille’s house for an all male, “boys only” party.

Gille and the boy were to hide the scandal, although many have known of his illegal sexual conduct for years. He was directly appointed by Rob astorino, who also is a close friend of another member of the pedophile ring.

Mark Fang, the Human rights commissioner, is also a friend of Astorino and Gille, also directly appointmeted by Astorino, and a friend of Gille.

However, the most disturbing of all the dubious connections that truly puts this pedophiliac ring into the light is who ties them altogether to the Astorino administration leaving no doubt there is some link that must be investigated : a convicted child rapist, registered sex offender , and friend who put all these men together in the same room during the Astorino election campaign.

Raef Fraih, an Arab immigrant who was denied citizenship several times over the years because of suspected child relationships as well as funding to terrorist states overseas by INS and DOJ, turns out is a close friend of Mark Fang, George Oros, Kevin Plunkett, Phile Gille, and a coincidentally, a HUGE donor and contributor to the Astorino fund.

Gille is a know child lover, Fang was rumored to also have had quieted encounters with young miles, but the thread that ties them together, Raef Fraih, is what is the most terrifying of all associates. He had sex with Kimberly Paletta, who was 12 at the time, and he was convicted and found guilty of rape. He was unsuccessfully deported because he used his disabled son as a crutch to remain in the country.

Eyebrows were first raised when Raef opened a children’s school for the Arab community at the Enrico Fermi school in Yonkers during the late 80s, which coincides with the highest rate of pedophile activity in the country. Allegations fizzled away as the school was shut down. However, his wife and ex-nun, Germana Fraih, has also been a pawn and co conspirator in his game.Being his psuedo religious front, she goes to church everyday, sometimes more than once.

Fast forward to 1998, and his true nature was revealed after having sex with Kim paletta, now aged 33. Germana worked tirelessly to compile teenage witnesses to testify that Kim was a “little slut that knew what she was doing” and entrapped her husband, who she didn’t mind having consensual sex with their next door neighbors little girl.

She has worked with felon twins, Paul and Erik Kellerman, who were jailed for embezzling millions in the name of fundraising for Catholic charities. Kellerman and Raef are also friends, and have worked in the past together. While Kellerman has never been accused of sexual impropriety, he openly admits his sexuality is confused sources close to the family say. He also plays a large part in the Fraih family as he lives in the house now…

Why would a pedophile and embezzler/gambler live together? Because Germana and Raef also tried to have their disabled son commited to the hospital, under false allegations of conspiring to murder the family because he discovered what his father had been up to after finding pictures of prepubescent girls on his computer hard drive. Their son, who has PTSD from being raped as a child himself, began to question his father after his probation officer came to the house looking for Raef, who had fled upon this discovery. He then began to question his mother, who then called the police for attempted murder and child abuse of his infant, her grandson (who she referred to win racial vulgarity as a “dirty blooded” n word that is “not any family to her.” He is now homeless, disabled, and living out of his car on the street, while this illegal alien ex-con enjoys his house on the hill….Park Hill that is, the most affluent NYC neighborhood outside of Riverdale.

Raef has many friends in his court mandated sex therapy group for sex offenders and pedophiles that solidified his ties to Rob Astorino, and this is what should concern Yonkers, especially Park Hill, and the rest of Westchester county. The old adage is follow the money, and so we have. Raef Fraih gave Rob Astorino a personal $5,000 check at his house in Park Hill during the summer preceding his election at a “mock” fundraiser. Mark Fang was also in attendance. Raef and Germana fooled their friends at the dinner, then pocketed the money, and gave Astorino a $5,000 campaign contribution just that night alone.

They then volunteered countless hours at campaign headquarters, rallying for Astrorino on the phones and sending out letters urging to vote. Guess who else worked at that same HQ office, logged at the same time as the Fraihs: that’s right, Phil Gille.

And what is Raef Fraih’s goal by embedding himself in political events he can’t even vote in as a felon and illegal alien?…. an executive pardon by Governor hopeful Rob Astorino, who is indeed friends with another sexual deviant, Donald Trump. We’ll see how that goes now that Latimer took his power position .

So, why is Westchester county riddled and plagued with pedophiles, and why is Rob Astorino so closely associated with them that nepotism seems to be the last of his concerns with such seriously notorious associates, and no one is doing anything about it?

It’s time someone looks into this….our children aren’t safe with these men in power, and something must be done to make NY safe.

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  1. Meet Rob Astorin's Appointed DSS Pedophile Philippe Gille

    Heartless Rob Astorino’s Department of Social Services (DSS) is known for cruelly ignoring the needs of poor children, seniors the disabled the mentally ill and veterans, as he sucks off DSS budget money for needless patronage jobs for people like Philippe Gille, Joe Kenner, Brian Furlong and scores of other unqualified Astorino cronies.

