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Optimum Mango Cleanse Means a Scam

In the recent past I have signed for a free trial. I have also received the product. However, I did not noticed that such product was an authorship and came along with the recurring bill. So, I decided to call the bank in order to get contact number of the concerned company. once I received the number, I called them while stating to cancel the deal. I have also requested them to cancel further debits as I have already lost $150.

Everything looked fine to me after such issue and I have also received the next shipment.

Again I called the bank when I came to know that I have again lost $77.95. this time, the bank was unable to produce any phone number of the concerned company.

So, I called the first company with a hope that they may offer me contact number for the second company. When I went through the print, I came to know that such products were delivered by 2 different companies.

I have even called the 2nd company to deliver me Optimum Mango Cleanse. I left a message as well. And now waiting to receive the return call!

I think it’s a total deception. I’d left Review for Optimum Mango Cleanse to aware other people.

PR Global Ventures LLC, Optimum Mango Cleanse 26th K Lincoln NE 68510 | 636-498-4783

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  1. Optimum Mango Cleanse

    What a BS ! Name and shame to Optimum Mango Cleanse

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Santa Ana 92799 CA US
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Submitted Date:November 13, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :228 $
Severity of Scam :High
Location city :Santa Ana
Reported by : anonymous
Category : Product
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