Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C

Not a great experience

My experience was mediocre to below average. I hired Peter for my uncontested divorce case, and i was not impressed. Peter seemed knowledgeable but he seemed to lack focus. It appears that he has his own legal problems going on.

Going to court is a painful process and Peter would make it more miserable. I am not sure what was up with him but It seemed like he had his own legal problems to deal with, hence he couldn’t focus on my case or focus on anything.

It was really aggravating when Peter would show up late to court. As it is, i am paying $ 400 by the hour then this guy would be late. The opposing attorney and client  would be waiting, it was so embarrassing.

Once he was over an hour late! And then he would have the adacety to take personal calls during our court dates. I was infuriated and asked him to stop, to which he did but it had already left a sour taste in my mouth. I switched attorneys. I would not recommend.

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2 reviews on Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C

  1. Scam artist

    Peter Cedeno is a very dishonest man. He will lie, cheat, and steal to get whatever he wants. That has been my experience. There isn’t an honest bone in his body. When you read positive reviews about him anywhere on the internet, know right away that he’s paying for them. For example, the Google reviews are being written by an internet marketing company called “Online Ownership” based in the United Kingdom. They are being paid by Peter Cedeno to make you believe he’s an upstanting attorney and a pillar of the community. This could not be any farther from the truth. When you spend any amount of time with Peter, you will feel dirty, like you need a shower shortly thereafter. He likes to play fast and lose with the law and has no morals, ethics, or values of any kind. Peter is a bottom feeder that likes to portray himself as a big shot. And if you only knew how he treats women… It is sick, disgusting, and perverted. If I put it in writing for you, you would probably throw up what you last had to eat. Yes, it’s that bad. Getting women intoxicated to take advantage of them is kind of his thing. Google his name and you will find lots of disturbing information. Even worse, it’s all true.

  2. Dirty Slimy Lawyer

    Peter Cedeno is a lower than pond scum, he is a master manipulator who will craftfuly take advantage of his clients (esp women) in a vulnerable state, making them believe anything in a divorce proceedings.

    To accurately depict Peter’s character, he is somewhere between a cockroach and the white stuff that accumulates at the corner of your mouth when you are thirsty. Peter is a A-class liar, a piece of worthless sh*t, and a serious waste of space on this earth and in the legal community. Almost, every divorce attorney in the industry is aware of his sh** reputation. Now that his reputation is in tatters, and his name is all over news, he keeps a very close eye on his reviews, what is comical that he has 5 out of 5 stars. He has succumb so low that he buys his positive reviews, scrub his negative reviews, and intimidates people who will post anything negative about him. If he was such a great of a lawyer, and not a piece of sh**t that he is, then he wouldn’t spend all day monitoring his google reviews. Respectable and ethical lawyers let their ratings speak for themselves. You have to be really dumb to hire an attorney with such poor conduct and ethical values, and especially an attorney who spends all day responding to his google reviews. Does he not have work to do? Peter will eventually sink, he is trying to salvage whatever he can but I highly doubt he will survive. His continuing lawsuit against Atesa (his former client) will destroy him, and will eventually run him into the ground. And his ongoing efforts to milk his clients with frivolous motions is his only way to make $. He is so dumb that he actually believes that there is only one single person who is after him and writing all the negative reviews. Peter will get what is coming to him.

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Reported Loss :20000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : nooaholive45
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