    At Rob Astorino’s Department Of Social Services problems begin at the top and go right through the whole department. The top of pyramid all begins with a Rob Asorino appointee Phil Gille the first deputy commissioner and as anybody in DSS can tell you the real decision maker nothing at DSS from as small as painting an office to as big as promoting Directors happens without his approval.

    Mr. Gille holds court from his numerous offices including ones in White Plains, Mt. Vernon and Yonkers. Every lead manager, district director and associate or assistant commissioner reports to him and he reports to the commissioner and directly to Mr. Astorino.

    Philippe Gille, was a politically appointed voting machine technician with the Board of Elections who Rob Astorino promoted to deputy commissioner of social services. Thanks to Mr. Astorino Mr. Gille initially saw his pay rise by $62,700, bringing his salary to $127,125 and has had very generous pay increases after that.

    Mr. Astorino maintained that voting machine technician Gille, a fellow Republican, was “eminently qualified” to be the first deputy commissioner of DSS

    The media in Westchester County has repeatedly failed to expose patronage in Rob Astorino’s County Government.

    Of particular concern is what is going on in the County’s Department of Social Services under the reign of Current DSS Commissioner Kevin McGuire and also DSS Deputy Commissioner Phil Gille, a longtime Political Insider for Rob Astorino.

    Mr. Gille has surrounded himself with a staff of appointed patronage employees who loyal to both him, Rob Astorino..

    These loyalties can be shown by the large number of high ranking Republican Party members who are now employed at Rob Astorino’s department of Social Services.

    Mr. Gille holds court from his numerous offices including ones in White Plains, Mt. Vernon and Yonkers. Every lead manager, district director and associate or assistant commissioner reports to him.

    A perfect example of this in one Gille appointee Gerard Gershonowitz who has been with the county for less than four years years, never taken any civil service exams has no experience regarding any aspect of Social Services but still has a supervisory position for which he is totally unqualified. His only qualification seems to be that he is a member of the Log Cabin Republican’s

    Rob Astorino’s DSS patronage and cronyism machine includes a group of employees who were appointed by Mr. Gille to the position of Eligibility Clerk and upon have to take the civil service exam were unable to pass it.

    These employees include Rosemary Jarosz, Kelly Murray and Tracey Traverson. All of these employees upon failing the exam should have lost their jobs but due to their close ties to Rob Astorino and Phil Gille remain employed as he hastily made up a new unheard of and never before used title of Community Outreach Worker to provide them with continued employment.

    DSS has become a top heavy organization. The next individual whose appointment, job description and title are all in question is Joseph Kenner, a low performing employee who lost his job at Pepsi..

    The unemployed Mr. Kenner was quickly given the title Assistant to the Westchester County Executive,. and is now employed as deputy commissioner at DSS. This position seems to all to be complete waste of salary as Mr. Kenner no knowledge of any of the workings of DSS or any of its programs and the department has no need for more top level staff.

    In fact, Mr. Kenner is known for not returning phone calls. Some have even suggested that it is a no-show patronage job.

    If some one happens to call Mr. Kenner during business hours they get a clueless kid named Brian Furlong, who often forwards Mr. Kenners calls to John Kelly’s office at DSS.

    The next interesting addition to Rob Astorino’s DSS patronage machine is Marie Claudel, where Marie came from and what she does is anybody’s guess.

    What is known is that as a Community Outreach Worker which is a lower job at DSS but Mrs. Claudel has her own office and makes her own hours. When questioned about these actions her answer is to ask Phil Gille.

    The most interesting fact about Marie is who she is married too. She is the wife Guy Parisi and he is Rob Astorino’s lawyer.

    Art Sullivan is another political appointee of the Rob Astorio DSS political Patronage machine. Mr. Sullivan has never taken a test or followed any civil service rules to get to the position

    Mr. Sullivan is in charge of all DSS computers and systems and his lack of experience in this area is painfully obvious to those who have to deal with him. He is doing so poorly at his job the department has had to add another employee to assist him.

    Now here is a list of Mr. Gille appointees that again have not taken any civil services tests to arrive at the positions that they hold.

    This group includes the above mentioned Brian Furlong, Nick Gonzalez, Morgan Abdelnour, Mathew McCarrick, Steve Murray, Michael Recca, Anthony Ferriello and Gerard Longarzo. All of these appointees have three things in common. First they a male, second they are white and third they are all under the age of thirty.

    And that’s the way Mr. Gille likes his appointees.

    All the young men hired by Phil Gille are called his “Boy Toys”. Literally they do nothing but take up space and suck upl contract money provided by the New York State and the Federal Government.

    There is also Rob Astorino patronage beneficiary Brendan Murnane, the boy Friday intern, another one of many Phil Gille interns and boy toys hired in the county.

    1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services Phil Gille and Ed Fagan also a Department of Social Services employee are the main purveyors of Rob Astorino’s young boy toy patronage machine.

