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Popcherry.com.au – the VIP membership is a trap

I signed up for Popcherry’s VIP membership and that is the reason I am here writing this review. I am a regular online shopper and this was my worst experience till date. I would like to warn you guys about the company. It is a total fraud. They do not care about customer’s data privacy or business ethics. I am sure others with same experience with Popcherry will agree with me.

Popcherry has a great looking website with various mind-blowing options. But, that is just for the show. The material and listed details do not match with their actual product.

Popcherry may seem to be the best brand selling platform but those who have been fooled are aware of its grey shade. It is an e-commerce website that sells fraud. Popcherry is ruining the ecommerce tradition and should be banned before it ruins everyone’s trust and belief on the entire industry.

I am one of their victims and I am sure it has scammed many other as well. I was checking the outfits on Popcherry and the presentations were outstanding and appealing. I ordered one of the dresses which I liked a lot. They asked me for my email address for VIP discount and who doesn’t like an extra saving. So, I did provide them with the details.

I was excited for the dress but to my dismay, the dress was cheap and tacky. On their website, they mentioned the colour of the dress as red but was delivered in orange colour. On top of that, the size was incorrect. That was a real turn off. Without any delay, I returned the package. It has always been simple to return items if doesn’t fit one’s expectation. So, I was sure that I have gotten rid of that package. I thought I have saved myself from a complete loss, but the Popcherry team was a step ahead.

I got an email after a month of my purchase, that I need to discontinue the VIP membership if I do not want $50 to be deducted every month as store credit. The email included a link saying “skip for month”. I have never witnessed anything like that with any of the purchases from other online stores.

Is it legal to save someone’s credit card details? I am not sure and haven’t seen that before. But, I knew that they saved my card details when the first time entered my credit card details for the first purchase. At least they should have asked for my approval before doing that. Popcherry is a scam and not an authentic online store.

Anyway, I put all my thoughts to rest and clicked the link to discontinue the VIP membership. That link didn’t work and kept giving me error page. I also tried sending them tons of emails and they always replied asking me to call the VIP enquiry number. So, I did call them and after a long wait, I was connected to the customer care executive.

The guy was very polite and seemed supportive. He assured me that the query will be resolved and will be taken off from their VIP list. I did not get any mail from Popcherry the following month, so I assumed that the request has been successfully executed.

I think Popcherry is too emotional to let its customer go. To make customers pay for something they don’t like, is their money-making scheme. They do not have ethics and the only way you can know about that is by trying their services, which is a big ‘NO’.

So, they deducted 50 dollars from my account without my knowledge. I was steaming and could not control my anguish. I kept calling them and made almost 4 calls in a week. I never got lucky and every time, I had to leave my contact details for them to call back.

All I was doing is waiting for their reply. It took them a week to call me back. A different guy from the customer service told me that my membership was never cancelled. Ah! I didn’t expect that. I was furious and tried to go through the entire history briefly.

“Being polite is not helpful until you get me the solution”, I added. He continued telling me about the policies and the benefits of the plan which was not at all my interest at that moment.

I felt as if I was talking to a robot with limited information. It took him a lot of time to go through the entire past conversations and he made me wait.

I asked him for the refund and he directly refused. I gave him a week’s time as well but he said Pocherry cannot help with that. My membership was still on. He said it in a way as if it was my mistake.

When I tried to convince him about the request I made a month back, he completely denied of any records. Though, he agreed of the mistake that had already been done from their end, but still was not ready for a refund.

Hence, I asked him to cancel the membership again and hope they do it this time which I am sceptical about. But I won’t end this here regretting about my loss.

I have gone through a lot of pain and frustration while trying to resolve the issue with the company itself. So, I have decided to involve the customer affairs and my bank to teach these frauds lesson of their life.

Their customer care sucks too. No one in the company is concerned about customer’s satisfaction and is engaged in fooling people with their nonsense system and quality. If this is the way Popcherry treats its customers, it will be wise to choose another company.

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  1. DAM

    their VIP membership program totally sucks

  2. Jorichnz Verified Purchase Cheap quality clothing, expensive delivery that takes a long time.

    I don’t think anyone would ever pay full price for these clothes. I bought a coat last year and then forgot to skip a month so had $50 credit I needed to get rid of (even though I would much rather have a refund but this isn’t possible). Delivery is expensive but you can’t track it (I have asked multiple times for a link where I can track it and keep getting told to be patient (it was shipped 4 working days ago). Have had a lot of trouble trying to cancel membership. No one answers when I call but they won’t cancel it any other way.

