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I have been a loyal customer of paytrust since 2001. Over the years I have seen their technology, functionality and interface get overpassed by competitors but have stuck with them primarily because the basic functions have worked.

However, recently I created a new vendor in the system and their system erroneously automatically assigned it to another vendor even though everything showed up properly on my interface.

Well the next monthly payment that was supposed to go out to my HOA went to some vendor I have never heard off.

They are claiming it is my responsibility and now the burden is on me to go chase down a refund from w vendor that I have never heard of, nor have contact information for.

I will be terminating my 17 year relationship with Paytrust immediately.

I guess loyalty doesn’t get you very far these days and as a customer, I feel like just a number.

Time to rebrand from Paytrust to Notrust.

Is Paytrust a scam?
Paytrust is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Paytrust legit?
First Paytrust is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Paytrust’s consumers?
There is/are 22 review(s) posted about Paytrust and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Paytrust located?
Paytrust is located at Sioux Falls, SD 57186, USA. You can contact Paytrust by dialing (800) 729-8787 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Paytrust’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $6554 was the total loss incurred by Paytrust’s customers.

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22 reviews on Paytrust

  1. Tom M

    He is extremely rude!!!

    The EXACT same thing happen to me as to what happen to Rebecca B. (Walnut Creek, Ca posting ) so no need to go into detail again. Rebecca did a good job! I am/was a member for 15 years. I have had problems in the past but this time it’s the straw that broke the camels back.

    And no, I didn’t have NSF and yes Paytrust takes it upon themselves to pay with their funds if anything goes wrong with the payment. I do believe they think they are helping their customers by doing this (I had no idea that this was their policy) but that is where it stops.

    They really don’t understand the complications that arise when you are trying to dispute a charge by a vendor (in my case I was double billed by a vendor) and your bank puts a temporary hold on your checking account so they can defend your interests. All they (Paytrust) had to do was notify me that the payment did not go thru and case closed. My bank would, and did, resolve the problem.

    In a heart beat, they turned me over to a collection agency (Complete Payment Recovery, Inc) and I was treated like a deadbeat for letting all of this to happen! Thank God they (collection agency) speak fluent English and not from some 3nd world country like Paytrust.

    I paid them over the phone and they said that Paytrust had frozen my account and it would take 7 to 10 days before I could pay my outstanding bills.

  2. Brenda Mitchell

    I agree with Scott S.'s review--rebrand from Paytrust to NoTrust!

    I was using Paytrust to pay all of my recurring bills for probably close to two decades. I could set up my payments and then forget about them–until the last few months. Paytrust stopped making payments for some vendors resulting in getting a shutoff notice for my electric bill, cable, and car insurance.

    I called Paytrust to ask why they hadn’t notified me if they were unable to retrieve a bill (normally it’s in red text next to the payee, but not in these instances). They claimed to file some type of work order to resolve the issue, but I tried calling back two more times, and they had no record of anything we had discussed–and no resolution.

    After 3 months, I tried to cancel my account. Not only did they keep it open for another month, they double-charged me for “delinquent” charges to pay Paytrust! I have records of every single payment and no, none were missed. Each time I called,

    I had some flunky reply to each of my questions with some lame script and of course no one to talk to resolve the issue. I just pray they honor my cancellation request because quite honestly my fear is they’ll keep charging me for a nonfunctional service. I agree with Scott S.’s review–rebrand from Paytrust to NoTrust!

  3. Yong B

    More run around. Not helpful at all.

    I have been using Paytrust for over 10 years. I decided to terminate my services. I emailed them twice using their “Contact Client Services” tab of which they is no “evidence”.

    I called them and there is no history of the emails. They needed to charge me for another month even though I sent an email X2 before the last charge.

    I asked to talked to a supervisor and of course he is busy at a meeting. She said their tech group will have to investigate and will call me in 5-10 days to discuss this issue. More run around. Not helpful at all.

  4. John George

    Try your own bank instead.

    20 year plus user of Paytrust. Was very good. Of late, suddenly I can’t pay my credit card bills via their e-bill system (CC company sends bill to Paytrust, automatically shows up on my bills).

    I’m not talking about Podunk National Bank credit cards. I have this problem with a Citi bank card and a CapitalOne credit card. This is a significant loss of service!!! Try your own bank instead.

