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RCP ruined our pool and made us wait for months

It is a big story and I would like to keep it short. We contacted Right choice pools for getting the pool ready in three months. It was back in 2015. They will always cancel the appointments and the owner will never show up for inspection. When we asked for the justification, he would say, he does the inspection through FaceTime. This is just one example.

When we got into contract with Right Choice Pools, we were assured that the job will be completed soon. But, they took four months to dig the whole itself. Not only this, when the pool was dug, it was done too deep. They did not read the plan correctly and dug it one foot deep. The plan was for one-foot rise above the ground. Later, they had to fabricate the ground level with steel.

Then, before plumbing work, they poured the granite into the hole which was too-deep. We later had to use jackhammering to get the granite out of the pool for drainage. We even had to fight with them for raining the pool to 6 inches. If they hadn’t raised it, we had to look at the walls of the pool while we were sitting inside the pool.

After everything was done, they finally got the water in the pool by the end of 2016. When I went inside the pool, I was surprised to check the height of the water. The plan was for 4-inch-deep pool and the water was up to 4.7 inches. I am 5.1 inch and the plan made me swallow the pool water while standing on the tip of my toe inside the pool.

No one came to supervise the pool after it was done. They took around a year to complete the pool and what they prepared was nothing that we asked for. The workers were rude and never listened to us. Many times, we had to request for changing the workers.

For everything, Matt criticized us. The company offers guarantee but that is only in papers. Few months back, there was a leakage in the pool and we tried to reach Matt. He did not answer us for 2 months straight. Accidently, he received my husband’s call and after knowing his what he had done, he said he would call back right away.

But, that call was never made. After waiting for couple of months, we had to pay a company for detecting the leakage in the pool. This was under guarantee. But, they should have entertained our call for fixing it under warranty.

When they started the job, Matt promised that he would pay $1000 if the work was completed within time. On the contrary, we had to pay more for fixing the problems that they created. The work was delayed for a year and when he spoke, he made it sound as if it was our fault. We never went away and were always there to get the work going.

But, these people are fake and will not care about your time and money. So, if you are thinking of contacting Right Choice Pools, think again.



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  1. Official Response

    Matt Barrass President of Right Choice Pools & Spas.Inc.

    I am responding to the bad review placed by someone named Ruben…

    I want everyone to know that we have no customer named Ruben, not now or never… & we have never experienced any type of situation or problem like the one they describe… RIGHT CHOICE POOLS & SPAS, INC. is a state licensed pool contractor since 2012 – RCP has passed over 9,000 inspections & we pull permits for all of the work that we do… RIGHT CHOICE POOLS & SPAS, INC, has never abandoned or walked away from any job or customer & we honor all of our work & our warranties… We have many many REAL 5 STAR REVIEWS & our state license is perfect / spotless with the state of Florida…

    Unfortunately people use the internet as a way to extort & blackmail companies… Or an ex-employee, your competition or an ex-wife etc… can write a bad review as a type of revenge all in an effort to hurt a business / people…

    The internet is not policed really in anyway & people can hide behind fake names… The internet has also developed a MOB MENTALITY – people read a review & pile on with similar stories – It has become FLAT OUT BULLYING !!! It’s really no different than when kids in school post horrible things on line about another kid & then sadly a lot of these kids commit suicide because of the lies & the pressure…

    We are a family business & we work very hard for all of our customers & of course we make mistakes – but we will ALWAYS do these 4 things –


    Our office door is always open & anyone who would like to discuss this review or this topic I am always available… You can call me directly at (954) 261-9013…

    Thanks, Matt Barrass, President of RCP

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Reported Loss :7000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : ruben
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