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QNet – Pyramid Scheme with fake promises

I am from Indonesia and study at a university and also do a part-time job to take care of my expenses. When you are a student, you are always excited to try new opportunities if it promises for huge returns. However, I always knew the thin line that separates truth and virtual reality. I know my story aka Qnet Review is a bit longer, but I think sharing every detail will help you decide for yourself.

I got to know about the company through a relative. QNet was the name that I heard for the first time from her. I had heard of various MLM companies but did not know about QNet. It sells products online and tries to fool people by camouflaging its identity. If you are aware of an MLM business, you can very easily find the difference between the two.

My relative studies in the same university. But, we never thought of spending time together and know about each other as it was never so important. Our relationship was very formal. We were from different departments and that was also a reason for not interacting much. One day, she called me and asked me to accompany her somewhere. She asked if I was free on weekend. I was and there was no reason to say no. I told her that I was free as it was Sunday. She told me that she would pick me up.

She asked me to be ready by 10 and meet her at the gate. We usually never call each other and plan something like that. I was a bit suspicious but I supressed my doubt. She was a relative and there was no way I could have doubted her intentions. I thought she must be feeling low and wanted to talk to someone. It is always better to trust your relation that to trust someone unknown. So, I gave her the benefit of doubt.

However, I tried to ask her about the place where we were going but she did not answer and asked me to wait to see for myself. I again felt dubious but I had already promised her. We were never close and I knew she won’t have any surprised planned for me and I did not want to go. She was clever for asking me about my plans before proposing hers.

Two days, she tried to check on me with regular messages. That was a turn off. I wanted to say no. But, couldn’t. She had asked me for the first time and I did not want to let her down. Who knew, it could have been something important. I was also worried if something bad had happened and she wanted to inform me about it in person. While struggling with myself, I left the decision for the day itself. I do not like surprises and this was killing me.

She picked me on the day we decided to meet. She took me to Solo which is also known as Surakarta. This city is located in Central Java and is quite far from Yogya, where we stay. While we were travelling, I couldn’t stop myself asking about the reason for visiting a totally different city. All my guesses were not justifying the reason why we were travelling all the way to Solo. and arrived at a small hotel which looked like a usual restaurant rather than a hotel and took me to a place that was smaller than a hotel and bigger than a restaurant.

I did not understand what place that was. People were dressed in formals as if there was some kind of ceremony. I was the one looking out of the place. I did not want to get in. I thought maybe she wanted to take a break and we would be going somewhere else later. I was mad at her for not asking me to wear formals if this was her plan. I anyhow managed to prepare myself and entered the hotel only to know that I was again wrong.

That was the place we were supposed to be. We were made to sit closer to each other as there was not much space. There were many people and they were trying to adjust everyone. There wasn’t any air conditioner or fan and the hall was suffocating. I couldn’t bear for a moment. The entire management sucked. For an instance, I thought, my relative must be here for some kind of assignment.

There was a white board in the hall. The presentation started. And it came to be what I wanted to ignore thinking about. The MC was futile and very annoying. There was no logic in what the speakers were saying. They said whatever they could to seem even more bullshit rather than explaining and discussing anything fruitful. They crossed limits and started cursing people who are against QNet and do not want to join. They did not have the etiquette to offer break in between. I feel they must be scared about people leaving their presentation.

They were busy explaining QNet intensely. They used high pitch and loud voice. People were talking about luxury products in the room, but during presentation, they only mentioned about biodisk but did not show the product itself.

There were few things that I found extremely unprofessional and annoying. They did not demonstrate any of their products. On the other hand, they kept talking about just biodisk. They kept on talking about their wealth and distributed few cheque to the new members who had found new members down their line. There was no proof of the cheque that they were distributing was real or not. They seemed to avoid talking about company’s vision and mission and its complete profile. Apart from being descriptive, they were being shy. There must be something that was not right about the company operation.

They told that QNet was not a MLM scheme but what they were telling was completely one. I was getting furious and was angry on my relative as well. After the session was over, they started taking feedback from the visitors. They were trying to convince everyone to join on the spot. People who were trying to reject the scheme, were treated badly. They were using improper words to tackle with those people.

This made me furious and I was waiting for my turn. When, they asked me about my feedback, I couldn’t control myself and said that was not interested in that shitty scheme. I started pointing out the loop holes in the scheme and the company which made many interested users think again. This erupted their anger.

They got annoyed and told me that I do not wish to share the load of my family. That made me even more furious. I left the place and my relative came after me. I would have rather washed cars instead of making people fool. We did not talk as she knew I was mad at her. She knew that I was mad at her and if she would have tried to calm me down, I would have reacted worse.

I understood what she wanted to say and could see that she was feeling sorry. She asked for an apology and I said it was okay when I reached back. But, our relationship that was already not that strong, went even weaker. I stopped greeting her and made my boundaries that restricted her from making any more trouble in my life.

QNet is a pyramid scheme and is not genuine. Otherwise, they should have talked about the company and the product. On the contrary, they focused on proving themselves right. People will try to prove themselves right. You will also find people who have earned a lot with this scheme but this does not make their intention right. They still will be the pyramid scheme.

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3 reviews on Qnet Review

  1. QNet Review

    Qnet has cheated many people and the worst part is that it is still operating. There have been few arrests but the company continues to fool people.

  2. QNet is a thief

    I was enrolled for this scam when I was in college last year. I did not have much idea about this platform. My friend asked me to join as he was already working for it. He used to brainwash my friends and me in the canteen and any other students.

    Many of us joined and wasted a lot of money only to get scolded by our families. Few had to borrow money from others to start with QNet. But, no one earned what he promised.

    He had to leave the college as students started asking him about the profit. We lost money and he lost his career as well.

    I am sure this QNet wont be paying his bills. At the end of the day, the career matters the most and those who get into this bull shit scheme to earn easy money, end no where.

    I am happy that I understood it sooner as I had his example. I did lost money but I saved myself from a lot more damage that QNet could have caused.

  3. QNet is a fraud company

    I attended the QNet seminar that was held in Bangalore. There were many people who had come to attend the workshop. I was invited by a colleague who was a member with QNet.

    He did not tell me what I was going to see. Instead, he lied to me for inviting me there. He was present there with the speakers and was one of the hosts. The seminar talked about benefits of joining QNet and the earnings that the present members were earning.

    They showed pics of the countries they had visited after they joined QNet. All these were made to convince people for joining QNet.

    I had heard about its scam before and knew my answer. I did not join. My friend forced me to, but I refused. Since then, I have not talked to him anymore.

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