QNet is a big scam

34rI work in an IT company and have 4 years of experience. The company is decent and I earn pretty well. I was planning to start my own firm few months back. I shared this information with a friend when he was accompanied by his friend. I did not know about him. It was the first time we were meeting.

My friend works in the same company and we meet every day for lunch. After a week, he told me that the guy who whom I met the other day, wanted to talk about some business prospect. Though, I was not interested in working with some unknown person, I thought a meeting would not be harmful. My friend shared my number with him.

I got a call from him the same weekend. We started with casual talks. He asked me about my life and my family. Finally, he asked me about the money that I am looking to invest. That was a direct question and I tried to avoid that. However, he kept bringing that in between our conversation. He told he knows about few investment plans that are awesome and would try first and would let me know.

I really thought that he was a nice guy. I have never seen someone taking the risk first. He told me that he was anyway going to invest. And now that I wanted to do some investment, he would try to help me.

For around 15 days, I did not hear from him. I had not expected as well. I thought the chapter was closed for good. But, he was not going to stop. He called me after two weekends. I had not even saved his number. You would better understand how serious I was taking him.

I was in the washroom, so I missed his call. He called me again after 15 mins. I answered the call and found him really excited. He was happy and was sounding positive. I understood that he had banged the right nail. He asked me if I was free for a meeting. He told that he invested 5 lack and the amount was doubled in 15 days. It was too good to be true.

I thought he was making a fool of me. However, I couldn’t reject his request for meeting him. I knew there was no harm in discussing. We planned to meet at 6:00 PM at a café close by. He told me that he would bring someone who is expert in the field.

I asked him about the name of the company or anything that I could have checked on internet before meeting him. He did not say much and told me that it is some kind of ecommerce business. I am an IT engineer and know a lot about these kinds of business. But, no one can double the amount in just 15 days.

I did not find it quite right. Anyhow, I reached at the café before time. He was there with a guy. The guy was dressed in suit and was looking like an entrepreneur. He greeted me and asked me to order. He said that the bill is on him and asked me to order my favourite one.

The guy started asking all sort of questions. What kind of job I have. My family background and my future endeavours. I was surprised to see him. I answered here and there. Then the last question came. How much do you wish to invest? I was getting frustrated.

No one was willing to tell me what was going on. They were talking about what I am like. It was fishy. I became agitated with their question and asked them to tell me about the company and the investment.

That guy became silent and my friend’s friend asked me to calm down. He told me that he will tell everything but they needed to know what I was looking for. He tried to console me. When they finally felt that I was going away, he started talking about QNet.

He showed me some kind of diagrams like an MLM chart and said that it was not what I was thinking. The business was not at all any MLM scam. I did not ask that question from him. He took that initiative to back QNet. That was a bit scary.

He told me that I need to buy some product to get my IR’s ID and then will have to tell others about the company. I asked what was so different about QNet that it should not be called an MLM scheme. They tried convincing me again with all their shit.

Later, when I looked around, I felt as if there were similar looking people in a group of three and one person was in formals. There were at least 3 groups like us. All this was happening right in front of me.

He asked me to sign up and get the best investment plan right away. I told him that I do not carry such cash all the time. He smiled and said that he would make the payment from his end and will let me know the detail. I tried to ignore him completely.

He was too pushy and was not ready to give up. I took their leave for the washroom and googled about QNet on the internet. I knew that there would be something. It was kind of a vicious circle. I was there and had seen people trying to convince so many other people.

The guy next to our table had made the payment. He was looking content. But, I needed to do my research. And what I found on internet gave me goose bumps. This guy was asking me to invest at least 5 lack and somewhere I was thinking of giving it a try.

It was really cleaver of me to check about their scam. People have listed it to be the most fake company and their scam stories were all around the web. I got inside of the café and left the table right away. I told them that I was not feeling well and needed to see a doctor.

The person who called me for QNet asked me to come with me. I told him that I would manage. He was not ready to leave me. I couldn’t do anything but took him with me. We went to a clinic close by and sat for my turn.

He kept blabbering about QNet and told me that I should not speak about it until I start seeing profit. He knew that if I would talk to people, I would come to know about its real business. We met the doctor. I faked about some illness and he wrote me a prescription. While he was checking me personally, I asked him about the QNet and you would be surprised to know that he was also approached by a friend to join QNet.

He told me that he invested 1 lack and lost all the money. He couldn’t convert any lead because of his busy schedule and they did not refund his money when he requested. He told me that he needed to provide the email address for refund which he did not have. The person who introduced him to QNet, created the one for him and never told him.

I found it illegal and asked why he did not take any action. He told me that everything happens online and he did not have any proof for anything. There was no way he could have blamed that he was not ready to invest.

I felt bad for him. When I came out, he was waiting for me. I saw him a bit scared. I went towards him and told him that I would not pay for your loss. You lost your money and you want me to join do that you can get your money back. I told him to find someone else as I was not that idiot.

He looked at me and left. I went back home and searched more about the company and found lot of details. I even came to know about the arrests that have been made. I called my colleague and confronted him if he knew about all this.

He said that he was not aware at all. That guy was his school friend and when he asked about his interest in business, he completely denied. Later he asked him to introduce people to him who are looking for starting a business.

My colleague told me that if he would have known that guy before, he would have never talked to him. I took his words but started maintaining distance. I understood that even a general talk can sometime lead to disaster.

QNet is a scam. That I understood when I was sitting in the café. That guy seemed fishy and the way he was adamant without listening to my problem, I knew he was not right.

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2 reviews on Qnet

  1. Qnet scam

    I am happy that you were able to understand the fraud before it was too late. There are many who still cant figure out the real face of the scam which qnet tries to hide behind the lies.

    I was stuck in this scam through a similar kind of web. My school friend asked me to invest. He took my money and said will do the needful. We studied in the same class and completed our graduation from the same college. Later, we started working in the same city and were staying together.

    He knew all the details about my finance and was aware of the amount that i could have spent. One day, he asked me to give him some amount that he would pay me in double.

    I asked him the way he was going to do that. He siad it is a secret and would tell me once he get my money.

    I trusted him. There was no reason not to. I had known him from so long and he was very sure about what he was proposing.

    I gave him 50000 INR and he told me that it would take a month. After a week, when i returned from my work, i found that he had left and his belongings were also not there.

    I was stunned and thought he would have gone to his home town. I called him at night. He did not took my call. I tried him another day and for next few days.

    He never returned my call. So, I called his family and they said that he was not in the town as well. I was getting suspicious.

    Later that evening, when i was getting ready for coffee shop, i found a note in my wardrobe. I opened it and it was from him.

    He had written that he had invested the amount in qnet through his friend and now that friend is not replying anything and he had lost mine as well as his money in that scam.

    He assured me that he would try to return the amount as soon as possible and was not able to face me, so he moved to a different place.

    I was angry but at the same time understood that he was scammed too. I messaged him that the amount will come if not today then later. But i do not had any grudge for him. I asked him to return back and told that we would find a way together.

    He came 3 days later and we talked about it. We decided that we would never fall for such scam ever.

    He returned my money after few months and we never broke our friendship.

    I think that we need to teach our close ones the way this scam works and spread awareness instead of buzzing them off.

    Qnet’s scam is dangerous and it can make your loved ones paralysed to think and see through their fraud. They need you the most at that time.

    1. Qnet

      Please help and sign the petition to ban the Qnet. Please login here : Qnet

  2. Qnet review

    I lost rs 2.5 lack in this scam and it wanted me to scam my close ones. I couldn’t and they took all my money away. They are parasite who feeds on others money.

    Every active member of qnet lacks empathy and are not human.

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