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Finance department that has screwed

Traded our 2015 Sentra for a 2018. Or sales guy was awesome and the sales manager working with him made sure we got a great deal. No payments for 90 says, no money down. Agreed to the deal and everything was good … until the finance department got involved. We told the finance guy that we were on a time crunch and not interested in gap coverage, but he just kept trying to convince is on it until we said if he brings it up again we’re leaving with 2015. He never brought it up again, so we signed the papers.

We were getting ready for a trip to California a few days later and there night before, they said we need to come down to the dealership because the finance paperwork want final & tried to have us sign a new deal with a higher payment. I told him that I only want the deal we agreed to and have a signed agreement too or the car will be returned. He had a sale guy come by as there was no way we could make it to the dealership.

A week goes by now & I get a call they said that they didn’t have a paystub, utility bill & references that I emailed them when we purchased the car. I resent it thinking that would be the end of it. Now I get a call from the company who is giving us the loan (nearly 2 weeks since we signed for the car) and they said that we did put money down and the loan company doesn’t do 90 days delayed payment, so the first payment is due in just 3 weeks. I told them we only signed the deal for the car because of the no payments for 90 days and that the dealership appears to be committing a fraud by having us agree to one deal and give the bank a different one.

I have called the finance department asking wtf is up with us attend to one deal, but giving the bank different one. Turns out thet finance department wasn’t aware of the 90 days deferment, so now they’re talking the sales manager who did the deal. This is the 2nd Nissan dealership finance department that has screwed us and I will never buy another Nissan car again. Honor the original deal or you lost a sale, not to mentionmenti with Arizona state Attorney General’s Office & BBB complaints

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  1. Pinnacle Nissan Is Bad Service Provider.

    Never buy a car from pinnacle Nissan the finance department is a bunch of liars.They gave me a deal and called me back and said the couldn’t get it done so they raised my interest rate and gave me of oil changes which is on 2 changes and they would pay for gap insurance which I ended up paying .

    They cheat and lie to customers to get the deal done I hope the manager reads this and takes action they lost a customer for life

  2. I told them I was out of state for a family emergency.

    You will get nonstop calls from them until they can’t get you approved for a vehicle and then they won’t have the decency to call you to let you know. I bought a vehicle from them a year ago everything went great and then over a week later I was told I need to bring the car back in.

    I told them I was out of state for a family emergency. The manager called and said if I don’t bring the car back they will report it stolen. I brought the car back and they said they need a $1000 more down after another week I get another call saying there was a mistake on the mileage, keep in mind I was at the stealership for 3 hours each time.

  3. I wish we had seen this before we bought.

    BUYERS BEWARE!!! I would NEVER recommend this dealership to ANYONE. My fiancé and I went to this dealership answering a preapproval letter from my bank. I was skeptical because my credit is not in a good place yet some how they managed to get me approved.

    We told them our budget limit and they of course went over. We started to back pedal and they pushed harder to make a deal. It started with the floor manager Ian who started throwing out all these promises and deductions to sell the car. We kept pushing back it was out of our budget. So they lowered the price more. We came upon an agreement and was sent back to finance with a guy named Howard.

    Let me start out by saying, don’t bother asking for a manager cause apparently, they’re all managers and refuse to get a legit manager. Once we got back to Howard, he tried to upsell warranties and additional services to the car which we said no because it brought the price back up to where it started. Then he offered the warranty for $15 extra a month which we still declined. We finally threatened to leave if we weren’t getting what we agreed upon before seeing him.

  4. The customer service for the service dept does not exist

    The customer service for the service dept does not exist. They’re lazy, rude and unprofessional. I asked a specific question concerning my vehicles warranty and without even asking my name or any information in regards to the vehicle the man on the other end responded with a very monotone, rude TEMPLATED answer.

    My hubcap came off on the freeway and I wanted to get it replaced and needed to know whether or not my warranty was still in place. He stated that my car was still covered and that I had to come in and get it checked out for damages. I let him know there are no damanges to the tire and it must have came off on the freeway cause I noticed it when I got home from work.

    I reiterated and told him AGAIN I do not want to waste my time coming in only to find out the car is no longer covered under the warranty. Is there any chance u can check just to make sure??!!! He just did not want to help! or even look for that matter.

  5. They could care less about their customers!

    They could care less about their customers! I found a Camry online that I liked at Pinnacle Nissan and decided to buy my car from there, unfortunately. Matt Frankenfield, the sales manger that was working with us, kept trying to add on additional accessories that my husband and I did not want. When we were working out the price, he kept coming back with the door edge guards still included in the final price.

    We kept telling him we didn’t want it and he said that we would go back and take it off. Well we get into finance and in the papers we see that the door edge guards were never removed. Wayne was the finance guy we were working with and when we told him he simply said he had no idea and that he just had to work with the number Matt gave him.

    We decided to keep going forward and clear this up with Matt after finance because we had already been there several hours. Long story short, Alex Grant, our salesperson told us we could just call and get the door edge guards removed and that it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Well guess what?

  6. i will recommend Pinnacle to all my friends

    i purchased a luxury vehicle from Pinnacle Nissan ,and the purchasing experience was a pleasure. Michael Galindo is a class act. He went above the call of duty to make sure everything went smoothly. With service like that; i will recommend Pinnacle to all my friends

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