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Bad Treatment

Thanks to the Brazilian I got from this place yesterday, my crotch looks like an angry red lobster!
It has been at least half a year since I got a Brazilian but wanted to get all cleaned up for my weekend away with my husband. I cannot recall the lady’s name that did my waxing but she said she was the manager of the place. She was very nice but extremely not gentle. She was saying I had thicker hair, wouldn’t this be a reason to do smaller patches at a time? Instead she tore through it, which resulted in lots of left over hair, which resulted in her going over the same spots over and over again, which resulted in her waxing off my skin. Now I have giant red painful patches, to a point where it hurt to shower this morning. Not to mention she left tons of hair behind!! And she broke a lot of hairs so it’s not very smooth at all!
If only it was appropriate to put up a picture…

She also waxed my eyebrows. Took off too much in the name of making them even. I still had to come home and pluck a bunch of errand eyebrow hairs.

It’s too late for me, but save

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