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Darin Manis RJ & Makay & Now Time to scam people with Advisorbox exchange

RJ and Makay is a ripoff recruitment company which is run by Darin Manis and Misty Rice. now they are going to scam you with Advisorbox or Advisorbox Exchange . Advisorbox is the company ventured by Darin Manis to rob innocent people.

They will prompt you to sign a legal contract and assure that you will be paid off 500$ on each Financial Advisor meet with the manager of their company.

They have you calling Financial Advisor in various States to schedule the appointments. If you don’t schedule an appointment they harass you. You are suppose to schedule so many appointments and if you don’t they terminate your contract.

You can have so many appointments set up but you will never see the money because they will say that the person never showed up for the appointment.

You could have tentative appointments scheduled for future months but you will never receive the money because you are no longer employed and no matter how much work you did to schedule those appointments you will not receive the money and I am sure that they will call those people and get the money for themselves.

Please do not fall for this scam. It is seriously a waste of your time and your effort too. I posted it back because now they have new venture called Advisorbox. Which is soon going to be exposed as I am looking into it.

I will post my in depth reviews about Advisorbox very  soon.

The reviews, complaints and scams posted about RJ and Makay & Now Advisorbox is permanant record at https://dirtyscam.com/reviews/rj-and-makay-darin-manis-advisorbox-reviews/ Search for all reviews, complaints and scams about RJ and Makay & Now Advisorbox

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  1. This "anonymous" charge is completely false

    The accusation of us trying to harass and push out recruiters so we can keep an extra few hundred bucks is ludicrous. Just because an individual recruiter doesn’t have success doesn’t mean that we are ripping people off. Not everyone is meant to be a cold caller. Not everyone who does this is going to succeed. That doesn’t make us a scam. It’s the same with other kinds of cold calling careers as well. There is no money invested by our recruiters, no payment of any kind is made to RJ & Makay by a recruiter, and we supply all of the lists to call.

    Maryann has been paid for all qualified in-person interviews that has happened that she set up and will be paid for any others that happen within 60 days of her last day. The idea that it is somehow normal that we are setting first time in-person interviews months away is just nuts. If the interview doesn’t materialize usually within a few weeks the likelihood of it happening at all is minimal.

    We have hundreds of recruiters, the best known names in the financial services industry for clients, and are regarded as an expert in the financial sector by media such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Investment News, Reuters and dozens of other recognized publications.

    Specific rebuttals:
    First, we have almost 300 recruiters at the present time that work in various different divisions collecting many different kinds of compensation options. Second, for the division this recruiter, Maryann, worked in we currently pay $200 or more for each in-person interview that happens. Third, our firm is setting hundreds of these kinds of interviews each month. We don’t just “say” an interview didn’t happen. It did or it didn’t. If it did and it was qualified than the recruiter gets paid. Period. Fourth, there is no harassment whatsoever. However, when a recruiter is provided a list of brokers to call and they are not setting any/many interviews we occasionally check in to see if they are calling or if we need to take the list and give it to someone else.

    We believe in doing the right thing by our clients and by those recruiters we contract with. I am very sorry that Maryann did not work out but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a great firm with a great reputation in our industry.

  2. Darin Manis

    I know Darin Manis and I don’t think he ever scam people

  3. Darin Manis is a scam

    He do scam Rancho.. try to call them and lure them you will gotta know what he is great at.

  4. Looking for a job, stay away from Darin Manis

    It was my worst experience with Darin Manis. I have worked for so many companies and thought that they pay less until I joined RJ and Makay. They know the real meaning of fraud and should be banned from luring the candidates of bright future.

    They promise stars when they interview and didn’t even bother to give you the floor to stay. I joined there as I wanted to get to the next step in my career. But, little did I knew that the change will bring me back to the scratch.

    Most part of their salary is through bonus and they say that it is easily achievable. They are great at convincing that. They did to me and later I realized that they make sure you do not complete it. While joining, they offered me a contract which said that for each FA that I would schedule, they would pay me $150. As they are recruitment company, they asked me to call FAs from various states and I did so.

    I knew I was doing my best but they kept harassing me for not reaching the target which they only knew if I was. They never let me keep track of all the FAs that I scheduled. While working in the company I came to know that they pretend your bad performance and terminate your contract.

    In the beginning, I thought I lacked the expertise. However, later I got to know their methods of working. They kept on saying that the person did not show up for the appointment. It cannot be a coincidence that all the FAs that I scheduled can go unattended. Not even one. I think RJ and Makay do not know how to cheat people. Or maybe for saving all, they make it obvious.

    I even scheduled future tentative appointments while I was in contract with them. Still, I never received any money as the contract was terminated. This is so unprofessional.

    I was happy with the management of my old company and I left it for better opportunity and all I got here was fraud and scam. RJ and Makay is all about lies and I wish I had researched before joining this company. There is scam listed on their name all over the internet.

    They will lure you into leaving your company if you already working and leave you with no option to turn around. Till the time, you realize the trap you are into and would try to get out, they will earn their share of profit. So, you will regret of joining this company sooner or later.

    Stay away from these monsters. They are blood sucker in suits. RJ and Makay is beyond scam and should not be unleased or they will continue playing with the careers.

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