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Note that the initial delivery men were nothing short of professional

I am writing to express my displeasure with Regency Furniture’s delivery service. Before I begin, I would like to note that my experience in the store (Capitol Heights location) was without any issues. I have also purchased other items from Regency and Ashley over the last few months without incident.

However, things quickly changed once the purchased item was delivered. There was a crack in the headboard which we did not see until after the delivery men left the house. We quickly notified the dispatch center shortly after the delivery.

I took pictures of the damage to the headboard, sent the images to an email that bounced the images back, and then I had to text the pictures to ensure they were received. Soon thereafter the pictures were received and reviewed and a date was subsequently set for re-delivery. I initially worked with Ms. Breanna on this issue. Note that the initial delivery men were nothing short of professional, they did not remove the headboard and frame from the box but instead worked together to bring the items up to the third-floor bedroom to set up the bed. There was no damage to my home at this time.

Fast forward to the re-delivery date. The delivery men showed up after 7:30 am on the delivery day. I told them what needed to be replaced and the driver came up to the bedroom and began to dismantle the original headboard. The other delivery person removed the headboard from the box and proceeded to bring it into my home.

The headboard was not in the box, not covered with a blanket to protect the edges and instead was exposed and only one person brought the headboard in. They did not work together to bring in the headboard. I watched him bring it from the first floor to the second. However, I sat down and saw him begin to climb the second set of stairs to the third floor.

I heard a thud and then movement continued up the stairs. They assembled the headboard to the frame and called me up to see the finished product. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed damage (a hole) in my wall. I told the driver that the hole was not there previously and that the damage was done while they were in my home.

The damage occurred when the other delivery person carried the headboard by himself and not covered which would reduce the risk of causing any damage to my property. He immediately denied any wrongdoing and I asked the other delivery person if he caused the damage to which he replied, “No!”. I was very upset and immediately told the driver that it was either him or the other delivery person that caused this damage as the hole in my wall.

In addition to the damage caused to the wall in my home, there were also scratches on the headboard. I refused to sign the yellow piece of paper or speak with the dispatcher as I was displeased with their service and lack of professionalism about the issue. The driver instead told me that I was lying and that the damage was there before they came in, which is not true.

It makes no sense to me why I would lie about what happened. There was no hole before they entered my home and after they entered my home a hole appeared. I told the driver to have the dispatcher call me directly so I can speak with that individual about the situation. I did not want them back in my house. The damage was already done at this point.

Soon after they left, Ms. Ashley contacted me to inquire about what happened. I explained to her the situation and told her about the damage to my home. Again, I was asked to provide pictures which I did. I asked to speak with the manager and a few days later, I called and spoke with Ms. Sherri who helped to reschedule the delivery date.

However, I needed to sign the yellow paper as advised by Ms. Sherri. Ms. Sherri also told me that Jacyintha would address the damage issue. Jacyintha was of no help and only gave me a lackluster response about the situation regarding the damage. Note that I also sent pictures of the damage.

On May 23, 2018, I went to the Capitol Heights location and signed the form and included a statement of what transpired on the delivery day. I heard nothing from that point on until I called on June 4, 2018 for an update on the re-re-delivery of my headboard and to also get information on the damage that was caused to my wall.

Jacyintha contacted me to tell me the same exact story she told me on May 23, 2018. I was not satisfied with her response and I am disappointed with how this issue was handled. Today was the re-re-delivery date (June 8, 2018). I was adamant that I did not want the same delivery men from the second delivery to come to my home. There was a new set of delivery men today.

They were professional, worked together to bring up the headboard, and also heeded my advice and covered the headboard when they brought it into the house and also when they took the damaged headboard back to the truck. Much, much better this time around. However, my wall still has a hole.

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  1. Regency refuse to take any kind of responsibilities for their drivers.

    Bought furniture from Regency ,it was delivered on a Sunday afternoon the delivery team were Mexicans could not understand anything they were saying ,after they left my IPad was missing made a police report and contacted the company the next day,

    I was told they would contact the warehouse of course didn’t hear from them kept calling and finally was told by Regency that they did a full investigation and was told the delivery team said they didn’t take it, tell me what fool is going to say I took it, just waiting for them to turn it on because it has a locator on it.

    Please do not leave them alone at any time I was upstairs watching them and one was downstairs ripping me off. Regency refuse to take any kind of responsibilities for their drivers.

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