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If I could give zero stars I would just of the way I was

If I could give zero stars I would just because of the way I was spoken to by John Prince. I texted him to let him know the 3 guys he sent were slow, not filling up the elevator to take stuff to the truck, leaving mounts on the walls, saying they’re ready to go and there were still boxes in the apartment.

John Prince yelled at me as if he was entitled to and I never once raised my voice. He kept screaming he’s never had a bad review in 2 years, we’ll there’s a first for everything.

The company I used at my last move packed a 26′ truck full of 2 single family homes and went from KG to FBG to a storage unit and 3br apartment in 8 hours with Nothing broken or damaged and Mr. Prince told me I should have used them and I would have but they didn’t have availability on such short notice.

Prince movers was actually recommended by a neighbor and when I initially called and spoke with John Prince he suggested 3 guys. One to pack and 2 to move it and it didn’t go well at all. The employees although slow were not combative like Mr. Prince.

I was screamed at by this man for 15 minutes, called a liar and all of this in front of my 16 year old daughter, 18 year old son and 74 year old mother. He was so nasty to me and was calling me such a horrible person that my daughter heard him and actually took up for me. At one point he said he was going to have them unload the truck and bring everything back up to the 4th floor.

I just had a back and leg procedure yesterday and am handicapped and made sure he was aware and when I told him I had to move things to the elevator because his guys were being so slow, he said well I didn’t tell you to do that. You’re right, Mr. Prince and if you truly cared anything about this client you would have acted with more professionalism and not screamed at a 47 year old woman.

Went to the bank and got a check because I couldn’t find my checkbook, it’s in a box that’s missing. I’m glad others have not experienced what I did today and hopefully no one will in the future. You’re not a nice man, in my opinion, Mr. Prince.

UPDATE- I’ve read your response in its entirety and am now even more disgusted. Sir the anger in your voice and calling me a liar had nothing to do with you driving a truck. I actually have a picture of William’s phone where you typed “this lady Loca”.

Need I say anymore? I wrote on the check I paid you with that you’re a Horrible Person and I truly believe you are. My son spoke with the neighbor that referred you to us and all he could do is apologize and it most certainly wasn’t anything he did wrong.

Maybe you just think it’s okay to be verbally abusive towards women and I’m here to tell you it’s not acceptable. I’m not crazy and again, I truly hope not one other customer of yours must deal with being screamed at and called a liar.

Also YOU are the liar, I never once said I wasn’t going to pay, but it’s okay even if others don’t know how you treated a single mom trying to get moved, I know and you know the truth and so do your 3 workers. You should know what I do for a living ties into people needing movers every day and I will NEVER recommend you.

I uploaded the check I paid with, the mounts you all were going to leave on the walls, you still left so much stuff we had to make multiple trips to get it all. Don’t yell at your customers, call them liars and then LIE and said I refused to pay.

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  1. Prince Movers Dont Use This Company.

    If I could give zero stars I would just because of the way I was spoken to by John Prince.

  2. Best Movers Around

    I am highly suspicious of the previous review as it doesn’t seem remotely credible or correlate at all with John Prince’s personality. I have used Prince Movers 4 times and have recommended them to others. First time was when I move houses from Fairfax to Sterling. At the time I had grossly underestimated the amount of stuff that needed to be moved and so only asked for 2 movers. Even though I could tell he thought I should have asked for at least 3 (if I hadn’t been being a cheapskate), John and his colleague worked extra hard without any complaint. They moved everything with what can only be described as astounding speed and efficiency. I was moving my stuff from the 4th floor of a town house, and they had it all out of there with zero damage to my stuff or the house, even though the house has ridiculously tight stairways. They did the entire move with what can only be described as an extremely professional, military manner, with zero chit chat and always addressing me as “sir” to the point that I felt embarrassed. I am used to movers trying to drag out the clock and get paid for extra hours, and given how understaffed they were (again, my fault) Prince and Co would have been totally justified in going into an extra hour. They did not. Since this move 2 years ago, I have hired Prince Movers multiple times to help with loading large amounts of luggage my clients sometimes arrive with at Dulles or Reagan Airports (I manage large incoming delegations of VIPs). Again, they have always shown the same ridiculous level of speed, efficiency and professionalism, and my clients are always extremely impressed. Don’t hesitate to hire these guys, I can’t endorse them enough.

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