Rahul Manchanda

Manchanda Law Office Reviews : A shame for other attorneys

Rahul Manchanda fights for civil, matrimonial and immigration cases. As per his websites, he is the best attorney in the New York city which is a complete lie. Rahul Manchanda does not know even the role of attorneys or else his clients would not be losing every time.

Rahul Manchanda is a ripoff and will ask for hefty charges for the case that you are anyway going to lose. I still curse the day why I have not googled about Rahul Manchanda Reviews

I was told that I would be getting my case resolved soon in a month and the retainer fee will be all that would be required in the case. This was when I talked to him at the time of consulting.

He seemed genuine and I signed the agreement. He made it sound too true to be real. But, I was too desperate to end the case that I overlooked my instincts.

It started with a good note. But that was the end of the good in the entire process. Within a month’s time, my attorneys from his firm were changed several times taking the excuse of the complexity of the case.

Sometimes, he would say that the case is not for the armature and he need to change the attorney and sometimes his attorney would leave the job. In both the cases I was paying for their extra effort.

Every time that happened, he charged me extra fees and the new attorney went through the entire consulting and paper work all from start. This was time taking and frustration other than being expensive.

After a month, when I asked him about the progress and the resolution that he had promised, he started making excuses.

He told me that because of the change of attorneys and the things that I failed to mention earlier made the case a bit difficult to finish in a months’ time.

At the first place, I never did hide anything from him. And if anything, which he considered important for the case that was left without a discussion, was never related to the case. When I tried to find the connection, he asked me to leave that on him as he was the expert.

Then came the retainer fee. He did not inform me that in person but sent me an email detailing the huge amount that was apart from the retainer fee. The document stated that the retainer fee was already used in the first few days. He knows how to add details of the work that was never done to make the amount surge.

He kept on increasing the resolution date just to make me go bankrupt and at the end I lost my case. It took him 6 months to get me back to zero. The only difference being that this time I was out money to hire an attorney. So, he brought me to the situation where I was left alone. I feel that is how he make his clients stay till the end.

I regret that I couldn’t understand the intentions of this man which was easy to capture. It only required my attention to the details he provided and listening to my instincts. If you will visit him, you will find attorneys with very less experience and who are young. Because it is difficult to fool experienced attorneys. He hires fresher’s because those are the ones new to the job and are not able to differentiate between right and wrong. So, it becomes easy for him to make them stay for few months.

Also, he does not maintain the privacy of his clients which make him even a worse human being. He is unethical and harmful. To flaunt about himself, he pukes everything about other cases. I am not sure how much of that is true.

He made me sit in his office discussing his accolades instead of talking about my doubts and questions. I had invested a lot and all I could have done at that moment of time was to have faith in him.

That even failed. While we’re reaching the end of the case, he asked me for more money and I was not in a condition to pay. He told me that more experienced attorneys would be required to research about the case.

I told him that if I win the case, I would arrange the amount. Anyway, I was seeing the case getting lost and as per few experts that I connected online for a free consultation, told me that it was an easy case which was made complex and there was no point in investing more time and money on this. The case was already gone from my hand.

So, I decided not to pay. When we lost the case, I tried to confront him but he seemed to rude to answer. On the contrary, he put all the blame of me for hiding details and not giving up in the end.

He is a fraud and mostly tries to scam people who have not prior experience with court cases and attorneys. He very well knows that he can be easily caught.

So, the first thing that he does is to judge the client in the first meeting and his very first question to me was have I ever consulted any other attorney or have gone through such cases before.

What I know is that he can go to any extent for making easy money. He does not like to work and his actual experience is all shit. He has not achieved anything remarkable in his life and if he tries to persuade you giving examples, try to verify that from your end if possible.

He has many complaints listed on his name on various scam sites. You can find him being charged for many such complaints. There are many cases pending on his name. So, it is better to stay away from this guy. He can make things irreversible and worse for you.

