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PFA is not an insurance company but an MLM scheme

Premier Financial Alliance or PFA is an MLM company. Their game starts when you show interest for their recruitment process. They bring in higher management to teach you the life lessons and how to become a millionaire. People like Jack Wu runs the show and allure people in paying their entrance fee which is $135.

Like every other MLM scheme, they show you pictures of expensive cars with them and the trips they have taken and at last, will say that you can achieve all that too. This is how they attract people in paying.

They do not say anything about how is this possible. But, they ask you for the entrance fee before making any remarks or giving you the training for becoming a millionaire.

They even declare themselves as competitive and genuine as Amway and other companies as such. In short, they are nothing more than just smoke and mirrors.

And, this fee in not refundable. When I attended their seminar, I understood what they were selling. They were good at selling expensive dreams but that was it. My friends joined their program only to realize that they wasted their money.

But, as they did not have a refund policy, they never were able to recover their money. None of the products that this company sells is ever underwritten by them. However, they are underwritten by other companies and they only are the sales partner.

You can buy these products directly from the company itself instead of wasting your money with marketing companies like PFA. If you will check the cost, you will know the difference in the price you are paying for the product available at cheaper rates from anywhere else.

The bigger question is, they are only sales representatives and not advisors. They do not have the license to do so. And, if they are advising you, it means they are going against law and you can report them to the finance authority.

I have posted this report because these guys scammed my friends and are already scamming many others for joining their unreasonable and fake plans. I want everyone to know what company this is.

If you think that they are going to make you rich, you are mistaken. They will take away whatever you have. Have you seen entrepreneurs asking for selling their products? Does any of the huge companies with great entrepreneurs ask you to pay them for something that you have not used?

Or, do they lie to you and pretend to be something else when they are not? These all concerns raise big questions against PFA. There is no way you would ever know what they are upto until you are stuck.

After only you pay them, they ever tell you their mantra for becoming a millionaire, but by then it is too late to go back. Hence, do not let this company utilize your money for their profit. You would only be at loss. They are never going to make you rich. Only they earn and become rich.

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    Premiere Financial Alliance is a FMO, Field Marketing Organization, and represent various insurance carriers. See link:

    PFA contract agents and provide support to them in the field via mentorships of new agents by senior agents growing their downline. If you are not in the insurance business, this may be a new concept.

    There are no hidden fees or agendas. Is asking someone to invest in themselves by paying $125 to gain access to proprietary information a have a experienced professionally licensed insurance agent mentor, educate and teach them the business a scam?

    Not if you are will to invest in yourself. I think the going rate for an in-state college education is $24k a year; if you fail will they give your money back? $125 sounds like a pretty good deal and a small investment in yourself.

    Is AMWAY and AVON free? Do they allow you enter the business and share their proprietary process for free? PFA is not for everyone, nothing is. It’s for entrepreneural minded people who are tired of working for THE MAN and are seeking an opportunity to build a business.

    Sounds like the person who reviewed PFA does not think he is worth the $125 investment. Maybe he does not want to put in the time to learn, earn, and build. Maybe he just does not have what it takes, not everyone does.

    1. Jay

      Hi Peter,

      What is your email? My family is trying to make me join PFA and I would like to know if this is actually legit.


    2. Lana

      lol You’re so full of shit. It is a pyramid scheme because most–what I mean is 99.99%– of your profit comes from the people you recruit who buys the insurance policy from you. You are a sales person who has been brainwashed to believe PFA is a multi-level marketing company, meaning that the company is legitimate and not a scam. Hey genius! In multi-level marketing, your objective is to sell the products, not recruit people to sell the insurance products to them and repeat. That is why the scam you’re affiliated with is being sued.

      So before you open your mouth and regurgitate everything Jack Wu and the best scammers in your company has taught you, you PARROT, do not misinform the public with your eager demeanor to make money.

      P.S: To whomever considers joining the now-being-sued pyramid scheme company, do your research thoroughly. Check their website. There is nearly no information about the insurance policy being sold. The website is bombarded with links and information to convince you to join PFA.

