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scheduling and not the quality of Physiotherapy Associates treatment. I called yesterday to schedule an appt as a new patient. I was told they have a last minute cancellation for today, if not, the next appt would be 2nd week of December, so I took today’s appt and had to cancel my online training session at work. Well, I arrived 20 mins before appointed time since this is my first time and I have paperworks to fill up. When I went to receptionist to check-in, I was told my therapist didn’t come in today, and they left me 3 VM in the morning, I showed the lady my phone which didn’t show any new VM, and then I was told they have another one for tomorrow, which I declined as I have other commitments. I was bummed and pissed off as:

1) If they didn’t get a reply from me after “claiming” they left me VM, why didn’t they try to SMS me?
2) If they appointments were so booked as I was told when I first called, how can they have another for tomorrow knowing that one therapist didn’t come in today and maybe lots of these patients would have taken the extra slot before me?
3) A good service would have me squeezed into one of the PT’s there and discuss my situation, since this is my first time, its mostly understanding my medical condition and what approach they would take, I know this might impact their FULL schedules and existing patient care, but they should have account for such situation and not fully book their schedule.Basically, I’m really mad to drive all the way from work, leaving early and canceling my training session, and then finding out the can’t take me since the PT is out, they claimed they left me 3 VM which I didn’t see any in my phone, 30 mins after leaving their office, I got a VM from a friend, so that tells me my phone is ok. Also, the fact that they “conveniently” have another slot the next day, which doesn’t sound like its possible, when I was told they earliest would be mid December and considering one PT didn’t come in today, so they would have to accommodate those patients scheduled for today and reschedule.

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