Richard G Glogau

Staphare both contagious

1. Came in for a skin condition. I suspected ring worm or staph (those are both contagious, by the way). And also to get moles checked out as I have skin cancer in my family.
2. Doctor reads my chart outside the room, comes in, and reaches out to shake my hand. I hesitate, afraid I might pass this skin condition on, and take his extended hand, thinking he knows best and will take care of himself after.
3. He quickly determines it is staph and rushes out a prescription on paper. He then wipes his noise with the same hand he shuck my hand with (gross!).
4. I then point to the worst staph on my leg, because he barely looked at me prior. He just says yah that’s it too. He has zero interest in checking other spots or making sure I don’t have a deep infection anywhere.
5. I then ask him to check my moles, and he literally spends 2 seconds looking at the side of my neck he is standing next to. He is about to leave and I rush out one more question about the staph, and never get to a few others I had, as he literally just rushes out the room. He was probably in the room for under 2 minutes total.
6. Here’s the kicker: he doesn’t wash his hands on the way out.

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  1. Richard G Glogau, MD Is Scammer.

    I spent about $1,000 for laser treatment for my sun damage. That was a misdiagnosis as I actually have Melasma. Melasma requires very different treatment: Tri-Luma cream, & less joules for the laser.

    Melasma gets aggravated with the a higher power. He used a higher power than was appropriate according to an expert in Melasma.

Reported Loss :195 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : CaptainB
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