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Do not pay royalties on the sale of books

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5 reviews on Publishing World SA

  1. publishing world sa is a Massive Scam!!!!

    publishing world sa is nothing else than a Ponsy or Piramid Scheme! They take any author’s R 30,000 or R 40,000, publish your book and then Break every Contractual Obligation. They Do not pay royalties on the sale of books or send out Statements.

  2. Joining forces in actions against Publishing World SA

    I wrote two books, did’nt see any money at all, only paid in. Now I am sueing them, but we have a huge problem: My lawyer wrote: “According to the notice sent by PW – they now operate from Kimberly only. The address that was on their website yesterday says “Rosedene Centre, Kimberly”. We have tried to locate an address for this centre, but have not had any luck. The Sheriff’s office in Kimberly also does not know where it would be situated.
    Our only other option is to deliver it to the registered address for PW (Pty) Limited, which is usually a firm of accountants.
    Do you know the physical address in Kimberly?

    C. W. & Partner”

    Chris Smith is “swirling around”, the Sheriff can’t find him (!!!) Who can help? Chris didn’t reply on the letter sent to him by my lawer per E-Mail. Telephone calls are not answered, same for e-mails.
    If you like (even without any financial obligation or risk) you are invited to join me in my effort.
    Where is the shop situated in Kimberley?
    [email protected] or contact Thomas in Durban [email protected]
    Let’s join and give them “not such a nice day”! They’ve deserved it!

    1. Hi Hannes,

      My father is in the exact same boat as you are. I have never in my life experienced anything like this!

    2. I am 80 years old and I submitted my manuscript which was right for printing which already was an established book/guide. It was a prescribed book for UNISA’s final year welfare students for 7 – 8 years. I though by having a reprint and a marketer I will have an extra income on my old age. My guide was business book of the month at the C N A in February 2000. My contract with them is dated in October 2016, I invested R26900-00 from my meager savings. But alas, for the past few months they do not respond to my emails, the few times I called the Kimberley or Randburg and Cape Town offices the operator said the numbers do not exist. In the beginning I did have contact but each time I spoke to a different person the previous one left. I threatened them with Die Beeld’s column and Huffpost but of no avail. The latest email address does not exist anymore. Can you help? I would like to have my money back. Marie van Staden. (But how do I know you are not them and this is falling on deaf ears?)

  3. I already submitted

    1. Please contact me by [email protected] You are not alone. There is actions taken place right now.

  4. Scam inside and out

    I went for a job interview as an English editor and manager after a successful career in educational publishing. Right away it was fishy. The boss wanted me to not only edit the books, but expected me to take on as many aspects as possible to keep budgets low. The lower the budgets, the more favorably my work performance would be viewed. He wanted me to edit the titles, typeset them, manage the website and social media and blog, help clean the office and make tea for meetings. I excused myself when he said the salary was R2000 a month (nope, you’re not missing a zero there), promising that if I delivered a good, low-cost job I could expect an increase in two years. Literally, the clothes on my back cost more than the salary. And he wanted me to sever all freelance authoring ties.
    I’m so sorry that he seems to have exploited people’s dreams and creativity. Very shady set-up.

  5. I do not have words that will not bring me into bigger trouble, as the financial dilemma this ordeal has already cost me.
    My suggestion is that this saga should be reported to an investigative journalist who is involved in the publishing world and will do proper research to put it on the front pages of all newspapers.

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Approved Date: October 2, 2017
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Reported Loss : 100000 $
Severity of Scam : High
Reported by : anonymous
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