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Repdigger should not be trusted as run by russian scammers’s operation is suspicious. I went on this website to check information about a company that happens to be mine. I was searching various links to check what those websites say about my business. I was happy to see that the score was fine given that my business started few months back.

Then, I came across a link of When I clicked on the site, I was diverted to their website. My business score was too low. It was the first website that showed that kind of disturbing result.

Hence, I did a few searches about the workings of the website. I wanted to explore the names of the owners, however, that was hidden and the company uses an offshore proxy to hide their identity. Later, I tried to email them through their website message service asking the reason for that score as the website did not had a lucid explanation for the same.

However, my email bounced back. I checked all my details and tried to message them again. This time, the message went through, but I never got a reply from them.

This was not the only case. I further checked that most of the scores of the company was similar to the score from BBB, not all though. However, it felt as if they were redirecting those results to their website and for other companies that were not present on BBB, had mostly bad ratings, like mine.

I even found out that the website is not very popular as there are not much reviews about that site itself. However, on their own website, they have given themselves highest score of 97%.

It is disturbing how these companies operate. For making profits, they even play with the reputation of other businesses without thinking what kind of impact it will have on them. They allow anonymous reviews and allow people to write about any company, without a proper research.

They do not allow to delete these reviews. So, if you wish to take back what you said earlier, you are left with no option.

After lot of thinking, I decided to message them again about the option for getting a better score on their website. True or Fake, it would have affected my business and I did not want that when I was just starting, and clients were still not aware of the service quality I offered.

This time as well, my message did not go through. I tried 3-4 times when finally, I was able to receive an acknowledge that the message was delivered. It has been more than a week and I have not received any reply from these people. Whosoever is the administrator, does not take his work seriously.

I have never come across such a fake site which writes about other people and their businesses without having a first-hand experience with them and then do not bother to reply to those queries that arise afterwards.

Repdigger is a big scam. I would like to warn all about the company and would advice not to trust anything that they come up with.

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4 reviews on Rep Digger

  1. This company is a total scam - total lies

    The company is a lie and scam — They obviously makeup bad reviews about honest companies as a way to create “dirt Laundry” and stir business owners and consumers in to posting on their site… 90% of what you read on
    Rep Digger is false –

  2. Rep Digger has no ethical compiance

    Rep Digger for the last 2 years has allowed a terminated employee to continue to try destroy my business but taking shots at my Francis Santa (My Dad). We A+ rated and 5 star rated and this company allows revenge postings with out contacting us back after 10 or 20 emails. We are so upset but they do not care less.

  3. repdigger is a fully scam review webstie is a fully scammer which setting up for damaging internet and they are looking for stealing money. they are sending biz owners for reviews which made as fake in their pages, and requiring for money for removing fake reviews . They requested bitcoin from our company for removing our fake review in their website. This website should close really . we don’t care them anyway . But they are making too many spam mail to our company since 1 year ago. You could try in their website, you could make any fakes comments and biz owners couldn’t reply to fake comments , and they aren’t publishing positive comments , they are publishing negative comments only, terrible website .

  4. Thank you

    I looked on Repdigger also to check what they had to say about an investment adviser company to whom they gave, on first look, 100% rating. On going to the Repdigger site, I saw that this same company has… ZERO reviews.

    So on what basis do they give it 100% score? Any relationship between them and said company, I wonder? Smelled fishy. Then I found this.

    Am not leaving my real name and email address, btw, to be read by strangers.

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