  3. Cheap and NASTY

    My teenage daughter just got caught by this Popcherry scam. We had no issue with the top she bought for $10 -fine- but at the checkout she innocently ticked the ‘would you like to be a VIP member’ box. Apparently this entitles them to ‘save’ $50 from her account to a Popcherry account unless she ‘skips’ a month. She had no idea. Big lesson learned but….how can an Aussie company get away with scamming teens like this? Unethical to say the least.

  4. Popcherry the worst online shopping company!!!

    Popcherry has to be the worse online shopping experience I have ever had
    They did not send me the correct clothes I order and they signed me up for the VIP which takes $50 out every month and I’ve have tried and tried and tried to get off the VIP so my money won’t get taken but they just will not let me even half the time when I skip the month (so I do not get charge the $50) they will still charge me – I have phone mulitple times to be taken off and nothing I have email over and over and showed how angry I was in the last couple of emails and nothing they are still trying to charge me – I now have to go to the bank and get all my details changed
    They have the worst customer service I have ever had and just ignore the question you ask and are not helpful what so ever
    And the clothes are not very good either
    Overall popcherry is a scam and should not be used by anyone if you do not want dodgy clothing or to be sucked dry of all your money

  5. Fraud

    Absolute scam
    I cannot believe consumer watchdog allows this bogus company to operate

  6. I have just been on popcherry site and tommy dismay I have $550 credit they have been deducting from my ex partners account every month! I wasn’t noticing as it wasn’t my account. How can they deduct from his account with no consent what so ever. I am so gobsmacked and will be taking this further.

    1. Kahlia

      how did you go taking this further? what was the outcome?

  7. Scam

    Absolute scam.

  8. Fraud

    My daughter has just realised the same thing is happening to her. Hence checking the net for feed back and what do you know we found this sight and read other comments. We are NZers and
    SO DISGUSTED its happening from Aussie!!
    We are going to ring the bank as I’m sure they can block them from withdrawing in the future, here’s hoping…

  9. Complete Scam!

    same thing happened to me, i bought a dress. justa one off, didn’t like their other clothes, and that was that. All the emails i ever received from them were sales emails so they went straight to junk folder. I only just discovered that had been taking $50 a month since that purchase, so now i have $200 worth of store credit i have to spend on their horrid cheap clothes as they don’t do refunds! I am so furious, I think the only way you can guarantee not being charged is to cancel your card ASAP. Annoying but at least I know they won’t be able to steal any more money of me ! I have definately learnt a lesson on will not buy clothes from online stores like this ever again.

  10. Scammed $300

    I’ve been scammed $300 all up. Since today I didn’t realise they were taking $50 out of my bank every month. I never want this to happen to any of the customers that shop on this website. So just be warned press (skip) each time you don’t wish to purchase something on there website.


    Scam Company!!!!! Took 3 weeks for arrival and I live in Sydney!!?!
    Then I got charge VIP every month yet there is no TERMS AND CONDITIONS about ticking the VIP box!!! That is false advertising. That is what you learn first thing in contract law. This business is run by the sons of the TPG telecom corporation.
    HOW UNETHICAL IS THIS BUSINESS! That is why you always get a male customer service rep.

    You can make a complaint with your local state consumer affairs government. This is not a genuine business.

    1. Rebecca Lolham

      Hi the same thing has just happened to me, and they have taken $350 total from my account. On hold to fair trading now, have you been able to get your money back yet??? Im furious!

  12. Are they legally accountable?

    This is disgusting. I’m so glad I saw this page before I went any further with the company. I thought something was off about the page so decided to google about this to check.

    I’m no expert but my only concern is that calling this a “scam” won’t get you very far as once you click that you agree to its terms and conditions, or proceed to give them your account details and follow through with the conditions that this bull sh*t “VIP membership” offers, you are effectively entering in to a contract and consenting to them taking your money.

    It clearly states the terms of the VIP membership before you proceed with the credit information.

    Please do not take me for defending this company- but from a legal perspective I am not sure what seeking further action can do. Perhaps the best way forward is to spread the word, make people more cautious of this type of online shopping, or make the company issue a more obvious “warning” over the terms and conditions of what you are subjecting you and your credit card information to when you become a VIP member.

    It is disgusting, and morally wrong, but I’m not sure how much the Australian Consumer Ombudsman can do about it. Good luck to those affected, hope you get your money back.

  13. Scammers!

    the same thing happened to me so i called them and they told me they closed my account and no more money would come out. refused to refund the money they already took and then over a year later has taken more money out. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

  14. A company that needs to scam it's way to profit

    I have never used such a disgusting service with absolutely no ethics, who would rather trick people into buying their products instead of creating relationships with its customers.

