RJ and Makay and Now Advisorbox

Darin Manis RJ & Makay & Now Time to scam people with Advisorbox exchange

RJ and Makay is a ripoff recruitment company which is run by Darin Manis and Misty Rice. now they are going to scam you with Advisorbox or Advisorbox Exchange . Advisorbox is the company ventured by Darin Manis to rob innocent people.

They will prompt you to sign a legal contract and assure that you will be paid off 500$ on each Financial Advisor meet with the manager of their company.

They have you calling Financial Advisor in various States to schedule the appointments. If you don’t schedule an appointment they harass you. You are suppose to schedule so many appointments and if you don’t they terminate your contract.

You can have so many appointments set up but you will never see the money because they will say that the person never showed up for the appointment.

You could have tentative appointments scheduled for future months but you will never receive the money because you are no longer employed and no matter how much work you did to schedule those appointments you will not receive the money and I am sure that they will call those people and get the money for themselves.

Please do not fall for this scam. It is seriously a waste of your time and your effort too. I posted it back because now they have new venture called Advisorbox. Which is soon going to be exposed as I am looking into it.

I will post my in depth reviews about Advisorbox very  soon.

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2 reviews

  1. Darin Manis

    I know Darin Manis and I don’t think he ever scam people

  2. Darin Manis is a scam

    He do scam Rancho.. try to call them and lure them you will gotta know what he is great at.

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