Ripoff Report slandered my name without evidences

In three years, we have got our name on Ripoff Report, three times. These three reports were entirely bogus and insulted my name as well as my company’s name. None of them were found to be true. They say that they review the reports before they appear on the website, but let anonymous users post these reviews.

I am not sure, how they review these reports when they are not aware of the person writing it. We found out about these reports when a lawyer from Ripoff Report contacted us and provided us the solution for removal of those reports. According to the plan, they asked me to pay $15,000 for immediate removal of the complaints or $2000 each month for 4 months to remove the reports with slower pace.

The person from the company suggested that after choosing one of the plans, someone will come to visit our company in three days and after verifying details, will list our company as trusted business on their website. He also promised that the complaints would be deleted from their website that were posted earlier. So, this is why they were asking for such a big amount.

Trying to poster itself as a reputation management company, what all it is doing is dragging names of the prospects to gain their trust and take away their hard-earned money.

I requested them that the reports were fake and asked them for a free removal. I tried it myself as well. But, there is no way you can delete these complaints yourself, even the one who posted do not get the provision to delete these reports. Even if, the posting is done because of any kind of misunderstanding, they won’t allow to delete it. This is how they are making money, isn’t it?

This is a complete bogus site with fake information. I believe that they are researching about profiles themselves and then posting false complaints against them. They are destroying company’s reputation to get away with the profits made by selling complaint removal packages.

This is not it. This company is using unethical methods to earn profit and at the same time, is using fake reviews and complaints as a bait to make these companies pay.

Whenever I google my name, the first result that pops up is the complaint posted on Ripoff Report on my name. This has affected my business very badly. I had the option to reply on that report, however, that will give more matter to this website and will improve its ranking and will make my problem worse.

The person running the company is a criminal and should be alleged for insulting businesses and names on the internet. By far, I can understand, Ripoff Report is making fun of businesses online and mocking their reputation bluntly, to figure out a way for making profit.

This site should be completely removed, and people should know the real game that the company is playing. Or else, it would continue ruining names without any legitimate allegations.

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  1. ripoff report americas best friend online.

    I think ripoff report is one of the best online weapons ever devised this online tool is out there to help the little guy not the corporate ass-wipes of the world who steal and bullshit people online. This is a powerful tool and I personally love using it against thieves like and ebay to include ebay three of the biggest ripoff thieves online. These three companies have bullied, terrorized and stole money from thousands of sellers online and never paid one dime back. These three companies are the very definition of a online terrorist. I see ripoff report as a godsend to keep all online asswipes in check. So if you found your name or website on this report there is a very good reality your guilty plain and simple. As for this site making money removing comments posted by others there is a law out there called freedom of speech meaning people can say anything they want to where and when they want if its slander then you need to prove that fact in front of a judge. rippoff report has done zero wrong and it there legal rights to charge a fee to remove unwanted comment there is no law stopping them

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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