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Unethical & Closed-Minded Behavior

Do not trust Pemberley Realty with your money. There was another review that noted how rude Roxanne was & I completely agree.

We tried to rent from them(a year ago but I just realized that I never wrote a review when I drove by their office).

She had racially profiled my fiancé when we were trying to rent a property from them.

When they ran our credit, his name showed “possible matches” to others of his name with criminal records.

So she said “we cannot rent to criminals”. We told her over and over again that none of those “possible matches” were him.

So he went in person to prove that it was not him.

We thankfully did not end up renting from them.

I was appalled at her cruel, unethical, & closed-minded behavior.

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3 reviews on Pemberley Realty

  1. DO NOT do business with this them because you will regret it.

    MY FAMILY AND I HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH Pemberley Realty and IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME I HAVE THE PHONE RECORDING. We viewed a home at 7427 Sean Taylor Lane in Mira Mesa and we should have known something was up with these people when we discovered the young lady Bridget had zero information about the home owner or the rental requirements.

    Confident that we shouldn’t have an issues we continued with the application process, which include paying $120 for credit checks and we did not receive any form of receipt.

    After a few days Mariam contacted us by phone informing us of some shocking and incorrect information under our name. We attempted to obtain additional information from Brenda and Mariam, however, we was told,

    “the owner don’t want any explanations” Mariam then told us to provide proof of the incorrect statements and WE DID. THEN they began questioning us about matters that were personal. Most likely they thought we were liars and was shocked that we was telling the truth.

  2. Think about it. Her properties are not in the best of shape.

    Please do your homework and check if these posts are real! Here is my experience with Roxanne and I have several tenants who can vouch for me. I lived in one of her properties for almost two years. She is a realtor and a property manager.

    Her contracts for rentals are not legal, not coinciding with California law…Be sure you read the entire contract fully and know your rights. You will find that she includes areas where the tenant should have to pay for all repairs, pay for cleaning of the property, which sounds reasonable?

    Not really. Upon leaving, she will conjure up things that you should have to pay for– things that you did not do– and make you repair the entire item: walls, kitchen, you name it.

    Think about it. Her properties are not in the best of shape. You have a plumbing issue that you for sure did not cause, guess who’s paying for it. YOU. Was there wear and tear in her properties? Yes. Guess who pays for a complete repair. YOU.

    She is quite pleasant on the initial transaction and then when you move in, there will be a complete 180. The moment her rental properties start breaking down, you will find that it all becomes your fault and you will be dishing out money to repair a piece of crap property that was never yours to begin with.

  3. sorry, but I didn't have time to take the ad down this morning".

    Roxanne (or someone from Pemberley Realty) put up a Craigslist ad stating that a property will have an open house for 2 different days last week (Weds/Sat). When Saturday comes around—-before the open house even occurs—-the property has been rented. My opinion—hey that’s great for the landlord and the new tenant. Good for them!

    However, neither Roxanne nor anyone else at Pemberley Realty bothered to take the Craigslist ad for the Saturday open house down. Furthermore, when several people show up for the open house, some dude sitting on the front porch tells people “sorry, the house has been rented…sorry, but I didn’t have time to take the ad down this morning”.

    Now that’s a lame a$$ excuse, for sure. But, maybe, just maybe I’d give that guy, Roxanne and Pemberley Realty another free pass. EXCEPT, the dude representing Roxanne and Pemberley Realty that said he was too busy and/or didn’t have time to take down the ad…

    was sitting on the front porch of the rental…and said all of this with a straight face…while sitting 10 feet from the very obvious “FOR RENT OPEN HOUSE” sign in the driveway!

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