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Real Plans screwed my saved meal plan

I was excited to get on with a healthy meal and after checking for many options, I decided to try this real plans services. There were some pretty great reviews about their meals and recipes and it looked genuine as well. So, without wasting much time, I subscribed for their services. I was sceptical about finding the right suggestion and their recipes looked somewhat manageable and not over flaunted.

They were simple and I was all set with my three weeks meal plan. They have got the customization option which helps you to add ingredients that you want and eliminate those that you do not want.

I liked that feature but did not like the navigation as it seemed a little bit messy as they have lots of options like Paleo Meal Plans, Whole30, AIP Meal Plans, GAPS Meal Plans, Vegetarian Meal Plans, Traditional Meal Plans. Keto Meal Plans and Gift Real Plans.

After, I was done with planning the meal as per the health goals, I saved it. I thought it would be all. I also checked few recipes here and there and then added some of mine as well. Later, I ordered the plan for 3 weeks. The problem started on the other Wednesday when I was trying to access my recipe. The site did not work and I wasn’t able to get the recipe I wanted to have.

Later, the next day, when I tried accessing the recipe for that day, I found out that the whole thing was messed up. The recipes were over written all by themselves. The plans were changed and the entire meal plan seemed haywire. I was surprised to find that mess and was frustrated as well. I had spent big hours planning the meal for me. And checking them all gone was not I ever expected.

I even connected with their customer service that was a tedious job as well. It took a hell lot of time to get someone on line. That person informed me that it was I who had made changes to the existing plan and the setting. He asked me to re-create everything. I was upset listening to that solution.

Still, I worked out again with their difficult website to get my plan up and running. I had to go through my head and recall all the ingredients that I used during customization. I also figured out that they did not have any provision to save plans. What if I want to repeat my 3-4 weeks meal again? They ask you to do it again.

You cannot save notes either but can customize the recipes programmed and the site do not give any warning before manipulating your ordered and saved meal plans. It just does it. If you are making any move on the site, make sure you check all the details every time. Otherwise, you will have to go through everything again.

Real Plans need to work on their website and the services they offer. There is a lot they can do to ensure that their customers do not have to go through such pain to access their favourite meal plans.

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    All of their plans are recurring until you cancel them. Don’t expect them to send you an email to remind you that they are charging you because that isn’t going to happen. Some day you may randomly stumble upon their charge accidentally and remember to cancel….but don’t expect anything to be refunded…they are not that kind of company. BUYER BEWARE!!

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Approved Date:July 31, 2017
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