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12 reviews on Rahul Manchanda

  1. Rahul Manchanda Review

    I was scammed with this jerk. I will never forgive him for what he did. His office seems too shady.

    He asked me for payment whenever I went for the meeting and gave me manipulated bills. Before I could have asked him, he had already made me lose my case.

  2. Rahul Manchanda Scam

    Rahul Manchanda is a pervert who plays tricks to operate his company. He does not have the expertise to win cases. All he does is lure his customers and make them think that they are the ones responsible for their loss.

    He made my sister went through a lot of trouble and finally she had to consult the other lawyer and then we came to understand the mist that he created around us.

    He is running a scam.

  3. Rahul Manchanda is a con artist`

    I wish I had known him earlier. He made me lose the case that was so simple and straight forward. I was blind not to see that he was only concerned about the payments and the surged billing statements that never made sense.

    He rips people for their money.

  4. Rahul Manchanda - The fraud

    Rahul Manchanda is the dark spot. He has fooled many people and is the worst attorney I have ever met.


    Don’t buy into any of his fake good reviews he writes up himself. It’s so pathetic. This piece of shit is a disgrace and he has been arrested for beating his wife, look it all up and in 2015 he was arrested for waving a butcher knife at a girl. Do not hire this asshole, Run run run far away before he robs you blindly. He is a human cockroach!

  6. Rahul manchanda scam artist

    Don’t buy into any of his fake good reviews he writes up himself. It’s so pathetic. This piece of shit is a disgrace and in 2015 he was arrested for waving a butcher knife at a girl. Do not hire this asshole, Run run run far away before he robs you blindly. He is a human cockroach! https://nypost.com/2015/06/01/woman-says-man-from-sugar-daddy-site-threatened-to-kill-her/

  7. Rahul Manchanda Is One The Greatest Attorneys In NYC and USA

    None of the idiot anonymous cowardly losers on this website writing negative reviews were ever clients of this law firm. And they all seem to be written within days of eachother from some drunk jealous loser. If you truly want to read real reviews of this awesome lawyer go to http://manchanda-law.com/testimonials/

  8. Complete Fraud Immigration Attorney Rahul Manchanda should be disbarred.

    Attorney in New York Rahul Manchanda is a complete fraud who should be disbarred immediately. He not only threatened me once he discovered he had undercharged me with violence, but he began to claim he was going to have me deported.

    I spoke with another lawyer about his threats who said they found an article online where he was arrested for trying to use a knife on an escort. That’s when I stopped communicating with him out of fear for my life.

    I hope other people read this review and realize he is a serious threat to society.

  9. the worst ever attorney

    my wife and i had the worst experience ever he is a liar and a big ripped off,and he have the worst customer service you can imagine . he just care about your money he will ask you fees over and over . its better to go by yourself then to have him. i had to change the attorney in the middle of my case and he did not want to send my file to me , he said if i dont pay him $500 he would not gave to me.

  10. Fake Lawyer!!!

    Rahul Manchanda

    Manchanda Law Office Reviews : A shame for other attorneys

    Beware of this person. He took my money and did nothing to help. I only hired him because of all the bs he listed on his website.

    Fake Fake Fake

    September 27, 2017

  11. Had a contract with someone who went to Mr. Rahul on me. Mr. Rahul wrote me I was in contempt of court, that I owed thousand of dollars, told me to pay his clients fees, and was asking I do things for his client that I was not obligated to do. I went and took his letter to my attorney who sent him a letter and that was the end of it. I wonder how much he charged his client and built up their hopes only to get nothing. seems he will try and bully you and not read the contract or make up terms that are not in the contract.

    November 20, 2018

  12. Report This Attorney

    Looks like there are a lot of complaints against Mr. Rahul. If someone went to court and brought these articles with them, they may be able to get Mr. Rahul fined. I would suggest to file a complaint. I have attached the link. Wonder how much he has made unethically from unsuspecting clients.


    November 25, 2018

New York 10005 NY US
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