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they hire and giving felons access to sensitive private information on people

I am writing this to make people be aware of a company called Progressive Financial Services. This company is already under investigation by the Better Business Bureau for failing to conduct proper background checks on the individuals they hire and giving felons access to sensitive private information on people. My roommate just got to Tempe, Arizona and he finally told me about what goes on at that company and how they are trained to gather as much information as possible from debtors like social security numbers, dates of birth and complete and current address information and credit card information.

When they first contact you they first as you for the last 4 of your social security number and they assure you they already have it but they don’t, it’s a scam. This company is been investigated by Law Enforcement and various other agencies for their scam. They take the information and peoples credit card numbers and they draft money out of your account without your permission, small amounts at a time so most people don’t notice it. My roommate informed me of this becsuse he works there at the Tempe location and they claim they do background on people but they don’t actually do them.

My roommate told me he is on a man named Kendtrell Becks team who is an African-American man who promised my roommate when he got out of prison he would be able to come work for Progressive. I googled this name and there were a number of mugshots of his arrest and newspaper articles about this man and his criminal past. This man had just got out of Federal prison for threatening to deliver a bomb to a Jewish Synogoge and was also arrested for throwing a Quran threw the window of a Rabbi in which the Quran, one of the big heavy ones landed in the crib of a infant child.

This man is was hired by Kentrell Beck because as he said that’s his “homeboy” and he looks out for the brothers over the whites when they apply there now how could a person with a violent past infiltrate a company like Progressive Financial Services and they not find out this information on him when they did a background check? Are you kidding? Because his homeboy is also his manager and hid this information from his superiors, Kendtrell Beck was over my house last month smoking pot and doing lines of coke in my living with this man going over information that they had collected from the company with people’s personal private information in it.

I asked Kendtrell “What do you guys do with that information?” he replied “We sell it to Mexicans and illegals out here, what else? Do you know how much them Mexicans pay for social security numbers and this kind of info?” How could this person be a manager there? He’s at my house getting high with this convicted felon and they both are selling this information to criminals and illegal aliens. I asked my roommate how did you get that job when you just got out of prison, he said “Because Kendtrell hooked it up” this man is a manager at Progressive Financial and knew my roommate was just released from Federal prison but he kept it hidden from the management, these are the kind of criminals you are giving your personal information to and your social security numbers.

This has to be exposed, this is a company that hires felons and criminal minded individuals and Kendtrell Beck is knowingly collection personal data on people to make extra cash off the clock by destroying these people’s credit and illegally selling that information to other groups of criminals. I was so appalled by what I was hearing I gave my roommate till the end of the month to find somewhere else to live. I can not believe these two thugs had the audacity to sit up in my living room rolling blunts, drinking and getting high bragging about how much money they make by selling people’s sensitive information like that.

These man and this company is the exact reason why we have such a serious problem with fraud and identity theft. I am furious about this and you should be too. I just can’t understand how the management could ignore this information and turn a blind eye to this man’s criminal behavior at their company. Background checks are not properly being conducted all I did was google the guy and found out what I needed to know about him, Kendtrell Beck is also a drug user and Progressive Financial Services is a company that does not actually do background checks on their new employees or they only do local checks and that’s how my roommate was able to slip through the cracks with Mr. Becks help in getting hired at that company.

This is a warning to anyone that deals with that company or anyone who gets a call from them with thier employees asking for the last 4 numbers of your social security number, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM! This company is a scam and a fraud and Kendtrell Beck is the main reason why any convicted African Americans will be allowed to work there and gain access to yours and my personal information. This has to be addressed.

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4 reviews on Progressive Financial Services

  1. Progressive Financial Services Is Bad Service.

    The company Progressive are sharks. They pair up with Room Store, the other sharks, and alter their contract after signing saying that they can legally change it. If you choose 90 day cash price at the Room Store, Progressive tacks on an extra $100 hidden dollars. I made payments to Room Store, they never gave Progressive the money.

    Progressive charged me the fees and refused to listen to Room Store admitting to fault and return my money. Management don’t care about the scam nor do they help you get your money back. Room Store Corporate Management don’t return complaint phone calls. They charge you tax on your payment after you’ve signed a contract for a final price. Ex. You make a payment for $40, they add $3+ extra tax so you pay $43.50, for instance, but only $40 counts toward your purchase.

    I paid them off in less than a month and they went behind my back and continued to take payments out my bank account unauthorized. If you’ve been burned by this place, contact federal trade commission, IRS, and BBB. Just stay clear of them.

  2. Progressive Financial Services Scammer.

    They are a very nasty company, they never have anyone on line and call 3 x’s a day. They have the wrong person yet its up to me to clear up???? first question they asked was ” whats your social security number” really??? get a life, I am now on a mission.

  3. Dont use this compant

    This company uses computerized dialer to call your home or cell phone number, but when you answer there very likely will be nobody on the line. After you continue saying “hello” to the dead line it eventually hangs up. If you call back immediately after receiving such a call there usually is nobody there to answer the phone or you enter a never ending series of messages advising you to “press X” to reach different departments.

    Very unethical. Also, after making a settlement payment on the account, you should expect to receive more demands for the balance due. So confirm everything when dealing with them. Write them (or at least email) immediately after any communication with them to document what you were told and what happened.

  4. I wouldn't think the owners are much different.

    I worked for this company for all of two weeks before they fired me after I took one day off for bereavement. When I was reviewing the paperwork they cited that I was late a few times, and that I had left early one day previously.

    The reason being is that I wasn’t living at my usual residence right down the street and had been staying at my mother’s clear across town since my stepfather was in failing health and I wanted to be close if they needed anything, and the day I had to leave early was to take my brother to his physical therapy appointment as he’d been in a serious accident not too long ago.

    My stepfather then passed away and I took a day to collect myself before showing up for work again (early, as I normally do when not dealing with traffic I’m not familiar with) only to be served termination papers. The people that run this operation on the floor are garbage, and I wouldn’t think the owners are much different.

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Tempe 85282 AZ US
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Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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