Phil Cannella

First Senior Financial Group’s promises are nothing but lies

Phil Cannella may seem trustworthy and dependable but he has a long rap sheet of lawsuits which shows whatever he has done till date is nothing more than cheating people through his company First Senior Financial Group.

I would insist you guys not to invest in any annuity or insurance plans. He seeks to suck every drop of your hard-earned money by his nonsense strategies.

Phil Cannella has been well known to take advantage of helpless and has made many advancements to ruin the life of people associated with his company.

I will not be surprised if he takes away all the money and runs away. Once he is caught, there won’t be any other option left for him.

My brother bought a scooter and got it financed through First Senior Financial Group.

Unfortunately, I lost my brother few months back and showed the proof to these unprofessional and greedy goons, so called Financial Experts at First Senior Financial Group.

He had paid $3000, still the company demanded that the debt was much higher than what has been paid. They didn’t give any choice but to hand over the documents and the scooter to them.

I asked them for the detailed loan statement but all they sent me was the amount pending to be paid. I am still skeptical if I should trust them.

I had warned my brother not to trust these morons and especially Phil Cannella as I was aware of their mishandling.

However, he was not able to get anyone else to finance his scooter as quickly as they did.

If you google, you will find many reports that clearly mention how cleaver Phil is and the ways he fools people around is decisive.

The best part is, Phil Cannella is very good at convincing that he doesn’t sell anything but his crash proof retirement system is just another Annuity sales system.

His lies are proposed so efficiently that no one can find the loop hole until the harm is done. He tricks people in investing by showing them prospects and people ends up losing everything.

He is involved in selling insurance index annuities which are some of the highest commission products on the market today.

This lucidly reflects the hidden motives that Phil is obsessed with.

Many renowned and reputable financial firms have outlawed these policies because of their limited advantage but massive disadvantage to the investor.

On the contrary, Phil Cannella vouches for these policies as he has nothing to do with investors profit and loss.

Nothing has changed since its inception. Somehow, I feel the vision of Phil Cannella was always to cheat people and he never cared about the consequences.

Have you ever seen anyone pretending to be a Financial expert without any specialized degree in the same? Phil Cannella is the perfect example who advertises himself at every occasion as a Financial Expert which makes him nothing but a deceiver.

This is not it. I have reasons to accuse Phil Cannella. Phil Cannella started a charity called “Golden Age” in 2001 which aimed for “Educating the elderly”.

Many do not know the truth behind his innocent face. However, there are people who will tell you tales about his selfish desires.

He collected large sums from elderly donors and funded the amount for providing support for amateur athletics which Mr. Cannella’s partner (Erich Radtke) and his son are involved in.

Furthermore, Phil Cannella took large sums of money from the foundation as compensation.

9 years since its inception, there have been frequent change of accountants and auditors which is extremely suspicious. You can check the returns for 2001 through 2009.

These are the public domains and anyone can view them.

If we talk about the inside story, you would be surprised to know that his employees have a lot to say about his dishonesty.

Whosoever joined his company has found themselves trapped and those who made it out fear sharing their thoughts openly.

Isn’t that inhuman? I think so and I am sure you will have the similar views after knowing the inside story of his company premise.

People have shared their experience and have quoted their position as slaves who are not allowed to think and explore.

The employees who are able to tolerate Phil Cannella is because of the bills that they need to pay.

They do not even pay their advisors and are consistently on the ride to haunt them illegally if the voice is raised.

A former employee even stated that the image about Phil Cannella that is been created is all delusion and he has nothing to do with elderly benefits.

He frightens his employees to follow what the company has to say without holding any opinion.

To be candid, he only sees retirees as a basis of cash to fill his wallet. All he cares about is himself.

He owns many employee’s salary and keeps terrorizing them for making the settlement without their deserved payment.

Many calls him racist and extremist which is not at all a character that Financial Advisors portrays.

Few have explained that they do not mind going extra mile when it comes to cheat people.

If they cannot be true to their employees, who can they be true to? Clients are not even closer.

They do not bother conveying people who come for the interview about their acceptance or rejection. This is shocking but true.

He is fraudulent and an opportunist who do not seek for people’s benefit but constantly drive himself for making the highest profit through wrong means.

Phil Cannella does not hold any securities licenses or security training to call himself as “financial expert” publicly and make people believe in something that is not true.

Phil Cannella is a big no for those who want to spend their hard-earned money in something that is beneficial.

I would advise to end all your associations with Phil and his First Senior Financial Group if you do not want any problem going ahead.

Either you are an employee or a client, Phil Cannella has one answer for everyone – “Give a Shit”.

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8 reviews on Phil Cannella

  1. phil cannella net worth and phil cannella lawsuit

    phil cannella net worth Seems to be huge and he has long sheet of lawsuit filed against him. Please check this documented

    1. Gordo

      Justice – did you even read that pdf? It’s about Cannella suing a critic/competitor who created a website called considering this website doesn’t exist anymore, I’m guessing Cannella won that lawsuit? Do you have some better examples?

  2. phil cannella Reviews

    phil cannella Mostly target the people who is not techy and aged so they feel that they are dealing with legitimated people

  3. Gains for Days

    I’ve always had gains with Phil Cannella. No problems here.

    1. Harry

      On index annuities? Phil takes 18% off the top. It’ll be years before you get your money back. you could be dead by then,

    2. gail schwartz

      U lie, u probably a friend or a paid off goon

  4. phil cannella scammer

    Dear Bob,

    You are lying, show me some proof that you have had gained profit by working with Phil Cannella, He is the cheater and scammer I ever Came across, I would have invested my money if he has not cheated my friend.

    I can show a lots of stuff that prove he is the scammer.

  5. phil cannella crook and phil cannella lawsuit

    Just google about “phil cannella crook” and “phil cannella lawsuit” you will get tons of proof about his scam

  6. I have already mentioned link that show his is crook

    Please check my first comment BOB

  7. Spot on

    I attended one of his seminars. He spoke a lot but said nothing. He showed his inner Phil when he berated an old guy in the audience for asking a question.

    1. Phil Cannella

      Comments are not left with people that have real names, therefore there is no substance behind what is said.

      If you like to make a comment with substance, leave your first and last name, the city and state which you reside.

      Don’t be afraid to speak the truth.
      Be afraid to be a coward and leave an Anonymous name.

      Sites like this leap lots of room for lawyers and scumbags with no documentation.

  8. Turth

    This website does not verify anything or document what’s being said is true or lie people can sign up anonymously so you never know who saying what

    There are no substance in any of the statements and less people leave their real names

    1. Harry Hodes

      I have no reason to lie about you, Phil. I saw through you and your shills right from the git go. However, you have plenty of reasons to lie to us. It’s the only way you can stay in business.

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