    The products are so terrible, they have to con consumers into buying their product by locking them into a VIP scheme once an item is purchased, with unclear information for new customers. Getting out of this “VIP club” is a complicated task as you cannot do it online or by email as that is proof to show cancellation and this company does not like that. The only option is doing it verbally over the phone where they have no written proof and can still charge you each month so you are unable fight it and just have to cancel your credit card. You are then forced to buy these terrible quality products with the money the company has deducted from you each month when you finally realize that you have been locked into this VIP club scheme.

    Such a cunning and sneaky company and it feels like the one person that works at this “call center” is just reading off a script. You are practically talking to a robot who doesn’t understand any human emotion or the word “ethical”.

    This is the absolute wrong way to go about business and this company has created more negative relationships with its customers than long lasting positive ones which will help the brand grow. Instead its social media presence has remained the same since the company first came out and doesn’t exactly show signs of growing anytime soon as they have destroyed relationships and trust with many consumers that have previously bought from the website.

    At the end of the day, seeing how this company does business will be perfect for up and comping business owners to study and understand what not to do in eCommerce. This is the only positive thing I have to say about this company.


    BEWARE! VIP membership in Popcherry allows them to charge you $50 per month- for ever! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO POP CHERRY. My teenage daughter had no idea that ticking the VIP box would result in this.

    Trying to get unsubscribed is a nightmare with poor customer service and hopeless response.

    I do not believe they are authorised to save credit card details. DO NOT subscribe to them. Its easy to get in, and a nightmare to get out. You will find better quality clothes on many other websites. I have my bank chasing the $200 unauthorised charges.

  16. Scam

    Scam. Do not give them your bank card or credit card details. They take money out of customers’ accounts. They tell you it’s a system glitch and ask for your password to “fix” the problem. Better, don’t buy anything from them. They’re a fraud.

  17. 100% SCAM!!!!

    I hadn’t signed up for the VIP member because it was my first time buying from them and I wanted to see if I would like their clothing. The package took about two months to come. And then I kept noticing that money was missing from my account every month! They had signed me up for the VIP membership without my knowledge! I ended up disputing the charges with my bank and cancelling both of my credit and debit cards for extra precautions and I will never shop on pop cherry again. Not to mention, the dress was ugly and not made well. It fell apart after one wash!

  18. SCAM

    This place gets you locked to this “VIP” service where they take 50 Aus $ out of your credit card each month, you can’t get your money back, you can’t even cancel it through email. They will not allow it. The ONLY way they will let you cancel is by calling their Australian number (I don’t live in Australia) and they will not even compensate and try to call you instead. The quality is bad, the “VIP” deals are like $10 off the normal price. Once you call, you get sent to their save team where they try and win you back by saying all this unnecessary stuff when all you want to do is cancel… SO BAD. I WAS STUCK WITH THEM FOR ALMOST A YEAR WITH GIVING MYSELF REMINDERS EVERY MONTH TO SKIP THE MONTH.

    1. Kahlia

      did you ever get your money back

  19. Hello everyone, I am having the same problem with Popcherry right now, and I am not managing to get my money back for VIP subscription I’ve never signed for.
    Has anyone tried to talk to ACCC for consumer protection. I think if we all team up we could get our money back.

  20. Scammed my money too

    As the website looks amazing and valuable. I had joined as vip, and I tried to remember click to skipped before 5th each month, but after been ordered around $80 clothes, unfortunately the clothes was dirty and not fitted as the size, as soon as I could return. So the money went straight into my account credit.

    But afterwards I tried to use my account credit and it’s been always came up errors, I have been never able to use my account credit anymore and also after few months skipped they been canceled my vip member.

    After two years, I been emailing them and customer service told me , I need to be join vip again to use credit. They wouldn’t be refunded at all.

    What a scammer that just stolen money and you would never be able to use the credit also they’re trying to ask to steal more money from you again!!!!!

  21. Only store credits

    Pop cherry “will not refund”. I asked them the length of time until I could call back and get a refund… 1 year, 2 years, 3 years? I was still met with we can’t do refunds. Can’t, or don’t want to? I don’t want this company holding onto MY money. I’ve tried purchasing twice with no luck sizing issues or bad material. Every time you have to spend a little more to get all your moneys worth back…. What a scam. It sounds like the call centre isn’t even in Australia.

Sydney NSW AU
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Reported Loss :50000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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