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Here is a cautionary tale about the integrity of the sales team at Right Honda . . . For starters, my wife bought her car there. Both of us bring our Hondas back for work and we have been very pleased with the Service Center.

The four times I’ve brought my Honda Element to get service, I received a call back within 10 days from the dealership asking if I was willing to sell the car. It is then explained to me that someone was looking to buy a Honda Element, since they are no longer made, and would I be willing to come in and have them give me an offer on it. I’ve always ignored it as a scam-like call to get me in the store.

Last week I got service. This week I got that call again. This time it was very detailed. I was told another Element driver was in a wreck. He was looking for a new car. He had a silver one. It had about 120,000 miles on it. Ironic, since my car was silver with 120,000 miles on it. I called the guy out on the phone. I asked at least three times if that was some BS story to get me in the store. He assured me it was not. I told him I would bite.

I knew I would be looking to sell my car for a new Honda in the next couple of months so it was worth my thirty minutes to see what it was worth. Before ending the phone call, I warmed the sales guy that if I learned this was a ruse to get me into the store, I would be very angry and I would express that while at the store. He assured me a gain it was not a ruse.

An hour before I was to met him, he called to verify I was coming. One more time I gave him an out. For the final time he assured someone was looking for a similar Element and because of that I would be looking to get top dollar for my car.

I arrived at Right Honda. They inspected my car and then brought the notes to another sales guy behind the scenes to “run the numbers”. Fifteen minutes later the “Sales Manager” showed up. His first comments were about how the value of my car was low because of the year and mileage and that it would only be good to go to a wholesaler to auction. I stopped him right there. I straight up asked if the “someone is looking for your car” was a lie, used as a ruse, to get me into the store.

He told me it was and then explained how it is a tool used by sales people that “aren’t very good”, how he was a sales trainer for the past 15 years and he does not condone that practice. I turned to the sales guy that I talked to on the phone and asked if this Sales Manager trainer him. He sheepishly said, “yes”. I then went off on the sales manager about how he just threw his employee under the bus and lied to me a second time as the employee just told me he was trained to do that. I gave a little speech about integrity, wasting people’s time and why selling cars shouldn’t be such an under-handed job. I walked out knowing it was 45 minutes I’ll never get back.

Right Honda’s behavior made it a fact that I will never do business in there again. I will go to another dealership in a couple of months to buy my new Honda. I’m sure all dealerships are like this, but I will not do business with a place that flat out lies, even after I call them on it and give them an out.

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  1. Right Honda Is Scammer.

    Make sure you do not go here and speak with Jeremy French. I would say shady at very least. Shop elsewhere.

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