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Television industry attracts a lot of people. Correct me if I am wrong, no one would give up the chance if asked to be a part of it, either on screen or off screen. Students obtain degrees to build their career in this industry and many have to go through a lot of trouble getting through it. However, Punch TV Studios invites these struggling professionals to join them. They prefer interns, not to be their godfather, but to ruin their entire journey ahead.

If you have worked with Punch TV, you would be able to connect with me. This TV network has nothing to offer to the young minds. All the trainers are worthless and do not have the competency to survive. That is the only reason they are stuck with Punch TV.

If you would check the equipment, you will very well understand the way they work. All the equipment and gadget that they use are outdated and are no longer in use. This industry is evolving every day and if anyone wants to succeed, he or she should be versed with the latest technologies. However, Punch TV fails to provide that expertise. The overall training and working experience at Punch TV is nothing more than sightseeing. You can check out things but would never know how they work. You cannot learn how to utilize these equipment to their fullest.

Punch TV will eat your time and their name on your resume will only worsen things for you. No one would give a damn what you did with them as everyone knows it is of no use. Even after 2 years of experience, you will be considered as a fresher. Even worse than that. Because they will ruin all your knowledge that you learnt during your training at Punch TV and will stuff you will unnecessary details that will get you nowhere.

I would suggest struggling for few months or even years, rather than joining Punch TV. They have nothing to offer. You can count my words. If not, you can experience it for yourself. If you wish to appear for the interview, better ask them to provide details of the certificate their trainers have competed. I am sure, you will be never given a clear answer for the same. They are fraud and are trying to mould the young minds in the wrong direction.

The interns are their target as they know they can be fooled comparatively easily. Interns are not aware of the nook and corner of the industry and become their easy target. However, once they are back in the open sky filled with other opportunities, they soon realize their mistake.

Some cope up and others give up. In either way, it is frustrating. Punch TV should be banned from operating and its owner, Joseph Collins should be accounted for all the misery done. There should not be any mercy done for this guy. He is the one behind the Punch TV disaster.

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    Ibought stocks with this company over(20 years ago and still HAVEN’T RECEIVED MY CERTIFICATE. I call and I was lie to again. I call their phone number, and it’s disconnected. These are some lying CROOKS AND DON’T SEEM TO GIVE A DARN. ‘You WILL NEVER GET A PERSON. I GOT ONE PERSON AND IT STILL GOT NO WHERE. I’m a DISABLED VETERAN AND NEED MY MONEY!!! THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR THESE CROOKS!!

North La Brea Avenue 1201
Inglewood 90302 CA US
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Reported Loss :2500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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