    These two pedophiles are joined at the hip and have been molesting and raping young boys for over twenty years. This is a known fact to law enforcement officials.

    Ed Fagan is a known drunk and a functioning alcoholic. Co-workers in the Department of Social Services have complained that Mr. Fagan constantly reeks of alcohol when he comes to work. According to one source, “You can smell the liquor coming from his pores.”

    County Executive Rob Astorino is well aware that Mr. Gille and his partner in crime Ed Fagan were “Persons of Interest” in the cold case murder of Orlandito Rosario Maldonado, the 12 year old boy found dumped in a ditch along the Saw Mill River Parkway.

    According to reports, Orlandito Rosario Maldonado was found badly decomposed with parts of his body missed. There were signs that the 12 year old was brutally raped.

    Phil Gille and Ed Fagan were said to have sex with the young boy hours before he was murdered and may have even been the ones who murdered the young boy.

    Phil Gile worked at the grocery store on Linden Street that 12 year old Orlandito Rosario Rosario would delivery groceries from

    The grocery store was in the Nodine Hill Section on the corner of Linden and Elm Street the old A&P.

    Mr. Gille, and Mr. Fagan have engaged in weekend long orgies at a house in the Hamptons controlled by Mr. Gille.

    One of Gille’s young boy lovers named Omar Rueda was charged with assault. According to sources, young Omar told Mr. Gille that unless he helped him and made the matter go away, he would expose and tell authorities about Mr. Gille’s rape, abuse, and molestation of himself and other young boys.

    Mr. Gille then allegedly retained Pauline Galvin, a politically connected attorney with ties to disgraced former State Senator Nick Spano who was recently release from prison on tax evasion charges.

    Mr. Gille was in court front and center for each and every court appearance to ensure that his lover boy Omar didn’t squeal about those the bedroom secrets the two shared.

    In the 1990’s former District Attorney Jeanine Pirro was investigating Mr. Gille about his pedophilia activities. Ms. Pirro interviewed one young man named Michael Tomanelli about Mr. Gille’s pedophilia activities.

    Mr. Tomanelli kept his mouth shut and as a result, was rewarded with a job in the Westchester Park’s Department where he is still employed today.

    How much more will taxpayers continue to pay because of Mr. Astorino’s Patronage Machines funding of Mr. Gille’s pedophilia activities?

    In August of 2012 Mr. Gille’s Westchester County issued car was stolen by one of his young male lovers.

    Mr. Gille quickly reported the theft to County Executive Rob Astorino.

    Mr. Astorino was frustrated at Mr. Gille’s negligence and potential to embarrass him and his administration,

    Mr. Gille was assured Mr. Astorino that the incident would be covered and made to look as if it never occurred.

    If the public became aware of Mr. Gille’s activity it would be damaging for Mr. Astorino and his administration.

    Mr. Astorino then sent detectives from the Westchester County Police to Mr. Gille’s residence at 21 Fairfield Place in Yonkers, NY.

    The detectives reported to Mr. Astorino that when they arrived at the residence and rang the doorbell, they were greeted by a 15 year boy, dressed in only a tank top and underwear.

    The detectives further reported to Mr. Astorino that the 15 year boy told them that he was an acquaintance of Mr. Gille’s and that they just returned from shopping and having dinner.

    Lastly, the detectives reported to Mr. Astorino that when they tried to get further information regarding the minor, the minor told the detectives to ask Mr. Gille about the extent of their relationship.

    According to sources, Mr. Gille and the minor are sexually involved, and have been for some time now. Mr. Gille has also hired numerous of his “boy toys” to various positions in the Department of Social Services, with Mr. Astorino’s approval.

    The more people get to know about Rob the less they like him, and they realize that he has a serious lack of integrity.

    The Truth is Rob Astorino couldn’t even carry his own County of Westchester in his failed race for Governor.

    That spells doom and gloom to come for him. What an embarrassment?

    Mr.Astorino lost 55-42% in his home county only a year after being re-elected?

    Mr. Astorino is no longer secure as County Executive after taking a beating like that.

    It is time to clean out and get Rob Astorino’s election cronies off the Department of Social services payroll.

    Rob Astorino is fully aware of Gille’s conduct and his pedophilia hobby.

    Mr. Gille is a known pedophile and has shown his employees and co-workers pictures of little boys dressed in bondage outfits that he had in his phone.

    As reported above Mr. Gille was questioned in the 1999 murder investigation of a 12 year Yonkers boy that was sexually abused. Robert De Rosario was charged with the murder of the 12 year boy and when investigators seized Mr. De Rosario’s computer they found evidence of an underground ring that was abusing little boys.

    Mr. Gille name was part of this ring.

    Mr. Gille wasn’t charged because of his connections to Jeannine Pirro who at that time was the District Attorney and a fellow Republican

    Here Is The New York Times Story About The Pedophile Ring:

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