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My back was still not

Firstly I want to say that it’s a shame I have to write this review because in general the office is clean and as people have mentioned in previous reviews, the doctors/staff are nice people.However my recent experience with the practice has not been a pleasant one and has actually affected my confidence with Chiropractors in general.

To give a bit of context….I had an accident in Jan 2017 where I’d fallen over some black ice and severely winded myself to the point of near death. Luckily for me, only my back was injured but it was severe bruising and practically made me bedridden for a couple of weeks.

In the end, it took me 3 months to get to a point where I could get myself out of bed without immense pain and basically function to a decent degree. I wasn’t perfect but I was getting there.It was at this point, I’d decided to visit Rincon Chiro for some work.

My posture was terrible and I was feeling a lot of clicking and stiffness in my joints and thought I should try getting someone to loosen them up and maybe try align my spine or something to that degree.The Incident….I went in April/May 2017 for my 5th session with Dr Lloyd.

He had done his routine 15 mins on the heat pads and then the body popping tactics as usual only this time he had pushed too hard around my rib cage and I immediately felt pain and discomfort.To be honest, he didn’t look like he was really concentrating on what he was doing (almost like he was in autonomous mode or something).

I told him what had happened whilst carefully rubbing my hand over the affected area because it felt so sore. He told me not to touch it otherwise I would irritate it. So my best guess is that he knew what had happened but didn’t say anything.I went back to work and from that point I was in pain once again and found it hard to function properly and do the simple things like getting out of bed or pick things up. So I felt like I had basically gone back to square 1.

The Aftermath
A week after the incident had happened, I went to do a X-ray for a the US Government and was asked if I knew I had a cracked rib. I didn’t but was not surprised. I decided to call the practice, cancel my appointments and also inform them of what had happened. The receptionist replied saying that he would let Dr Todd know.

And that’s the last I’ve heard from them since.(Real considerate)To Conclude
Ultimately I know the Dr didn’t mean to do this, it was an accident and I have no intention of pursuing any legal action but I’m really angered and disappointed with the carelessness and unprofessional etiquette of the practice.

It took me another 3 months for my rib to repair and bare in my that my back was still not perfect either.Personally I’ve been put off the whole idea of going to a Chiropractor.My advice to those that want to go down this road would be to not put complete faith into these people right away.

Your body is the most valuable thing you own so be c

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