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Using the name Nancy O,  when I replied  to an email that was left in my message box for Care.com a man by the name of  Ricardo Moretti  tell me all about his high school sweetheart Linda and their daughter Laura and then offered me a job to watch his four year old daughter once him & his wife come to town from Pittsburgh Pa.  I suspected something when  he offered to pay for my services in advance… But when his check did not arrive he called me frantically because I was  supposedly to send some money to the “toy maker“? Well his check was delayed by a snowstorm and so he asked me  if I had a checking account and if I could go ahead and pay the “toy maker“ although he refused to send me a copy of his picture ID. When I ignored the text he came back at me frantically and rather rudely that I must not care for his four-year-old daughter “Laura“ and now he knows that I must not be the person in my  profile ⁉️

Long story short he playing on my emotions for weeks, and when I asked him to call me on the phone he mentioned that they were a “Deaf couple“‼️

In the end I was sent a check for $3600 from an attorney‘s office in Connecticut which was FAKE!!  The cops didn’t care post office didn’t care and when I had a chance to check my email there was one from Care.com… A warning! It was almost too late. But I followed my instincts and I was correct. This is a big scam that plays on your emotions and when you don’t send money he becomes  very rude !!

Also, the photo did not come back as fake when we did a reverse check !!  It all could have been worse. I could’ve got a new bank teller with no manager present and then I would’ve owed the bank $3600. But I  went with my gut and asked the teller upfront to confirm the check which sealed my suspicion.

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  1. Thank you for this info!
    I replied to a post about a nanny position, they replied back with an email but when I googled it I found several posts, some of them old, and they mentioned different locations. They use the email [email protected] com and the cell # 6238508127. If you google the images you will be able to find them.


    I posted a gofundme on Instagram to help my dog with her sudden and unexpected bills. This account commented on it from ‘Donna and Edward Bunton’. It said to “kindly check our bio and contact us using the email address or send us a text to the number stated on there, we will be glad to help you get back on track”.

    Instagram name: gethelpimmediately
    Bio: The Lord has blessed us and we decided to bless others too. If you are in need, E-mail us on: [email protected] or send us a text to: (623) 850-8127
    Only picture they have has caption: gethelpimmediatelyWE ARE HELPING THE PEOPLE IN NEED. If you are really in need of help, kindly check our bio and contact us using the email or text number stated on there. #Gofundme #PayitForward #Kickstarter #Cyberbeg #begs #help #BeggingMoney #charity #Savealife #crowdfunding #gogetfunding #philanthropist #youcaring #gofundmecampaign #gofundmedonations

    1. I also posted a photo on my dogs’ instagram account regarding a gofundme to pay for a surgery. An IG account “gethelphererightaway” commented on the photo offering assistance with a message to contact them via email or text. The bio states, “We are couple whom the Lord has blessed and decided to help others. If you are in need, Email.us on [email protected] or Text us on (727)-619-4045.” I text them off of a fake number because I was weary it was a scam. The person refused to donate via gofundme or paypal because “they were burnt before and their card got hacked.” They asked if I could afford the refundable one time transfer fee of $75. They requested the money be sent via western union to “Michelle Oduro, Birmingham, B15 3SS, United Kingdom.” I asked why that name didn’t match the one on their instagram (Karen and Bill Ponder) and they stated “That is our financier information to hande the donation immediately it is sent. We help quiet a lot of people everyday and we can’t do it alone. It is why she is assign to handle things for us.” I asked if we could connect on any other form of social media first. They replied, “Well we only text of email.” Then they kept texting me asking if I sent the money yet. I used my skills from watching catfish the TV show and tried to reverse google search the image, nothing came up. I looked up the phone number and it said “house phone” which is typically what comes up when someone’s using an app for a fake number. Finally, I came upon the ad posted for a babysitter on https://www.adpost.com/us/employment/390733 using a different phone number but same email. They I found this site. After I said I refused to give money first to them they stopped responding to me. What scammers trying to take advantage of people actually in need. Despicable.


    These people are total scammers who tried to take advantage of me because I posted a gofundme campaign to support my dog’s surgery costs on instagram. The IG account “gethelphererightawayy” and “gethelphererightaway” claims to be that of Karen and Bill Ponder, “We are couple whom the Lord has blessed and decided to help others. If you are in need, Email.us on [email protected] or Text us on (727)-619-4045.” They offered to donate but refused to via paypal or gofundme stating that they had been burnt before and their card had been hacked when they previously donated to people via gofundme and paypal. They stated I had to send a refundable fee of $75 first to prove I was actually in need. They kept asking if I sent it yet. I reverse google searched the image from their IG and nothing came up. Then I looked up their phone number which stated it was a landline, which is usually what comes up when the number is a fake one from a free app. Finally, I found an ad posted for a babysitter using the same email address ([email protected]) https://www.adpost.com/us/employment/390733/ before finding this site. These people are total scammers trying to take advantage from people in need. Despicable!

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