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Pearson Hyundai offers worst service

I am a great fan of Hyundai cars and have been purchasing the cars from them from a long time. I am regular customer at Pearson Hyundai and do my servicing here itself. I make sure the servicing is done timely and take care of the maintenance routinely. However, I never imagined that Pearson Hyundai can be a total scam. I am not sure how long they have been cheating me.

I have been given all the respect and care and my queries were answered timely. Now, I can relate how they fool customers with their sweet talks so that they can win their trust. I have never cross checked the bills that I have been getting and that puts me into the list of their loyal customers who are ready to pay for the damages that were never made.

Recently, I was having some normal trouble with my car and asked the local mechanic to check the issue. He checked the problem and it was resolved in no time. After he was done, I paid him the amount and he left. It was not much so I was satisfied.

Later in the evening, I noticed few oil drops on the garage floor, so I got worried. I am not that great at car problems. So, I decided to check with Pearson Hyundai for detailed review. As always, I got the quick feedback and they said that the oil pan was busted and I will have to replace it. They told me that the cost would be 1000 dollars.

First time in my entire experience with Pearson Hyundai, I felt suspicious and wanted to verify the same with other service provider.

I went to another mechanic and he checked the entire car. He went through the oil, brakes, fluids etc and explained me the problem. He said that there is no issue with the oil pan. When the oil and gasket was changed, some oil rested on the bar.

He told me to get my car cleaned and recommended to spray under the hood. I did as he told me to do. The problem was resolved in few dollars. If I had washed the care at home, wouldn’t costed a penny.

I am surprised to know that a brand like Hyundai has a dealer who does not care about the company’s reputation. I am sure this had been ongoing as I never took second opinion. Later, I checked all my previous bills and found few charges that were not justified. I know I have already lost a lot. However, I will now terminate all my future services with Pearson Hyundai.

If they work for money, better join a gang who robs. At least a brand like Hyundai will be saved of huge damages. I wish that their dealership get cancelled soon. I do not want to see them in business. They are frauds and should be dealt in the same way. Prison is their home and they should be behind bars.

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3 reviews on Pearson Hyundai

  1. Pearson Hyundai

    I have had same kind of experience with Pearson Hyundai. They took my car for a maintenance and gave me a over priced bill. When I asked them about the charges, they told me that the car alignment was not correct and the coolant was over.

    I caught them because I had refiled my coolant a day before. They had mentioned bogus issues. After a long discussion, they decided give me a rebate and never admitted their fault.

    They are cheaters and I do not trust them.

  2. Person Hyundai is a scam

    Pearson Hyundai has no clue what they are doing and every time I ask them to correct the issue, they get me into another problem and they charge a lot.

    I will never take my car to them.

  3. Pearson Hyundai lies a lot

    My friend took me to these scammers. I know a lot about cars and they did not have that knowledge. They suggested me lot of corrections that was unnecessary and advice me to leave the car overnight.

    When I said I would like to be there, they refused. They are liars and unethical.

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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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