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Rick Neiswonger runs a scam – Say no to this physician services and offers

It breaks our heart to witness someone with a reputed profession, such as a physician who runs scam under false promises. Rick Neiswonger, who is a physician and a scammer at Physicians ED Center. These two titles do not go hand in hand. However, incase of Rick Neiswonger, it is true.

Rick Neiswonger has been convicted more than two times for using his acumen to fool people and is banned from operating any business which uses telemarketing or sales to its customers directly. But, this has not stopped him from using shell companies to do his business secretly. He accepts payments on behalf of other companies and accomplishes his fraud conveniently.

If you wish to verify the statement, you are most welcome to check internet which is flooded with the stories of frauds that he has committed. He is not the person that he seems to be. You can visit sites which lucidly talks about his intentions and the number of times, he was convicted.

Once, his lawyer pleaded guilty and that was the master stroke. It is very well said that there is no honour among thieves and this plead perfectly proved it. Can you believe someone with your money who has such a criminal record? This is just an example. He is still tied up for many charges.

Physicians ED Centre – A scam centre

So, if you find anything that connects with Physicians ED centre, which is the new name to the company he has opened with Dr Hornsby and Shannon Neiswonger, his wife. The centres of this clinic are in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit. Most of his offices earn profit in the early days and months after it is opened. Soon, people understands the reality but till them they make enough profit to hide their scars.

Physicians ED centre is full of lies and attracts desperate customers who are tricked into paying therapy package for $3000, $6000, or $7000. But nothing works. There is no single evidence that shows that they have fully restored the sexual function of even one person.

Matt Kochersperger, one among these scammers will not shy away from mentioning the biggest lies. He keeps on boasting that their Urological study has treated more than 103 men but they will not provide any proof for the same.

Medical Director, Dr Michael Trombley, played the worst part. Ignoring the health of his patients, he adjusted their treatment guidelines which included patients with blood pressures up to and including 220/120. How they could have missed patients with blood pressure higher than the suggested norms. They will do everything to attract more clients, which means more money.

Beyond truth, they have perfectly designed their scam to look like one. While patients feel that they are consulting the experts in their field of study, they encounter the retired doctors who left their practice long back and no close to a urologist degree.

These doctors work for earning huge money without working for it. All they have to do is, advertise for their products and packages. In short, they are asking you to invest is nothing to build their monthly salary.

What could be more shameless that to humiliate a profession that is next to god.

ANDROPAUSE CREAM – A SCAM that challenges nature

Rick claims that men’s also go through menopause and it is not only for women. The sign in front of his office mentions, “Male Menopause is not a Myth.”

However, the ingredients of the cream do not have any proven effect. The cream is sold for $900 and easily makes a handful of profit. They are so desperate to sell this product that they do not hold themselves back in terminating the physicians who do not push the use of the cream among their patients.

They have even pasted the posters defining the necessity and results of the cream in every treatment room. They ask their patients to go through the ad and make wise decisions. In other words, they insist them for attending the sessions that talks about its benefit. The icing on the cake is that they ask men to bring their better half. They are well prepared and will not take the excuse of consulting your partner for ant chance.

If you look at their posters concerning andropause cream, you will find the list of things that this cream does. The list also includes heart disease. I would like to laugh at their joke but it too serious for that. They have put their customer’s expectations on stake to fulfil their dreams of high profit.

They offer you a gift after you buy this cream worth $200. This cream is also too less for the price proposed and does nothing. So, you get nothing after spending $900[CM1] .

Rick is doing everything to hide his involvement with these names. But it becomes difficult when law is behind you. He does not have a corporate card and uses an AMEX card. He invests in properties but that cannot be hidden too

Can you believe a man under so many allegations can afford a house worth millions? I cannot and no one else could. But he has all the luxury that is self-explanatory.

I firmly believe that Rick with all the other goons and con artists associated with any of his shell companies should be put under trial. They deserve this. Otherwise, people will soon stop trusting the doctors who are genuine and work for the welfare of the society. It is high time that the action is pending and the justice seeks to be done.

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  1. His packages are expensive and do not have any benefit. He keeps the prices high to earn all the profits in early phases and later he shuts the premise down.

    He had scammed many people and has run away with their money.

  2. THE YALE CLINIC, LLC, d/b/a PHYSICIANS E.D. CENTER OF FLORIDA alter egos, Synergy Health Centers, LLC and Gladiator Medical, LLC

    Guardian Men’s Health in Winter Park, FL
    1850 Lee Road, Winter Park, FL 32789 (978) 482-7342
    Matt Kochersperger, Mark Johnson, Taylor Ward/Alex (Unlicensed pharma telemarketers)

    alter egos, Synergy Health Centers, LLC and Gladiator Medical, LLC

  3. Rick is not a Doctor by any means

    Rick is not a physian, a con but not a doctor.

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