  2. Blessed to have known PFA

    It is a legit partner of a 170 year old insurance company wherein you can’t sell unless you are license. The business opportunity is genuine so are the leaders who promotes servant leadership and are visionary. It had been an amazing 2 years that jad given me so much of personal and leadership growth. It is a company whose purpose is exceptional and heroic. Visit our office and experience life changing moments.

  3. Scam

    I came in and got scammed out 135.

    1. Jane

      Bryan, I see that you said you got scammed out 135. Why don’t you explain what you mean by scam. Also PFA does not charge 135. Our fee is 125.
      PFA is not a quick money making company. Like any financial or insurance industry you have to do THE WORK to be successful and become millionaires. No hard work No Money! I bet you, you joined to make quick money without hard work and since that didn’t happen you post here as PFA scam.
      Well, if you are one of those people who wants quick money making go to Casino or gamble with high risk of loosing money or your life.
      PFA is not for everyone, nothing is. It’s for entrepreneural minded people who are tired of working for THE MAN and are seeking an opportunity to build a business.

    2. B

      That is because you are a loser and couldn’t make pfa work for you. Sorry but you probably won’t be successful in other things either.

  4. Awesome company don't know why people are bad mouthing

    It is an amazing company where I learn leadership and financial freedom. It helped me get out of 9-5 and able to achieve my success in the financial industry. People who are bad mouthing like the guy who posted the thread is just the outsiders and haters. The guy who posted this thread he doesn’t even know what he is talking about. Paying $135? Really? He is probably from World Financial Group and bad mouthing PFA because he knows we have better products for the general consumers. It is shady what people can do nowadays.

  5. whole story sound like a loser to spend a mere $125 fee, and make this much complaints !

    whole story sound like a loser who spend a mere $125 fee, and make this much complaints !

    Learn something new costs $$$ and not sipping tea in your underwear and complain ………………………and no nothing

  6. this person is very wrong

    I Joined PFA over a year ago. I have been to at least two trainings per week. They have been very informative. We also have two nights a week webinar. In all the trainings our trainers emphasize to not represent yourself as a financial planner unless you have the proper licensing. Just like car insurance or the health insurance you get through your employer there is a marketing company who gets paid to go out and find clients. Another area where this person is mistaken is PFA actually has exclusive some exclusive products you cant get going directly to the underwriter. Our system is spelled out in extreme detail, I have never been lied to by them and I am making good money providing excellent products to my clients.

  7. My mom wanted to take a life insurance out on me through this company

    My mom wanted me to sign the paper to take a life insurance out on me. At first I was hesitating because I just find it weird for anyone taking life insurance out on me but when I googled PFA I saw the articles about them getting sued for scam & also reviews from people saying they got scammed. I informed my mom about this information & she would not believe me. She said her friend is in it & her friend wouldn’t screw her over. I explained that her friend could also be as clueless as she is, but she wouldn’t listen. I signed the paper anyways but I made sure to tell her she’s wasting her money on this.

  8. This article is a personal opinion

    This article is a personal opinion so I don’t want to say anything about my opinion. PFA is not for everybody. It’s all about right timing and right mindset.

  9. This article is a personal opinion

    This article is a personal opinion so I don’t want to use mine to talk back. PFA is not for everyone. It’s all about right timing and right mindset. If the opportunity came to you at a wrong time, you would not see the bigger picture.

    1. PJ

      PFA is a big scam. They just want to sell you the dumb index universal life insurance, which has high monthly fees. So even if you can get 10% interest, the fees will take it most of it if not all away.

      What’s even worse. They will try to sucker you into becoming an agent and sell the junk insurance to your friends and family.

  10. IUL is dumb investment

    IUL is a dumb investment. Most if not all the interest earned will be taken away by the high monthly policy fees.

  11. How do I cancel my account

    I would like to cancel my account from PFA. How do I go about doing it? I tried searching online but I’m not able to find how.

    1. Jack

      You can cancel you policy but you won’t get your contribution back. I believe the first year, you get $0. This company is a scam. You can get the insurance from any other company. Look it up. Buying insurance is like buying anything else, compare other providers. PFA only want to recruit and sell to friends and family because it’s called the warm market. Also it’s not an investment if you stop contributing, the insurance will dwindle to 0 value and goes away. Does this happen to 401k? Nope. Don’t be a sucker.

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Severity of Scam :High
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