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I could take no more and quit myself.

From a Former employee at store 0332 baileys crossroads.

I witnessed “Mary” of baileys crossroads in full force. She treats her employees with complete disregard unless you are one of the few she likes and in that case you get promoted, not because of work ethic, time with the company, or knowledge, not even because of past experience but simply because she “likes” you. If she does not like you, she does things such as making you work when unavailable even when somebody is able to cover your shift, giving you awful or no hours, and giving you menial tasks as a means to exert her power. Basically, she abuses her power.

The worst part about the whole situation is this has been brought to the regional managers attention on numerous occasions and not only is she dismissive of complaints against the manager, she condones her actions! In fact, she has implied that the employees informing her of mistreatment should quit! Mary should have been let go long ago but instead the regional manager has given her MORE responsibility. Enough is enough Pier 1. In my time at Pier 1 I watched employee after employee quit due to harsh treatment until I could take no more and quit myself. I can only hope that this review makes an impact but as you can see, clearly, from the former negative reviews here no impact has been made.

I would like to add that I chose to write this review after finding another job because I was told if I did speak about my concerns I could be fired or not promoted due to predujudices and, not to mention, nothing would happen to Mary in terms of disciplinary action which has been the case.

If and when I speak to my previous coworkers I will update on any changes made in the store.

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