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Television industry attracts a lot of people. Correct me if I am wrong, no one would give up the chance if asked to be a part of it, either on screen or off screen. Students obtain degrees to build their career in this industry and many have to go through a lot of trouble getting through it. However, Punch TV Studios invites these struggling professionals to join them. They prefer interns, not to be their godfather, but to ruin their entire journey ahead.

If you have worked with Punch TV, you would be able to connect with me. This TV network has nothing to offer to the young minds. All the trainers are worthless and do not have the competency to survive. That is the only reason they are stuck with Punch TV.

If you would check the equipment, you will very well understand the way they work. All the equipment and gadget that they use are outdated and are no longer in use. This industry is evolving every day and if anyone wants to succeed, he or she should be versed with the latest technologies. However, Punch TV fails to provide that expertise.

The overall training and working experience at Punch TV is nothing more than sightseeing. You can check out things but would never know how they work. You cannot learn how to utilize these equipment to their fullest.

Punch TV will eat your time and their name on your resume will only worsen things for you. No one would give a damn what you did with them as everyone knows it is of no use. Even after 2 years of experience, you will be considered as a fresher. Even worse than that. Because they will ruin all your knowledge that you learnt during your training at Punch TV and will stuff you will unnecessary details that will get you nowhere.

I would suggest struggling for few months or even years, rather than joining Punch TV. They have nothing to offer. You can count my words. If not, you can experience it for yourself.

If you wish to appear for the interview, better ask them to provide details of the certificate their trainers have competed. I am sure, you will be never given a clear answer for the same. They are fraud and are trying to mould the young minds in the wrong direction.

The interns are their target as they know they can be fooled comparatively easily. Interns are not aware of the nook and corner of the industry and become their easy target. However, once they are back in the open sky filled with other opportunities, they soon realize their mistake.

Some cope up and others give up. In either way, it is frustrating. Punch TV should be banned from operating and its owner, Joseph Collins should be accounted for all the misery done. There should not be any mercy done for this guy. He is the one behind the Punch TV disaster.

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17 reviews on Punch TV

  1. Punch TV scam

    I was part of a short film that they were making. I had just joined their team and was working as a trainee. I remember when they started the shoot. I did not feel right about their technique and they were using the methods that the colleges have also left teaching.

    I tried to talk to them and suggest some idea. They started shouting at me and asked me to keep shut. The other day, I resigned.

  2. Punch TV review

    Punch TV is a scam. They promise you for great learning experience and let you ruin your career assisting them for nothing. They are conservative and are too rude to invest in recent technologies.

    Their work culture is pathetic and they do not pay their staff enough salary. The management is rude and a worst place to work at.

  3. Punch TV review

    When talking about Punch TV, I really want to punch them in their faces. The management is full of morons who know how to get their work done. They do not care about anyone else’s career. They are very stringent and will never welcome any feedback or suggestion from your end.

    Are they really hiring freshers or slaves. Their attitude say a completely different story.

    How can someone be so adamant to introduce better alternatives. They are bound to fall back very soon.

  4. Punch TV review

    What a scam. Hire innocent freshers who wont rebel and then make their future dark. Again hire new batch and do the same stunt with them.

    Punch TV is a bad company and a fake establishment.

  5. Punch TV review

    I got a call from Punch TV for the interview. I had applied in many companies but did not remember if I applied there. I had created my profile on job portal and thought that this could be a lead from there.

    Being a fresher, I couldn’t make choices and I decided to appear for the interview. I did few research and found out few claims that was not good. However, I thought of deciding it for myself. My interview was the next day. They changed the date and called me to come that day itself.

    I asked about the reason for the rescheduling the interview and the lady on the other end told me that the interviewer was going out of station and will not be available for a week.

    I took that excuse and asked her if I needed to bring anything with me apart from the resume. She told me to carry all the certificates. I wanted to ask few more questions, but she said that I can clear all my doubts during the interview.

    I reached their office 15 minutes before schedule. I was asked to wait for some time. However, no one came until 1 hr later. I did not have my lunch and thought of having after the interview. So, while waiting, I was getting frustrated and wanted to leave.

    While I was preparing to leave, that same lady came and asked me to enter the cabin next to the place I was sitting. I went inside and found a young man sitting across the table.

    I had thought that there would be someone more experienced. However, without judging, I sat in front of him.