  5. Robert Barker


    This gets ZERO REVIEWS from me. What a waste of time and air on this BS Company. The humans at the other end are the worst ever. I wish this company would just die and let us continue with our lives. THE MOST WORTHLESS COMPANY EVER!!!

  6. Alberto Morgan

    Avoid this company, do not use them.

    I have used this service for over 16 years. Their Real Balance feature stopped working over a year ago. I reported the issue many times, they never fixed it. They kept debiting my checking account. I closed the account 2 months ago, they still debited my acct until now. .

    Their Customer Service for these types of issues has been Non-existent. They don’t seem to value their customers based on my experience requesting help with the Real Balance fiasco. Avoid this company, do not use them.

  7. Aaron Myers

    The service reps are not able to do much either they must have the most miserable job.

    Do not sign up getting out of their service is a nightmare. I moved all of my accounts and tried to cancel…they say you have to pay for 60 days of service that they do not do anything for. No bills were paid for by the company for 60 days the lady that was to cancel messed up and now they are charging me for 90 days…

    I hate this company and wish I never signed up with them. They make sure when losing customers they make sure you never want to ever think about using them again or ever recommend using them again. They should be out of business soon with such horrible service. The service reps are not able to do much either they must have the most miserable job.

  8. Frederick Hamilton

    I have been told it will be closed within 48 hours. We shall see....

    0 Stars. STAY AWAY DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE. I have used PayTrust for almost 17 years. Their customer service was never the best but I kept using it because it worked.

    This year my account went off the cliff. Suddenly in the middle of an 8 week trip bills that I had setup to autopay were NOT paid. I did not know about this for several weeks because I was off the grid because where I was there was no grid! This resulted in $150 in late fees.

    When I was able to contact “customer service” I was told it was not paid because it was over the maximum amount allowed and that it was policy. I asked when this new policy was implemented and the agent said it has always been their policy. I then said how is that possible since for 17 years I had a least one or more payments EVERY month over this amount.

    Weeks later is was sort of resolved and I soldiered on. Then when I was on another trip they started to screw up again. When I attempted to close the account they said that it would take one month to do so. I said ridiculous, they then trotted out that it was their policy. Where have I heard that one before. I insisted that it be closed immediately.

    I was told that would happen. Now 7 days later I got notices in my email about bills etc on my account, which should have been closed. I again called Customer Service and again I was told it was policy it would be closed next month.

    Talked to a supervisor who asked would I reconsider my decision if they gave me 3 months free service, let me think $36 vs the $150 in late fees. No I said, close the account NOW. I have been told it will be closed within 48 hours. We shall see….

  9. David Mark

    I never got a response.

    I have used PayTrust for almost 17 years and it used to be great but since it was purchased first by Intuit and now Quicken, Inc it has become a nightmare. Last month while on an extended trip with little or no internet access they all of a sudden stopped paying bills over $2,500.

    When I found out (just before a bunch of bills would be overdue including utility bills and credit card bills) I called and the customer service rep was rude, obnoxious, and would only parrot that this was their policy.

    When I pointed out the many, many instances that they had paid over this amount, the rep would only parrot this is our policy, When I asked to speak to a supervision I was told one was not available. I finally got it straightened out BUT I was told that my account had been reset to its original “limits’. I have asked 4 times what those limits are. I never got a response.

  10. Horst Sullivan

    I have used Paytrust for many years but had several problems with their e-bill service.

    I have used Paytrust for many years but had several problems with their e-bill service. Most recently they cancelled the electronic statement with Citibank where I have 2 credit cards and then later send me an e-mail, but only for one CC account that they did not receive the e-bill as expected.

    I tried to re-enroll into the e-bill service with Citybank and got the message from PT that they have technical problems in the e-bill enrollment and I should try again later. According to their website I am still enrolled in e-bill service. On the phone they gave me a support reference # but told me that they don’t expect any resolution to a problem in less than 1 -2 billing cycles.

  11. Victoria G

    Has anyone found a similar service?

    I appreciate all of the comments and yes this service should dominate bill payments service as we know it. I have been a customer for 17 years. Right now, there is mu Credit Card bill siting in my inbox from Citibank as a notice.

    I have called FOUR times but the key here is that this service has been moved offshore to Manila. Ask the person where they are. Has anyone found a similar service?

  12. John Weaver

    Terrible loss!!

    It used to be a good system but now everything is sourced overseas and full of technical problems that they will not fix. Good luck finding anyone that will help you. They just hope you will go away rather than fix it. I was a customer for 15 year and now I’m cancelling everything. Terrible loss!!

