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Poor shopping experience. I mentioned I was interested in Camry’s. The salesman (a “gentleman” who had recently moved from ny where he owns a restaurant and who could answer very few questions about the car) doubled up with Fabio (another “gentleman”). Fabio tried to tell us that the first salesman’s bonus depended on a sale today.

The first salesman told us he needed to wrap up this sale as his family was waiting for him. The whole experience was awkward and inappropriate. When we said we needed to think about it, the first salesman stormed off upset. Threatened us that the “great deal” they were giving us would not work tomorrow. We kept hearing about his lost bonus. What about hearing about the car we were about to buy? Deeply unprofessional.

Jason D., I am not interested in contacting you or responding to your canned response. You’ve received enough similar feedback. Please deal with it in an honest manner. I wish I could remember the first sleazeball’s name but I can’t. I believe he had a Vietnamese name but I could be wrong. Either way, please acknowledge these issues and deal with your salesmen appropriately.

We ended up leaving and bought a car next door at right Honda just because I couldn’t stand hearing about shitbird’s bonus any longer. Why did we buy it there? Because the salesman we were working with would answer some questions with “huh, I don’t know that. I need to find out”.

This gave us the opportunity to learn more than we already did about the Honda Insight and decided to go with it. This is by contrast to the salesmen we interacted with at Toyota who made up facts, e.g. “nope. Never any recalls on that Toyota.” Really? A 3 sec google search says otherwise.

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  1. Right Toyota Sucks

    Basically all lies from the sleaze ball sales guy. Attempted to complain and am getting nowhere with this Jason Decker guy. They lie for the sale and will not deliver on their commitments. AVOID these douche bags.

  2. Terrible experience

    Terrible experience . A past customer. Credit score of 800+. Rude “Finance Manager JB” Walked out and went to Subaru. Bought a car the very same day. and will Never deal with them again.

  3. ad a really good experience this weekend at Right Toyota.

    Had a really good experience this weekend at Right Toyota. Our salesperson, Adam Rosepink, was very welcoming and relaxed – not pushy at all. We just came in to check out the new Scion iQ’s and drive one (Adam folded himself into the backseat of that tiny car like a champ!) and ended up buying the car I really wanted (a Prius) because they gave us such a great deal. Would totally return!

  4. This dealership was awesome.

    This dealership was awesome. If you’re looking for a car, come to this dealership and personally ask for Jonathan Kang. He sold me my FR-S last week and I couldn’t be happier. He went above and beyond to provide the best customer service and made sure I was taken care of. 10/10 experience.

  5. Right Toyota and their service department are horrible.

    Right Toyota and their service department are horrible. My spouse was treated like garbage. We emailed the service manager and the general manager and they never had the guts to even respond.

  6. Warning! This company is evil.

    Warning! This company is evil. I took my car there because I had a bad smell coming from the AC. They charged me $85, but they used a very cheap and toxic chemical.

    They used Lysol to clean the AC. After few days I felt a pain in my chest with headache, and I was diagnosed with Chemical Pneumonia was a result of inhaling hight amount of Lysol. And after the Lysol smell wore off the bad smell that I had in my AC came again.

  7. Very phony people.

    Stay away from this place! Shady high pressure. Very phony people.

  8. Dont get screwed like I did.

    dont go here. They over inflate the numbers. What they say they say they will sell you a car for in sales is not what happens. They are very good scam artist. I regret buying from them. Dont get screwed like I did.

  9. There has to be a better place to take your business in the Scottsdale area that doesn't play these games.

    Beware! Do your homework and be ready to walk out when the questionable sale tactics begin. Toyota has a quality product, but this dealership- Right Toyota is the wrong place to go for a carefree buying experience! There has to be a better place to take your business in the Scottsdale area that doesn’t play these games.

  10. Right Toyota Is Scam.

    We moved here from CA and went to Wrong Toyota for our 20K mile service/inspection. Clearly, the techs never even looked at the vehicle. The service record states the engine air filter was dirty but I had just replaced it before the service (they didn’t even look – they just went off the miles).

    Also, one of the tires had to be replaced about 500 miles ago because of a damaged sidewall. But the service record showed that the treads were even on all tires. Clearly, they didn’t even check the tires, much less ROTATE them. Makes me wonder if they did ANYTHING besides wash it. Not going back there.

    October 7, 2018


    BUYER BEWARE. UNETHICAL SALESMEN. I typically would not rate a seller, but decided to, given my poor experience. Came to Right Toyota after truecar identified dealers in the valley. I provided other dealer quotes to Devon who was very nice.

