They are nothing but scammers. I am seeking legal action through the courts for damages and loses.

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    Nobody ever answers the phone. After persuing them for a refund, and being either ignored or fobbed off endlessly.

    This all took months to come to a conclusion,costing me uneccesary inconvenience. A thoroughly disgusting company to deal with.


  3. Karma!

    Worse experience ever! Today I have heard they are going out of business, it deserves them right!


  4. Small Claims to recover losses

    Small Claims court has been filed and you will hear in the next week!

  5. Scam Group!

    Nathan coombe and Jordan James Snell and Victoria Davis plus Chris Funnell is all part of this scam that has been doing on for years. sterling businesses ltd plus many others!

  6. Scam!

    Avoid! if you don’t want to deal with Court Complain”

    This is the worse company I have ever dealt with, I asked to make a simple website which is similar from another website which they have already created. I had many session with Chris Funnell over phone and email explaining him how to create the website but they are not even focus what you asking and do similar mistakes again and again. They said 4 weeks to complete the website and it is approx 4 months now. I am seriously frustrated and when I ask for refund Chris Funnell said to “File Court Complain” against me if I not make complete payment without even completing the actual work!.

    I urge don’t ever think to use their service even if they offer you to build their website for free…

  7. Copied! Cloned and Cheap! Sh*t

    I contacted the company to create a website for me. I had special requests, which I explained and showed them to ensure we understand each other.

    I have been quoted a package that includes every special design and function. after two weeks of my initial three-month (of the 12) and set up fee payment I received a basic “mock up” that completely looked like a simple wix template.

    After I explained again what I requested, I was sent a price list with the extra design elements. I then told I was not going to pay extra as I am paying a package including everything, even copied the account manager’s emails in as he said this package will suit my needs.

    Then I was just told if I didnt want to work with them, it is fine. So I said I do not wish to continue working with them. Two days later I got an email saying the second mock up is done. I have never seen that, but I was told because of the amount of work they have put in the project, refund is not possible. I asked for a refund of my monthly payments (£70 of setup fee could have been theirs) but no answer since.
    I havent just lost money but time. 
    so if you have any special requests, make sure you choose a professional company, definitely not this one.

  8. Legal action to claim our money back.

    This company promised me the earth and failed to deliver. I am currently 10 weeks down the line from first payment and still no further forward on a live web site.

    They said the could design a great website for our company but the web designs they sent didn’t even represent what we requested they were off the shelve poor designed web pages.
    Ours was a bespoke design.

    After long drawn out emails and constantly listening to one excuse after another we decided to call it a day and ask for our money back.
    The company refused to refund us so we are now forced to take legal action to claim our money back.

    In the interim we asked another company called Tecteam and within 10 day we had the perfect web site exactly as we had requested.
    Unfortunately we cannot recommend this company for bespoke web designs.

  9. Criminal!

    This company is bordering on This company is bordering on Criminal, the police and trading standards office have been informed, the police and trading standards office have been informed



  11. Nathan Alan Coombe - Chris Funnell - Jordan James Snell SCAM

    Nathan Alan Coombe ownes Sterling Businesses Ltd based in torquay that sells eBay accounts and eBay package setups. He is a scammer who has closed down lots of websites and companies over the years. He has had a number of people start small claims on this guy and then he closed his company down just in time and got away with it.

    He is affiliated with – Research google loads of unhappy customers
    OSA.ME.UK – Research google loads of unhappy customers
    Jordan James Snell – Fraud Charges in the news papers.
    Danny Butlor – eBay Scam – Sold items and sent paper. Fraud
    Nathan Alan Coombe – Photos outside police station. Drug charges and convictions. Court cases filed. Closed down companiess, Loads of phone numbers over the years.

  12. scam company

    Here is more about the people who owns this scam company
    Criminal 1 – Jordan James Snell – Fraud : Convicted in court
    Criminal 2 – Nathan Alan Coombe – Drug Offences – Prison – &More
    Criminal 3 – Danny Butlor – eBay PlayStation Fraud Conviction.
    Criminal 4 – Chris Funnell – Cloned sites, Fake Reviews, Fraud.

    Please watch here to learn about them :

    Watch here they pay actors to leave fake reviews:

    3 – Court cases:

    So here is a little information about the competitors writing the negative reviews about James online.

    Now show me official proof James has done anything as bad as this ?

  13. Here is another website owned by this scammer

    This guy is a criminal! Always in the local courts for fraud and I believe he has done time in Prison for fraud also. He owns

London England GB
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