  13. Kami Greene

    Never Again

    If you ever wanted to smell what a digital pile of horse crap feels like, just sign up for Paytrust.

  14. Richard Lawrence

    Their inability to understand and resolve your needs is unbelievable.

    If you like incompetence Paytrust and their overseas support is your company.
    Their inability to understand and resolve your needs is unbelievable.
    One month and counting to switch a bank account yet their fees pile up.

  15. Joe Root

    Bad Service Provide

    I’m glad I found this review forum and saved myself the hassle of living with Paytrust after several failed tries to sign up. 7 minimum attempts with no luck. The sign-up page on PayTrust fails to work or allow me to sign up. (actually that turns out to be a good thing)

    Even though Paytrust appears to have a valuable service that no other companies actually provide that I could find I learned from what others who have posted reviews here that it seems clear this service is a dinosaur not willing to upgrade or accommodate modern technology.

    They appear to be at a cross roads between snail mail bills and full electronic bills to a point I believe they will be out of business in a few years if they don’t seriously upgrade their software and service.

    Here’s the deal, the fact I travel a lot I thought PayTrust would be great to take the few paper bills I still receive and cull out the junk mail associated with my other billers as well as handle all my eBills. What could be better for $10/mo?

    After watching a couple good reviews on YouTube I went ahead and tried to sign up on a weekend. After going thru the entire sign up process I kept getting the following error: “Your entry for market promotion code is invalid. Please re-enter.” The error did not relate remotely to anything on the sign up page as there was no input field for a “promotion code”. I tried from FireFox and from Google Chrome thinking is was a browser thing. Still no luck.

    I called customer support on a Sunday night, and they were actually available and friendly and told me they are available 24/7 .They also spoke clear English, so they get the one and only star for those reasons along with the phone actually working and a respectful and nice support person, plus I don’t think you can leave a review with zero stars.

  16. Wayne Wilson

    The company seems to simply NOT care about customers

    I have been on hold for 57 minutes and counting The customer service is out of the country and speaks poor English The company seems to simply NOT care about customers

  17. David S

    Use your own bank's billpay service which is usually free and just as easy.

    After about 15 years of being a loyal customer, I have to give Paytrust 1 star. Paytrust used to be good, but now is worse than useless. Customer service is terrible. I can’t even cancel my account. Stay away! Use your own bank’s billpay service which is usually free and just as easy.

  18. Bobby Moore

    Extremely disappointed

    As a 10 year customer I finally had an issue tied to changing banks. Because of a problem on their end a number of my checks did not get processed. I was stuck with multiple late fee’s from utility and credit card companies.

    Zero customer service! Refused to take responsibility and help resolve. I am dropping immediately and would advise people to find another service. Extremely disappointed

  19. Kevin Watson

    I would give this company a negative number if possible.

    I would give this company a negative number if possible. If there are other disgusted customers out there who have documentation of “canned” customer service resulting in problems with payment of one’s bills on a timely basis, please message me.

    I am not an attorney. I am just trying to find out how many consumers have been hurt by this company. The only power that we have as paying consumers is to work together to make a change in the way this company handles its customers.

  20. Shane Mark



    However, sadly, since Intuit has bought it, the service hasn’t seen an update or advancement since it was purchased. They are essentially letting it run its course. No apps; no updates; no new functions. It actually works great until YOU make a mistake (WHICH YOU WILL).

    See the online complaints around the web (like death in the family, power of attorney, missed payment, etc). For me, this happened when I moved and was switching drafting accounts to my new bank. I accidentally selected the old account when paying a large bill – where I no longer had the cash stored. Mea Culpa. How do they respond?

    They COMPLETELY shut down my ability to manage my account to allow “their process” to complete its course. The process? FREEZE ALL other payments; keep drafting the same OLD account three times over a period of THREE weeks (3-4 days to process draft, 2-3 days to return the insufficient funds on the wrong account).

    In the meantime I get $150 of fees from my old bank, $20 fees billed by Paytrust, and LOCKED OUT of my ability to manage OR PAY ANY other bills – even from the account which clearly had money.

    After many customer service escalated calls, thinking “hey, can you stop drafting my old account where there is no money and simply draft my new account where the money is”…”No sir, we can’t control this process…our policy…yaddie yaddia adda”. THIS IS A DEAD END SERVICE.

Reported Loss :6554 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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