    He started asking me questions. But none was related to my expertise. After he was done, I tried to ask him about the position and the package. He told me that I would be given all those details through mail.

    I was not sure, if he had judged my expertise well or not. After a week, I received a mail with a very low pay scale and the designation I would have never preferred. I had not expected that.

    I called the office and they told me that this is what they can offer. I did not join and they kept calling me for sometime. They also told that they will revise the offer letter. But, I had understood that they did not have basic ethics in place.

    Punch TV tricks freshers and I was the lucky one to understand that early. I was later placed in a good company and I am sure there are lot more option than to join Punch TV.

  6. Punch TV Studios

    Punch TV Studios is a company for the people by the people and to scam people

    This business is one of the worst kind of scam run by the “CEO” Joseph Collins.


  7. Black “CEO” Joseph Collins.

    Joseph Collins is worse CEO I have even came across, he is very rude and pathetic.

    Cancelled to buy their shares and invested in other company.

  8. Punch TV is on their way up!

    Great organization! I see the dynamic changes and transitioning of this company. Give Punch TV Studios a chance to regroup and demonstrate a remarkable organization. I have nothing but positive remarks about the company and CEO, Mr. Collins who is one of the hardest working CEO’s in the business.

    1. You are smokin sumthin

  9. Wheres the stock certs

    have never received my stock certs feel i am being ripped off

  10. Run The Other Way

    Sounds creepy with a hidden agenda.

  11. If can't stand the heat stay out the Punch

    This Post is absolutely ludicrous and laughable at best. As our company only offers paid internships and we are very selective on the interns that we choose. The entertainment businesses is a very difficult business to be in because the competition is so stiff.

    It is very interesting how this person did not disclose their identity and simply rambles off a lot of things that are completely false and untrue and we sincerely doubt they were an intern at all. Here is a link of an actual intern.


    What this post failed to mention is that we have
    6 TV station broadcasting across the country 24 hours per day.

    We have 25 employees working full time.
    We have a huge production studio with about 10 shows in production and we have our own master control center in our own facilities and we operate 4 offices across the country.
    We have more than 30 independent contractors working for the company

    Our CEO received a Life Time Achievement Award for President Obama and he has received awards from Senator Diane Feinstein and other notable dignitaries.

    And we have a waiting list of interns vying to be part of the part of our company to prove that they can compete in this industry.

    So if this person was an intern at all and their internship failed because 1 they did not apply themselves and or 2 this blogger is simply a liar.

    Whatever the case when you intern at our company you must come prepared to give it all. You must come prepared to intern and learn all you can. If this is not your plan then don’t intern at our company you are wasting our time and money.

    1. I never received my stock certs either! I tried contacting the company on multiple occasions and they ignored me. Thank God that I purchased my stocks through PayPal. I recently filed a complaint and got all of my money returned. These guys are full of it! Get your money back ASAP!

  12. PunchTv is a SCAM!

    Total and complete scam. What company that you know of holds an IPO for longer than a year? If you have invested in this crap, file a suit to get your money back! Total Scam!

  13. Inquiring on Investing

    Have you received your stock as of yet Ms. Virginia. Thinking about investing.

    1. Once a scam always a scam

      Absolutely the biggest scam! I was duped myself unfortunately. Every review I have ever read has been true. I couldn’t believe they have took advantage of so many people. It’s really sad that a person could conduct a business tho way.

  14. Investment inquiry

    Thinking of investing. Have you received your investment credentials as of yet?

    1. I have not received my stock certificate for 5 going on 6mos now


    The pastor from hell, Joe Collins, is a horrible man, alongside the she devil Rachel Ramos and her sucker side kick Sharifa Hardling. He scammed many workers out of thousands of dollars in the last couple of years. Not only workers, but landlords and clients alike.

    If your an intern, RUN BABY RUN!! There only using you. I’ve seen it first hand.

    They are now in the city of Santa Fe Springs.

  16. Standing behind a great opportunity

    As a black man I felt it was only right to invest. We as African Americans will believe and support the views and dreams of other ethics groups but second guess our own. I’m not saying that other ethics groups don’t have great ideal but some will support blindly. I haven’t had any trouble or hiccups with my investment with punch studios, and I’m looking forward to a great future!

  17. Still Waiting!!!!

    Still waiting on stock certificates since April. Seems suspect. They keep saying tsu are launching the IPO. WHEN!!!! WHAT’S THE STOCK SYMBOL???? SMDH!!!

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