    Was directed to Mash who said that he will beat those prices. However, after test driving, things went south. Mash did not know what the glass sensor option was, he did not read my email which clearly state my preference for a remote keyless entry.

    The focus was on trying to sell the vehicle and they refused to share with me their proposed price. After much insistence, came in Jason from the finance team. Arrogant and rude is all we could think of. Mash and Jason insisted that I show them the competing dealer quote and at that point, I was already thinking of any other dealer. Poor knowledge, Poor behavior to customers. I went there to buy 2 Toyota highlanders, not Just one.

  12. My review is on both the sales department and service department.

    My review is on both the sales department and service department. I purchased a new 4-Runner, the entire experience was unpleasant. The sales rep was extremely rude and unprofessional. I asked my husband if we could just go to another dealership but my husband said that we had already filled out the credit form and going to another dealership would mean that our credit would get “dinged again”

    My husband suggested that we suffer through the experience and at the end of the day share it with others. My service light came on recently, but my mileage was on the trip mile and not the total mileage. When I clicked it to the total mileage it was 267 miles over 30,000. I called the service department where I had been having the truck serviced, explained the situation and was told that it wasn’t a problem. However, when I arrived at the dealership, it was, they charged be $300.00 for a basic service and $200.00 for the 4wheel drive service.

    I understand that I was technically over the mileage however, it would seem that there would be some loyalty for purchasing a truck from the dealership even if it was just a discount given. It seems these days businesses are only concerned with making money not with any kind of customer service. I will never use this service department nor would I ever purchase another truck from them.

  13. than you right toyota we will be back again in the future!

    we spent a whole day looking at cars and dealing with sales people in 108 degree heat before we arrived at right toyota. they were friendly , polite and did not talk down to us. we were in and out in only 1.5 hours with a trade in and getting financed! tom was our salesman and he was top notch. than you right toyota we will be back again in the future!

  14. This one failed in every way...

    It never amazes me when purchasing a car, the dealership always touts they are unlike other dealers. They care about their customers and will do what is needed to earn your business.

  15. Very Bad

    he’s being extremely rude. He Was making comments about how if it wasn’t working when I got it I should have brought it in. I got the car in late December when the ac Wouldnt be used. Come summer time it never worked at all.

    I recommend not doing business with these incompetent idiots. They’ve lost all of my business and my family’s business. I always thought Toyota was a great place to get a car and this completely turned me off.

  16. Don't believe it.

    Have you noticed when there are multiple bad ratings for this dealership, and then all of a sudden you will see multiple five stars ratings? Don’t believe it. I believe more than likely, all the five stars rating are from the people who work for this dishonest outfit.

  17. Recently purchased a new vehicle here.

    Recently purchased a new vehicle here. My advise is to shop elsewhere. They charge you for unwanted options, won’t return emails or phone calls, and generally treat you like crap. I was forced to drive back to the dealership to gain some very simple information.

    A friend recently bought a similar vehicle at a different dealership and the $890 worth of unwanted options I was charged for were free. My advice would be to try another valley dealer.

  18. Never again!!!

    Then you read the sad reviews of so many others and feel better, because you realize its not just you that has been treated this way, you can actually identify with over 90% of their customer complaints !!

    So, with the writing clearly on the wall even BEFORE any purchase has even been made, only a fool would ‘sign on the line’ with this comedy team knowing that the deplorable standard of service will only deteriorate further once you are legally tethered to them, like so many other victims have confirmed throughout these many pages of condemnation.

  19. Worse experience ever

    Worse experience ever, pressure sales, gang up on you, and say things that will not materialize. Never will purchase another Toyota again, these people ruined the product for me.

  20. WORST car buying experience EVER

    WORST car buying experience EVER !!! So much Bullshit from the salesman Brandon right to the fiance guy Buckey ! We were charged for window tint that wasn’t on the windows. A month later we were told we owed more money for additional registration.

    Nothing in our contract mentioned anything about that. We did not get floor mats or a cargo cover with our used Highlander. Our bad we didn’t check EVERYTHING. We were told we had floor mats placed in a stack prior to leaving. We did just not front mats.It wasn’t until i went back to pay the additional registration after being threaten with collections,

    for something NOT in the sales contract. I guess sales contracts are just for the seller, that can be adjusted when they make a mistake .That i asked to get the window tint darker in exchange for paying the not listed registration . The service writer told me that the car had stock window tint, LOL , WTF??? The service writer is the ONLY reason they get 1 star. NEVER DEAL WITH BULLSHIT DEALERS

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